Buttazzo, Giuseppe

Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering: Mathematical Challenges for Aerospace Design

Buttazzo, Giuseppe - Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering: Mathematical Challenges for Aerospace Design, ebook


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Table of contents

1. PrandtlPlane Propelled with Liquid Hydrogen: A Preliminary Study
Nicola Beccasio, Marco Tesconi, Aldo Frediani

2. Aeroacousto-Elastic Modeling for Response Analysis of Helicopter Rotors
Massimo Gennaretti, Giovanni Bernardini

3. Crack Extension Energy Rate and Energetic Approaches in Elastic–Plastic Fracture Mechanics
Vincenzo Binante

4. A Criterion for Ductile Crack Growth Based on the Energy–Momentum Tensor
Vincenzo Binante, Aldo Frediani

5. Optimal Location of Support Points in the Kirchhoff Plate
Giuseppe Buttazzo, Sergey A. Nazarov

6. A Code for Shape Generation and Aerodynamic Design of Aircraft
Rauno Cavallaro, Aldo Frediani

7. Design of Solar Powered Unmanned Biplanes for HALE Missions
Vittorio Cipolla, Aldo Frediani

8. The PrandtlPlane Configuration: Overview on Possible Applications to Civil Aviation
Aldo Frediani, Vittorio Cipolla, Emanuele Rizzo

9. The Lifting System of a PrandtlPlane, Part 1: Design and Analysis of a Light Alloy Structural Solution
Dario DalCanto, Aldo Frediani, Gian Luca Ghiringhelli, Mauro Terraneo

10. The Lifting System of a PrandtlPlane, Part 2: Preliminary Study on Flutter Characteristics
N. Divoux, A. Frediani

11. The Lifting System of a PrandtlPlane, Part 3: Structures Made in Composites
Aldo Frediani, Flavio Quattrone, Francesco Contini

12. Elastic Structures in Adhesion Interaction
Francesco Maddalena, Danilo Percivale, Franco Tomarelli

13. Conceptual Design of a Very Large PrandtlPlane Freighter
Fabrizio Oliviero, Aldo Frediani

14. Mesh Adaptivity and Optimal Shape Design for Aerospace
Frédéric Alauzet, Bijan Mohammadi, Olivier Pironneau

15. Numerical Simulation of Sailing Boats: Dynamics, FSI, and Shape Optimization
Matteo Lombardi, Nicola Parolini, Alfio Quarteroni, Gianluigi Rozza

16. On the Way to ACARE 2020 and Beyond
Dieter Schmitt

17. Design Problems of Anisotropic Structures: Some Recent Results
Paolo Vannucci, Boris Desmorat, Angela Vincenti

18. The Warlike Interest in Impact Theories
Piero Villaggio

19. Flight Mechanics Modeling of the PrandtlPlane for Conceptual and Preliminary Design
Mark Voskuijl, Jan Klerk, Daan Ginneken

Keywords: Mathematics, Analysis, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Numeric Computing, Engineering Design, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Applications of Mathematics

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Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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14 pages
Natural Sciences

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