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Digital Knowledge Maps in Education

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Table of contents

Part I. Digital Knowledge Maps in Open, Distance, and Flexible Learning Contexts

1. Digital Knowledge Mapping in Educational Contexts
Ria Hanewald, Dirk Ifenthaler

2. Making Sense of Knowledge Integration Maps
Beat A. Schwendimann

3. Concept Maps for Comprehension and Navigation of Hypertexts
Franck Amadieu, Ladislao Salmerón

4. Using Digital Knowledge Maps for Supporting Tutors Giving Effective Explanations
Andreas Lachner, Matthias Nückles

5. Investigating Through Concept Mapping Pre-service Teachers’ Thinking Progression About “e-Learning” and Its Integration into Teaching
Wan Ng

6. Concept Mapping in Graduate Education
Scott R. Garrigan

Part II. Digital Knowledge Maps in Collaborative Learning Contexts

7. Collaborative Work with Digital Knowledge Maps on Improving ESL Learners’ Reading Skills
Pei-Lin Liu

8. Researching Individual and Collaborative Pair Learning in Primary School Students Using Digital Knowledge Maps for Science Education
Andreanna K. Koufou, Marida I. Ergazaki, Vassilis I. Komis, Vassiliki P. Zogza

9. Towards a Cultural Historical Theory of Knowledge Mapping: Collaboration and Activity in the Zone of Proximal Development
John Cripps Clark

10. Developing Australian Undergraduate Students’ Science Communication Skills Through Collaboratively Created Digital Knowledge Maps
Ria Hanewald, Dirk Ifenthaler

11. Using Novakian Concept Maps to Foster Peer Collaboration in Higher Education
Paulo Correia, Camila Cicuto, Joana Aguiar

Part III. Advances in Assessment Using Digital Knowledge Maps

12. Assessment for Learning Using Digital Knowledge Maps
David L. Trumpower, Mehmet Filiz, Gul Shahzad Sarwar

13. Sequentially Analyzing and Modeling Causal Mapping Processes that Support Causal Understanding and Systems Thinking
Allan Jeong

14. Gainfully Guided Misconception
Pablo Pirnay-Dummer

15. Digital Concept Mapping for Formative Assessment
Heiko Krabbe

16. Digital Knowledge Maps: The Foundation for Learning Analytics Through Instructional Games
Debbie Denise Reese

Part IV. Case Studies Investigating Digital Knowledge Maps

17. Digital Knowledge Mapping as an Instructional Strategy to Enhance Knowledge Convergence: A Case Study
Darryl C. Draper, Robert F. Amason

18. Shared Cognitions in a Field of Informal Education: Knowledge Maps Towards Money Management of Young Adults
Daniela Barry, Nina Bender, Klaus Breuer, Dirk Ifenthaler

19. Predispositions to Concept Mapping: Case Studies of Four Disciplines in Higher Education
Gregory MacKinnon, Rohan Bailey, Patricia Livingston, Vernon L. Provencal, Jon Saklofske

Keywords: Education, Educational Technology, Learning & Instruction, Computers and Education, Pedagogic Psychology

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