Deer, Timothy R.

Comprehensive Treatment of Chronic Pain by Medical, Interventional, and Integrative Approaches

Deer, Timothy R. - Comprehensive Treatment of Chronic Pain by Medical, Interventional, and Integrative Approaches, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Survey of Systems Involved in Nociceptive Processing
Tony L. Yaksh, Ashley J. Wiese

2. Pharmacogenomics of Pain Management
Piotr K. Janicki

3. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs
Asokumar Buvanendran

4. The Role of Antidepressants in the Treatment of Chronic Pain
Beth B. Murinson

5. Anticonvulsant Medications for Treatment of Neuropathic and “Functional” Pain
Bruce D. Nicholson

6. NMDA Receptor Antagonists in the Treatment of Pain
Yakov Vorobeychik, Channing D. Willoughby, Jianren Mao

7. Role of Muscle Relaxants in the Treatment of Pain
Robert I. Cohen, Carol A. Warfield

8. Topical Analgesics
Charles E. Argoff, Manpreet Kaur, Kelly Donnelly

9. Sleep Aids
Howard S. Smith

10. Clinical Use of Opioids
Andrea Trescot

11. Opioid Adverse Effects and Opioid-Induced Hypogonadism
Saloni Sharma, David M. Giampetro

12. Acute Management of the Opioid-Dependent Patient
Brandi A. Bottiger, Denny Curtis Orme, Vitaly Gordin

13. Opioids and the Law
Selina Read, Jill Eckert

14. Methadone for Chronic Pain
Naileshni Singh, Scott M. Fishman, Kyle Tokarz

15. Toxicology Screening for Opioids
Gary L. Horowitz

16. Monitoring Drug Use and Abuse: The Evolution of a Paradigm
Steven D. Passik, Kenneth L. Kirsh

17. Polypharmacy and Drug Interaction
Christopher A. Steel, Jill Eckert

18. Role of Cannabinoids in Pain Management
Ethan B. Russo, Andrea G. Hohmann

19. The Future of Pain Pharmacotherapy
Iwona Bonney, Daniel B. Carr

20. Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Pain
Adam R. Burkey

21. Spinal Targets for Interventional Pain Management
Lawrence R. Poree, Linda L. Wolbers

22. Functional Anatomy and Imaging of the Spine
John C. Keel, Gary J. Brenner

23. Local Anesthetics
Michael S. Leong, B. Todd Sitzman

24. Neurolytic Agents
Erin F. Lawson, Mark S. Wallace

25. Cryoanalgesia
Michael S. Leong, Philip S. Kim, Lloyd Saberski

26. Radiofrequency: Conventional and Pulsed
Maunak V. Rana

27. Atlanto-Axial and Atlanto-Occipital Joints Injection in the Treatment of Headaches and Neck Pain
Samer N. Narouze

28. Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block
Michael S. Leong, Mark P. Gjolaj, Raymond R. Gaeta

29. Occipital Nerve Block
Garret K. Morris, Michael S. Leong

30. Neural Blockade for Trigeminal Neuralgia
Ali Mchaourab, Abdallah I. Kabbara

31. Glossopharyngeal Nerve Block
Kenneth D. Candido, George C. Chang Chien

32. Cervical Plexus Block
Gerald A. Matchett, Sean Mackey

33. Stellate Ganglion Blockade
Mehul Sekhadia, Kiran K. Chekka, Honorio T. Benzon

34. Epidural (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Caudal) Block/Injections
Nirmala R. Abraham, Ignacio Badiola, Thuong D. Vo

35. Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injections
Todd B. Sitzman

36. Facet Injections and Radiofrequency Denervation
Sunil J. Panchal

37. Intercostal Nerve Blocks
Eduardo M. Fraifeld

38. Intrapleural Catheters
Kevin E. Vorenkamp, Lynn R. Kohan

39. Epidural Lysis of Adhesions: Percutaneous and Endoscopic Techniques
Timothy Y. Ko, Salim M. Hayek

40. Thoracic and Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Block and Neurolysis
Tim J. Lamer, Jason S. Eldrige

41. Celiac Plexus, Splanchnic Nerve Block, and Neurolysis
Melinda M. Lawrence, Salim M. Hayek, Joshua D. Goldner

42. Superior Hypogastric Plexus, Ganglion Impar Blocks, and Neurolysis
Bryan S. Williams

43. Peripheral Neurolysis
Beth Mintzer, Jagan Devarajan

44. Central Neuraxial Neurolysis
Beth Mintzer, Jagan Devarajan

45. Provocative Discography
Irina Melnik, Richard Derby, Ray M. Baker

46. Brachial Plexus Block
Chester Buckenmaier

47. Suprascapular Nerve Block
Brian Belnap, Gagan Mahajan

48. Intradiscal Annuloplasty for the Treatment of Discogenic Pain
Leonardo Kapural

49. Percutaneous Disc Decompression
Stanley Golovac, Salim M. Hayek, Fnu Kailash

50. The Racz Procedure: Lysis of Epidural Adhesions (Percutaneous Neuroplasty)
Gabor B. Racz, Miles R. Day, James E. Heavner, Jeffrey P. Smith

51. Sacroiliac Joint Injection and Radiofrequency Denervation
Sunil J. Panchal

52. Vertebral Augmentation: Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty
Philip S. Kim

53. Piriformis Injection
Nathan J. Harrison, Gagan Mahajan

54. Botulinum Toxin in the Management of Painful Conditions
Robert Gerwin

55. Emerging Imaging Tools for Interventional Pain
Marc A. Huntoon

56. A History of Neurostimulation
Jeffrey T. B. Peterson, Timothy R. Deer

57. Stimulation of the Peripheral Nerve and Peripheral Nerve Field
Jason E. Pope, Timothy R. Deer, Eric J. Grigsby, Philip S. Kim

58. Spinal Cord Stimulation
W. Porter McRoberts, Daniel M. Doleys, Kevin D. Cairns

59. Brain Stimulation for Pain
Konstantin V. Slavin

60. Motor Cortex Stimulation
Chima O. Oluigbo, Mariel Szapiel, Alexander Taghva, Ali R. Rezai

61. Intrathecal Drug Delivery for Control of Pain
Brian M. Bruel, Mitchell P. Engle, Richard L. Rauck, Thomas J. Weber, Leonardo Kapural

62. Clinical Applications of Neuromodulation: Radicular Pain and Low Back Pain
Thomas L. Yearwood

63. Clinical Applications of Neuromodulation: Neurostimulation for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Michael Stanton-Hicks

64. Clinical Applications of Neuromodulation: Section on Angina and Peripheral Vascular Disease
Marte A. Martinez, Robert D. Foreman

65. Clinical Applications of Neuromodulation: Spinal Cord Stimulation for Abdominal Pain
Leonardo Kapural, Marc D. Yelle

66. Cost-Effectiveness of Interventional Techniques
Krishna Kumar, Syed Rizvi, Sharon Bishop, Mariam Abbas

67. Neurosurgical Techniques for Pain Management
Hendrik Klopper, Kenneth A. Follett

68. Spinal Cord Stimulation in the Treatment of Postherpetic Neuralgia
Stanley Golovac, Louis Raso

69. Complications of Interventional Pain Management Techniques
Marco Araujo, Dermot More O’Ferrall

70. Pain as a Perceptual Experience
Albert L. Ray, Rhonwyn Ullmann, Michael C. Francis

71. Neuroplasticity, Sensitization, and Pain
Albert L. Ray

72. Muscle Pain Treatment
Norman Marcus, Jason Ough

73. Addictive Disorders and Pain
Lynn Webster, Stuart Gitlow

74. The “Five-Minute” Mental Status Examination of Persons with Pain
J. David Haddox, Barry Kerner

75. The Psychological Assessment of Patients with Chronic Pain
Daniel Bruns, John Mark Disorbio

76. Psychological Therapies
Leanne R. Cianfrini, Cady Block, Daniel M. Doleys

77. Billing Psychological Services for Patients with Chronic Pain
Geralyn Datz, Daniel Bruns

78. Hypnosis and Pain Control
David Spiegel

79. Acupuncture
Ji-Sheng Han

80. Manual Therapies
John F. Barnes, Albert L. Ray, Rhonwyn Ullmann

81. Treatment of Chronic Painful Musculoskeletal Injuries and Diseases with Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT): Regenerative Injection Therapy Principles and Practice
Felix S. Linetsky, Hakan Alfredson, David Crane, Christopher J. Centeno

82. Interdisciplinary Functional Restoration and Pain Programs
Steven D. Feinberg, Robert J. Gatchel, Steven Stanos, Rachel Feinberg, Valerie Johnson-Montieth

83. Pain and Spirituality
Allen R. Dyer, Richard L. Stieg

84. Pain Disparity: Assessment and Traditional Medicine
September Williams

85. Sleep and Chronic Pain
Nicole K. Y. Tang, Claire E. Goodchild, Lynn R. Webster

86. Empowerment: A Pain Caregiver’s Perspective
Julia Hallisy

87. Patient and Caregiver’s Perspective
Heidi J. Stokes

88. Pain Medicine in Older Adults: How Should It Differ?
Debra K. Weiner, Jordan F. Karp, Cheryl D. Bernstein, Natalia E. Morone

89. Pain Medicine and Primary Care: The Evolution of a Population-Based Approach to Chronic Pain as a Public Health Problem
Rollin M. Gallagher

90. Pain Care Beyond the Medical Practice Office: Utilizing Patient Advocacy, Education, and Support Organizations
William Rowe

91. Neonatal Pain
Celeste Johnston, Marsha Campbell-Yeo, Ananda Fernandes, Manon Ranger

92. Assessing Disability in the Pain Patient
Steven D. Feinberg, Christopher R. Brigham

93. The Double Effect: In Theory and in Practice
Lynn R. Webster

94. Failure to Treat Pain
Kenneth L. Kirsh, Steven D. Passik, Ben A. Rich

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology, Neurology

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