Esbensen, Finn-Aage

Youth Gangs in International Perspective

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Table of contents

1. The Eurogang Program of Research and Multimethod Comparative Gang Research: Introduction
Finn-Aage Esbensen, Cheryl L. Maxson

2. Putting the “Gang” in “Eurogang”: Characteristics of Delinquent Youth Groups by Different Definitional Approaches
Kristy N. Matsuda, Finn-Aage Esbensen, Dena C. Carson

3. Counting Gangs: Conceptual and Validity Problems with the Eurogang Definition
Judith Aldridge, Juanjo Medina-Ariz, Robert Ralphs

4. Gang Member: Who Says? Definitional and Structural Issues
Hannah Smithson, Leanne Monchuk, Rachel Armitage

5. Five Decades of Defining Gangs in The Netherlands: The Eurogang Paradox in Practice
Frank Gemert

6. Gang Organization, Offending, and Victimization: A Cross-National Analysis
David C. Pyrooz, Andrew M. Fox, Charles M. Katz, Scott H. Decker

7. Betwixt and Between Street and Prison Gangs: Defining Gangs and Structures in Youth Correctional Facilities
Cheryl L. Maxson

8. Gang Dynamics Through the Lens of Social Identity Theory
Karen Hennigan, Marija Spanovic

9. Gang Membership: The Psychological Evidence
Emma Alleyne, Jane L. Wood

10. The Onset of (Euro)Gang Membership as a Turning Point in the Life Course
Chris Melde, Finn-Aage Esbensen

11. The Sex Composition of Groups and Youths’ Delinquency: A Comparison of Gang and Nongang Peer Groups
Dana Peterson, Dena C. Carson

12. The Impact of Globalization, Migration, and Social Group Processes on Neo-Nazi Youth Gangs
Revital Sela-Shayovitz

13. Typically Moroccan? A Group Dynamic Explanation of Nuisance and Criminal Behavior
Jan Dirk Jong

14. The Danish Gang-Joining Project: Methodological Issues and Preliminary Results
Maria Libak Pedersen, Jonas Markus Lindstad

15. The Stockholm Gang Intervention and Prevention Project (SGIP): Introducing a Holistic Approach to Gang Enforcement
Amir Rostami, Fredrik Leinfelt

16. Are the Correlates and Effects of Gang Membership Sex-Specific? Troublesome Youth Groups and Delinquency Among Dutch Girls
Frank M. Weerman

17. The Next Decade of Eurogang Program Research
Malcolm W. Klein

18. The Intersection of Gang Definition and Group Process: Concluding Observations
Cheryl L. Maxson, Finn-Aage Esbensen

Keywords: Social Sciences, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Social Policy

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