Fruehauf, Stefan

Novel Developments in Stem Cell Mobilization

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Table of contents

1. Preclinical Experience with AMD3100 for Mobilization of Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells
Hal E. Broxmeyer

2. Molecular Pharmacology of CXCR4 Inhibition
Anne Steen, Mette Marie Rosenkilde

3. Combination Strategies for Stem Cell Mobilization Targeting CXCR4 and S1P Receptors
Nadia Harun, Kenneth Bradstock, Linda J. Bendall

4. Should We Stay or Should We Go Now?
Eike C. Buss, Anthony D. Ho

5. Role of the CXCR4/CXCL12 Axis in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Trafficking
Amnon Peled, Arnon Nagler

6. Early Studies of AMD3100/Plerixafor in Healthy Volunteers
David C. Dale, W. Conrad Liles

7. The Current Role of Plerixafor in Stem Cell Mobilization for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Amy R. MacKenzie, Matias E. Valsecchi, Neal Flomenberg

8. Experience with Apheresis Procedures After Plerixafor Mobilisation
Kenneth Douglas

9. Influence of Different Stem Cell Mobilization Strategies on Graft Composition and Outcome of Autologous or Allogeneic Transplantation
Stefan Fruehauf, Guido Tricot

10. Relevance and Clinical Implications of Tumor Cell Mobilization in Autologous Transplantation of Multiple Myeloma and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Stefan Fruehauf, Anthony D. Ho, Jessie Hanrahan, Frank J. Hsu, John F. DiPersio

11. Plerixafor: Data from the Compassionate Use Program
Maximilian M. Fresen, Kai Hübel

12. Stem Cell Mobilization with Chemomobilization Plus Plerixafor in Hard-to-Mobilize Patients: The Experience at Kuopio University Hospital, Finland
Esa Jantunen, Tapio Nousiainen

13. Blood Stem Cell Mobilization in Solid Tumors: Experience with Plerixafor and Alternative Ways of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Mobilization
Guido Kobbe, Rainer Haas

14. Mobilization with Chemotherapy + G-CSF + Plerixafor in Europe: The Italian Experience
Roberto M. Lemoli, Alessandra D’ Addio

15. Experience with Plerixafor in Poor Mobilizers
Catherine H. Roberts, John M. McCarty

16. CXCR4 Antagonists
Klaus Dembowsky, Barbara Romagnoli, Johann Zimmermann, Eric Chevalier, Christian Ludin, Daniel Obrecht

17. Application of CXCR4 Inhibitors in Leukemia
George Ansstas, Fazia Mir, Michael P. Rettig, Mark Schroeder, Linda Eissenberg, John F. DiPersio

18. CXCR4 Antagonists for the Treatment of CML
Anupriya Agarwal, Thomas O’Hare, Michael Deininger

19. Targeting CXCR4 in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Preclinical Rationale and Early Clinical Experience
Jan A. Burger

20. CXCR4-Blockade for Treatment of Breast Cancer
Patricia A. Cronin, H. Paul Redmond

21. Molecular Imaging of CXCR4 Receptor Expression in Tumors
Lauren E. Woodard, Sridhar Nimmagadda

22. Potential Use of CXCR4 Antagonists to Mobilize Endothelial and Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Sara M. Rankin

23. Strategies to Enhance Hematopoietic Stem Cell Engraftment Following Transplantation
Yubin Kang, Nelson J. Chao

24. Mobilization for Gene Therapy
Andre Larochelle, Cynthia E. Dunbar

Keywords: Biomedicine, Cancer Research, Pharmacology/Toxicology

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