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Cloud Computing and Services Science

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Table of contents

1. Object-Oriented Service Clouds for Transdisciplinary Computing
Michael Sobolewski

2. From Service Innovation to Service Engineering
Wil Janssen, Marc Lankhorst, Timber Haaker, Henny Vos

3. Adaptive Overlay Approach on the Inter-Cloud Environment
Sumeth Lerthirunwong, Hitoshi Sato, Satoshi Matsuoka

4. Securing Virtual and Cloud Environments
Mariana Carroll, Paula Kotzé, Alta Merwe

5. Achieving Market Liquidity Through Autonomic Cloud Market Management
Ivan Breskovic, Michael Maurer, Vincent C. Emeakaroha, Ivona Brandic, Jörn Altmann

6. Cost-Performance Driven Resource Configuration for Database Applications in IaaS Cloud Environments
Shoubin Kong, Yuanping Li, Ling Feng

7. Partitioning Workflows for Decentralized Execution
Adam Barker

8. An Integrated Monitoring Infrastructure for Cloud Environments
Gregory Katsaros, Georgina Gallizo, Roland Kübert, Tinghe Wang, J. Oriol Fitó, Daniel Espling

9. Service Development Abstraction: A Design Methodology and Development Toolset for Abstractive and Flexible Service-Based Software
Per-Olov Östberg, Erik Elmroth

10. Cloud Computing Costs and Benefits
Nane Kratzke

11. A Cloud Computing Medical Image Analysis and Collaboration Platform
Louis Parsonson, Soeren Grimm, Atif Bajwa, Laurence Bourn, Li Bai

12. Applicability of NoSQL Databases to Mobile Networks: Case Home Location Register
Rasmus Paivarinta, Yrjo Raivio

13. SLA-Based Planning for Multi-Domain Infrastructure as a Service
Kuan Lu, Thomas Röblitz, Peter Chronz, Constantinos Kotsokalis

14. Scheduling On-demand SaaS Services on a Shared Virtual Cluster
Rodrigue Chakode, Jean-François Méhaut, Blaise-Omer Yenke

15. Assessing Cloud Infrastructure Costs in Communications-Intensive Applications
Oleksiy Mazhelis, Pasi Tyrväinen, Kuan Eeik Tan, Jari Hiltunen

16. Are Clouds Ready for Geoprocessing?
Hassan A. Karimi, Duangduen Roongpiboonsopit

17. A Performance Evaluation of Block I/O Paravirtualization and Virtual Machine Images
Django Armstrong, Karim Djemame

18. Dynamic Resource Allocation for Multi-Tiered, Cluster-Based Web Hosting Environments
M. Al Ghamdi, A. P. Chester, L. He, S. A. Jarvis

19. A Method for Experimental Analysis and Modeling of Virtualization Performance Overhead
Nikolaus Huber, Marcel Quast, Fabian Brosig, Michael Hauck, Samuel Kounev

20. The Partition Cost Model for Load Balancing in MapReduce
Benjamin Gufler, Nikolaus Augsten, Angelika Reiser, Alfons Kemper

Keywords: Computer Science, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Organization/Planning, Business/Management Science, general, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing

Publication year
Service Science: Research and Innovations in the Service Economy
Page amount
15 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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