Desrosiers, Pierre M.

The Emergence of Pressure Blade Making

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Breaking Stones Without Striking Them
Pierre M. Desrosiers

2. Pressure Débitage in the Old World: Forerunners, Researchers, Geopolitics – Handing on the Baton
Marie-Louise Inizan

3. Stoneworkers’ Approaches to Replicating Prismatic Blades
John E. Clark

4. Early Holocene Climate Change and the Adoption of Pressure Technique in the Maghreb: The Capsian Sequence at Kef Zoura D (Eastern Algeria)
Noura Rahmani, David Lubell

5. Pressure Blade Production with a Lever in the Early and Late Neolithic of the Near East
Ciler Altınbilek-Algül, Laurence Astruc, Didier Binder, Jacques Pelegrin

6. Two Examples of Pressure Blade Production with a Lever: Recent Research from the Southern Caucasus (Armenia) and Northern Mesopotamia (Syria, Iraq)
Jacques Chabot, Jacques Pelegrin

7. Pressure-Knapping Blade Production in the North-Western Mediterranean Region During the Seventh Millennium cal B.C.
Didier Binder, Carmine Collina, Raphaëlle Guilbert, Thomas Perrin, Oreto Garcia-Puchol

8. Origin and Development of Pressure Blade Production in the Southern Iberian Peninsula (6th–3rd Millennia B.C.)
Antonio Morgado, Jacques Pelegrin

9. The Arrival and Development of Pressure Blade Technology in Southern Scandinavia
Mikkel Sørensen

10. Surface Pressure Flaking in Eurasia: Mapping the Innovation, Diffusion and Evolution of a Technological Element in the Production of Projectile Points
Kim Darmark

11. Emergence and Development of the Pressure Microblade Production: A View from the Upper Paleolithic of Northern Japan
Jun Takakura

12. The Technique of Pressure Knapping in Central Asia: Innovation or Diffusion?
Frédérique Brunet

13. Blades and Microblades, Percussion and Pressure: Towards the Evolution of Lithic Technologies of the Stone Age Period, Russian Far East
Andrei V. Tabarev

14. Pressure Microblade Industries in Pleistocene-Holocene Interior Alaska: Current Data and Discussions
Yan Axel Gómez Coutouly

15. Eastern Arctic Under Pressure: From Paleoeskimo to Inuit Culture (Canada and Greenland)
Pierre M. Desrosiers, Mikkel Sørensen

16. The Organizational Structures of Mesoamerican Obsidian Prismatic Blade Technology
Kenneth G. Hirth

17. Development of Pressure Blade Technology in North-Central and Western Mexico
Véronique Darras

18. New Experimental Observations for the Characterization of Pressure Blade Production Techniques
Jacques Pelegrin

19. Measurable Flintknapping for Long Pressure Blades
Peter Kelterborn

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Geology

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