Booth, Alan

Early Adulthood in a Family Context

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Table of contents

1. The Contemporary Context of Young Adulthood in the USA: From Demography to Development, From Private Troubles to Public Issues
Richard A. Settersten

2. Transition to Adulthood, Parental Support, and Early Adult Well-Being: Recent Findings from the Youth Development Study
Jeylan T. Mortimer

3. “First Principles”: Components, Holism, and Context of the Transition to Adulthood
Ross Macmillan

4. Young Adults in a Wireless World
Eva S. Lefkowitz, Shelley N. Vukman, Eric Loken

5. Relationships Between Young Adults and Their Parents
Karen L. Fingerman, Yen-Pi Cheng, Lauren Tighe, Kira S. Birditt, Steven Zarit

6. The Implications of Family Context for the Transition to Adulthood
Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson, Janel Benson

7. Child Well-Being and the Long Reach of Family Relationships
Kelly Musick, Ann Meier

8. Young Adults’ “Need”: In the Eye of the Beholder?
D. Wayne Osgood, Sonja E. Siennick

9. Developmental Shifts in the Character of Romantic and Sexual Relationships from Adolescence to Young Adulthood
Peggy C. Giordano, Wendy D. Manning, Monica A. Longmore, Christine M. Flanigan

10. Challenges in Charting the Course of Romantic Relationships in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood
Frank D. Fincham

11. I Just Want Your Kiss? Sexual Relationships in Young Adulthood
Kelly Raley

12. Becoming a Parent: The Social Contexts of Fertility During Young Adulthood
Kathryn Edin, Laura Tach

13. Childbearing Among Cohabiting Women: Race, Pregnancy, and Union Transitions
Daniel T. Lichter

14. Understanding Young Fertility in the Context of Economic Disadvantage
Marcia J. Carlson

15. New Horizons in Research on Emerging and Young Adulthood
Jeffrey Jensen Arnett

16. The Role of Family Context in Early Adulthood: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going
Jessica Halliday Hardie, Christine E. Stanik

Keywords: Social Sciences, Family, Clinical Psychology, Sociology, general

Publication year
National Symposium on Family Issues
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16 pages

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