Iwamoto, Nancy

Molecular Modeling and Multiscaling Issues for Electronic Material Applications

Iwamoto, Nancy - Molecular Modeling and Multiscaling Issues for Electronic Material Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Atomistic Simulations of Microelectronic Materials: Prediction of Mechanical, Thermal, and Electrical Properties
V. Eyert, A. Mavromaras, D. Rigby, W. Wolf, M. Christensen, M. Halls, C. Freeman, P. Saxe, E. Wimmer

2. Using Molecular Modeling Trending to Understand Dielectric Susceptibility in Dielectrics for Display Applications
Nancy Iwamoto, Ahila Krishnamoorthy, Edward W. Rutter

3. Understanding Cleaner Efficiency for BARC (“Bottom Anti-Reflective Coating”) After Plasma Etch in Dual Damascene Structures Through the Practical Use of Molecular Modeling Trends
Nancy Iwamoto, Deborah Yellowaga, Amy Larson, Ben Palmer, Teri Baldwin-Hendricks

4. Roles of Grain Boundaries in the Strength of Metals by Using Atomic Simulations
Tomotsugu Shimokawa

5. Semi Emprical Low Cycle Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis of Nanostructure Chip-To-Package Copper Interconnect Using Molecular Simulation
S. Koh, A. Saxena, Willem Driel, G. Q. (Kouchi) Zhang, R. Tummala

6. Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Nanotube Under External Mechanical Stresses and Moisture by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
H. Fan, K. Zhang, M. M. F. Yuen

7. Influence of Structural Parameters of Carbon Nanotubes on their Thermal Conductivity: Numerical Assessment
Bartosz Platek, Tomasz Falat, Jan Felba

8. The Mechanical Properties Modeling of Nano-Scale Materials by Molecular Dynamics
C. Yuan, W. D. Driel, R. Poelma, G. Q. (Kouchi) Zhang

9. Molecular Design of Self-Assembled Monolayer (SAM) Coupling Agent for Reliable Interfaces by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
C. K. Y. Wong, H. Fan, G. Q. (Kouchi) Zhang, M. M. F. Yuen

10. Microelectronics Packaging Materials: Correlating Structure and Property Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Ole Hölck, Bernhard Wunderle

11. Investigation of Interfacial Delamination in Electronic Packages
H. Fan, M. M. F. Yuen

12. A Multiscale Approach to Investigate Wettability of Surfaces with Designed Coating
E. K. L. Chan, H. Fan, M. M. F. Yuen

13. Glass Transition Analysis of Cross-Linked Polymers: Numerical and Mesoscale Approach
Sebastian J. Tesarski, Artur Wymyslowski

14. Investigation of Coarse-Grained Mesoscale Molecular Models for Mechanical Properties Simulation, as Parameterized Through Molecular Modeling
Nancy Iwamoto

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Optical and Electronic Materials, Nanoscale Science and Technology

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