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The Era of Interactive Media

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Table of contents

1. Image Re-Emotionalizing
Mengdi Xu, Bingbing Ni, Jinhui Tang, Shuicheng Yan

2. Thesaurus-Assistant Query Expansion for Context-Based Medical Image Retrieval
Hong Wu, Chengbo Tian

3. Forgery Detection for Surveillance Video
Dai-Kyung Hyun, Min-Jeong Lee, Seung-Jin Ryu, Hae-Yeoun Lee, Heung-Kyu Lee

4. Digital Image Forensics: A Two-Step Approach for Identifying Source and Detecting Forgeries
Wiem Taktak, Jean-Luc Dugelay

5. Human Activity Analysis for Geriatric Care in Nursing Homes
Ming-Yu Chen, Alexander Hauptmann, Ashok Bharucha, Howard Wactlar, Yi Yang

6. Multi-Feature Face Recognition Based on 2D-PCA and SVM
Sompong Valuvanathorn, Supot Nitsuwat, Mao Lin Huang

7. Face Orientation Detection Using Histogram of Optimized Local Binary Pattern
Nan Dong, Xiangzhao Zeng, Ling Guan

8. Fast Eye Detection and Localization Using a Salient Map
Muwei Jian, Kin-Man Lam

9. Eyeglasses Removal from Facial Image Based on MVLR
Zhigang Zhang, Yu Peng

10. A Multiple Hexagon Search Algorithm for Motion and Disparity Estimation in Multiview Video Coding
Zhaoqing Pan, Sam Kwong, Yun Zhang

11. Adaptive Motion Skip Mode for AVS 3D Video Coding
Lianlian Jiang, Yue Wang, Li Zhang, Siwei Ma

12. Adaptive Search Range Methods for B Pictures Coding
Zhigang Yang

13. Replacing Conventional Motion Estimation with Affine Motion Prediction for High-Quality Video Coding
Hoi-Kok Cheung, Wan-Chi Siu

14. Fast Mode Decision Using Rate-Distortion Cost and Temporal Correlations in H.264/AVC
Yo-Sung Ho, Soo-Jin Hwang

15. Disparity and Motion Activity Based Mode Prediction for Fast Mode Decision in Multiview Video Coding
Dan Mao, Yun Zhang, Qian Chen, Sam Kwong

16. Multiple Reference Frame Motion Re-estimation for H.264/AVC Frame-Skipping Transcoding with Zonal Search
Jhong-Hau Jiang, Yu-Ming Lee, Yinyi Lin

17. Frame Layer Rate Control Method for Stereoscopic Video Coding Based on a Novel Rate-Distortion Model
Qun Wang, Li Zhuo, Jing Zhang, Xiaoguang Li

18. Hardware Friendly Oriented Design for Alternative Transform in HEVC
Lin Sun, Oscar C. Au, Xing Wen, Jiali Li, Wei Dai

19. A New Just-Noticeable-Distortion Model Combined with the Depth Information and Its Application in Multi-view Video Coding
Fengzong Lian, Shaohui Liu, Xiaopeng Fan, Debin Zhao, Wen Gao

20. Multi-camera Skype: Enhancing the Quality of Experience of Video Conferencing
Ying Wang, Prabhu Natarajan, Mohan Kankanhalli

21. Content Aware Metric for Image Resizing Assessment
Lifang Wu, Lianchao Cao, Jinqiao Wang, Shuqin Liu

22. A Comprehensive Approach to Automatic Image Browsing for Small Display Devices
Muhammad Abul Hasan, Min Xu, Xiangjian He

23. Coarse-to-Fine Dissolve Detection Based on Image Quality Assessment
Weigang Zhang, Chunxi Liu, Qingming Huang, Shuqiang Jiang, Wen Gao

24. Better Than MFCC Audio Classification Features
Ruben Gonzalez

25. A Novel 2D Wavelet Level Energy for Breast Lesion Classification on Ultrasound Images
Yueh-Ching Liao, King-Chu Hung, Shu-Mei Guo, Po-Chin Wang, Tsung-Lung Yang

26. Learning-to-Share Based on Finding Groups for Large Scale Image Classification
Li Shen, Shuqiang Jiang, Shuhui Wang, Qingming Huang

27. Vehicle Type Classification Using Data Mining Techniques
Yu Peng, Jesse S. Jin, Suhuai Luo, Min Xu, Sherlock Au, Zhigang Zhang, Yue Cui

28. Stereo Perception’s Salience Assessment of Stereoscopic Images
Qi Feng, Fan Xiaopeng, Zhao Debin

29. Confidence-Based Hierarchical Support Window for Fast Local Stereo Matching
Jae-Il Jung, Yo-Sung Ho

30. Occlusion Detection Using Warping and Cross-Checking Constraints for Stereo Matching
Yo-Sung Ho, Woo-Seok Jang

31. Joint Multilateral Filtering for Stereo Image Generation Using Depth Camera
Yo-Sung Ho, Sang-Beom Lee

32. Justifying the Importance of Color Cues in Object Detection: A Case Study on Pedestrian
Qingyuan Wang, Junbiao Pang, Lei Qin, Shuqiang Jiang, Qingming Huang

33. Adaptive Moving Cast Shadow Detection
Guizhi Li, Lei Qin, Qingming Huang

34. A Framework for Surveillance Video Fast Browsing Based on Object Flags
Shizheng Wang, Wanxin Xu, Chao Wang, Baoju Wang

35. Pole Tip Corrosion Detection Using Various Image Processing Techniques
Suchart Yammen, Somjate Bunchuen, Ussadang Boonsri, Paisarn Muneesawang

36. Real-Time Cascade Template Matching for Object Instance Detection
Chengli Xie, Jianguo Li, Tao Wang, Jinqiao Wang, Hanqing Lu

37. An Unsupervised Real-Time Tracking and Recognition Framework in Videos
Huafeng Wang, Yunhong Wang, Jin Huang, Fan Wang, Zhaoxiang Zhang

38. Recognizing Realistic Action Using Contextual Feature Group
Yituo Ye, Lei Qin, Zhongwei Cheng, Qingming Huang

39. Mutual Information-Based Emotion Recognition
Yue Cui, Suhuai Luo, Qi Tian, Shiliang Zhang, Yu Peng, Lei Jiang, Jesse S. Jin

40. Partitioned K-Means Clustering for Fast Construction of Unbiased Visual Vocabulary
Shikui Wei, Xinxiao Wu, Dong Xu

41. Component-Normalized Generalized Gradient Vector Flow for Snakes
Yao Zhao, Ce Zhu, Lunming Qin, Huihui Bai, Huawei Tian

42. An Adaptive and Link-Based Method for Video Scene Clustering and Visualization
Hong Lu, Kai Chen, Yingbin Zheng, Zhuohong Cai, Xiangyang Xue

43. An Unsupervised Approach to Multiple Speaker Tracking for Robust Multimedia Retrieval
M. Phanikumar, Lalan Kumar, Rajesh M. Hegde

44. On Effects of Visual Query Complexity
Jialie Shen, Zhiyong Cheng

45. Reversible Image Watermarking Using Hybrid Prediction
Xiang Wang, Qingqi Pei, Xinbo Gao, Zongming Guo

46. A Rotation Invariant Descriptor for Robust Video Copy Detection
Shuqiang Jiang, Li Su, Qingming Huang, Peng Cui, Zhipeng Wu

47. Depth-Wise Segmentation of 3D Images Using Dense Depth Maps
Seyedsaeid Mirkamali, P. Nagabhushan

48. A Robust and Transparent Watermarking Method Against Block-Based Compression Attacks
Phi Bang Nguyen, Azeddine Beghdadi, Marie Luong

49. A New Signal Processing Method for Video Image-Reproduce the Frequency Spectrum Exceeding the Nyquist Frequency Using a Single Frame of the Video Image
Seiichi Gohshi

50. A Novel UEP Scheme for Scalable Video Transmission Over MIMO Systems
Chao Zhou, Xinggong Zhang, Zongming Guo

51. Framework of Contour Based Depth Map Coding System
Minghui Wang, Xun He, Xin Jin, Satoshi Goto

52. An Audiovisual Wireless Field Guide
Ruben Gonzalez, Yongsheng Gao

53. CDNs with DASH and iDASH Using Priority Caching
Cornelius Hellge, Yago Sánchez, Thomas Schierl, Thomas Wiegand, Danny Vleeschauwer, Dohy Hong, Yannick Louédec

54. A Travel Planning System Based on Travel Trajectories Extracted from a Large Number of Geotagged Photos on the Web
Kohya Okuyama, Keiji Yanai

55. A Robust Histogram Region-Based Global Camera Estimation Method for Video Sequences
Xuesong Le, Ruben Gonzalez

Keywords: Computer Science, Multimedia Information Systems, Computer Communication Networks, Information Systems Applications (incl. Internet), Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Information Systems and Communication Service

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