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Control of Linear Parameter Varying Systems with Applications

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Table of contents

1. An Overview of LPV Systems
Jeff S. Shamma

2. Prediction-Error Identification of LPV Systems: Present and Beyond
Roland Tóth, Peter S. C. Heuberger, Paul M. J. Hof

3. Parametric Gain-scheduling Control via LPV-stable Realization
Franco Blanchini, Daniele Casagrande, Stefano Miani, Umberto Viaro

4. Explicit Controller Parametrizations for Linear Parameter-Varying Affine Systems Using Linear Matrix Inequalities
Maurício C. Oliveira

5. A Parameter-Dependent Lyapunov Approach for the Control of Nonstationary LPV Systems
Mazen Farhood

6. Generalized Asymptotic Regulation for LPV Systems with Additional Performance Objectives
Hakan Köroğlu

7. Robust Stabilization and Disturbance Attenuation of Switched Linear Parameter-Varying Systems in Discrete Time
Ji-Woong Lee, Geir E. Dullerud

8. Gain-Scheduled Output-Feedback Controllers with Good Implementability and Robustness
Masayuki Sato, Dimitri Peaucelle

9. Decentralised Model Predictive Control of Time-Varying Splitting Parallel Systems
Tri Tran, H. D. Tuan, Q. P. Ha, Hung T. Nguyen

10. Robust Estimation with Partial Gain-Scheduling Through Convex Optimization
Joost Veenman, Carsten W. Scherer, I. Emre Köse

11. Delay-Dependent Output Feedback Control of Time-Delay LPV Systems
Rohit Zope, Javad Mohammadpour, Karolos Grigoriadis, Matthew Franchek

12. Structured Linear Parameter Varying Control of Wind Turbines
Fabiano Daher Adegas, Christoffer Sloth, Jakob Stoustrup

13. Attitude Regulation for Spacecraft with Magnetic Actuators: An LPV Approach
Andrea Corti, Marco Lovera

14. Modeling and Control of LPV Systems: A Vibroacoustic Application
Jan Caigny, Juan F. Camino, Ricardo C. L. F. Oliveira, Pedro L. D. Peres, Jan Swevers

15. LPV Modeling and Control of Semi-active Dampers in Automotive Systems
Anh-Lam Do, Olivier Sename, Luc Dugard

16. LPV H Control for Flexible Hypersonic Vehicle
Hunter D. Hughes, Fen Wu

17. Identification of Low-Complexity LPV Input–Output Models for Control of a Turbocharged Combustion Engine
Andreas Kominek, Herbert Werner, Maiko Garwon, Matthias Schultalbers

18. Constrained Freeway Traffic Control via Linear Parameter Varying Paradigms
T. Luspay, T. Péni, B. Kulcsár

19. Linear Parameter-Varying Control for the X-53 Active Aeroelastic Wing
Peter Seiler, Gary J. Balas, Andrew Packard

20. Design of Integrated Vehicle Chassis Control Based on LPV Methods
Zoltán Szabó, Péter Gáspár, József Bokor

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Systems Theory, Control

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18 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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