Kaźmierski, Tom J.

System Specification and Design Languages

Kaźmierski, Tom J. - System Specification and Design Languages, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Formal Hardware/Software Co-verification of Application Specific Instruction Set Processors
Sacha Loitz, Markus Wedler, Dominik Stoffel, Christian Brehm, Wolfgang Kunz, Norbert Wehn

2. Evaluating Debugging Algorithms from a Qualitative Perspective
Alexander Finder, Görschwin Fey

3. Mapping of Concurrent Object-Oriented Models to Extended Real-Time Task Networks
Matthias Büker, Kim Grüttner, Philipp A. Hartmann, Ingo Stierand

4. SystemC-A Modelling of Mixed-Technology Systems with Distributed Behaviour
Chenxu Zhao, Tom J. Kaźmierski

5. A Framework for Interactive Refinement of Mixed HW/SW/Analog Systems
Tobias Kirchner, Nico Bannow, Christian Kerstan, Christoph Grimm

6. Bottom-up Verification for CMOS Photonic Linear Heterogeneous System
Bo Wang, Ian O’Connor, Emmanuel Drouard, Lioua Labrak

7. Towards Abstract Analysis Techniques for Range Based System Simulations
Florian Schupfer, Michael Kärgel, Christoph Grimm, Markus Olbrich, Erich Barke

8. Modeling Time-Triggered Architecture Based Real-Time Systems Using SystemC
Jon Perez, Carlos Fernando Nicolas, Roman Obermaisser, Christian El Salloum

9. Towards the Development of a Set of Transaction Level Models A Feature-Oriented Approach
Ye Jun, Tan Qingping, Li Tun

10. Rapid Prototyping of Complex HW/SW Systems using a Timing and Power Aware ESL Framework
Kim Grüttner, Kai Hylla, Sven Rosinger, Wolfgang Nebel

11. Towards Accurate Source-Level Annotation of Low-Level Properties Obtained from Optimized Binary Code
Stefan Stattelmann, Alexander Viehl, Oliver Bringmann, Wolfgang Rosenstiel

12. Architecture Specifications in CλaSH
Jan Kuper, Christiaan Baaij, Matthijs Kooijman, Marco Gerards

13. SyReC: A Programming Language for Synthesis of Reversible Circuits
Robert Wille, Sebastian Offermann, Rolf Drechsler

14. Logical Time @ Work: Capturing Data Dependencies and Platform Constraints
Calin Glitia, Julien DeAntoni, Frédéric Mallet

15. Formal Support for Untimed MARTE-SystemC Interoperability
Pablo Peñil, Fernando Herrera, Eugenio Villar

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Processor Architectures

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Page amount
12 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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