Goldfeld, Dorian

Number Theory, Analysis and Geometry

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Table of contents

1. Raynaud’s group-scheme and reduction of coverings
Dan Abramovich, Jonathan Lubin

2. The modular degree, congruence primes, and multiplicity one
Amod Agashe, Kenneth A. Ribet, William A. Stein

3. Le théorème de Siegel–Shidlovsky revisité
Daniel Bertrand

4. Some aspects of harmonic analysis on locally symmetric spaces related to real-form embeddings
Eliot Brenner, Andrew Sinton

5. Differential characters on curves
Alexandru Buium

6. Weyl group multiple Dirichlet series of type A

Gautam Chinta, Paul E. Gunnells

7. On the geometry of the diffeomorphism group of the circle
Adrian Constantin, Boris Kolev

8. Harmonic representatives for cuspidal cohomology classes
Józef Dodziuk, Jeffrey McGowan, Peter Perry

9. About the ABC Conjecture and an alternative
Machiel Frankenhuijsen

10. Unifying themes suggested by Belyi’s Theorem
Wushi Goldring

11. On the local divisibility of Heegner points
Benedict H. Gross, James A. Parson

12. Uniform estimates for primitive divisors in elliptic divisibility sequences
Patrick Ingram, Joseph H. Silverman

13. The heat kernel, theta inversion and zetas on Г∖GK

Jay Jorgenson, Serge Lang

14. Applications of heat kernels on abelian groups: ζ(2n), quadratic reciprocity, Bessel integrals
Anders Karlsson

15. Report on the irreducibility of L-functions
Nicholas M. Katz

16. Remark on fundamental groups and effective Diophantine methods for hyperbolic curves
Minhyong Kim

17. Ranks of elliptic curves in cubic extensions
Hershy Kisilevsky

18. On effective equidistribution of expanding translates of certain orbits in the space of lattices
D. Y. Kleinbock, G. A. Margulis

19. Elliptic Eisenstein series for

Jürg Kramer, Anna-Maria Pippich

20. Consequences of the Gross–Zagier formulae: Stability of average
L-values, subconvexity, and non-vanishing mod p

Philippe Michel, Dinakar Ramakrishnan

21. A variant of the Lang–Trotter conjecture
M. Ram Murty, V. Kumar Murty

22. Multiplicity estimates, interpolation, and transcendence theory
Michael Nakamaye

23. Sampling spaces and arithmetic dimension
Catherine O’Neil

24. Recovering function fields from their decomposition graphs
Florian Pop

25. Irreducible spaces of modular units
David E. Rohrlich

26. Equidistribution and generalized Mahler measures
L. Szpiro, T. J. Tucker

27. Représentations p-adiques de torsion admissibles
Marie-France Vignéras

28. Multiplier ideal sheaves, Nevanlinna theory, and Diophantine approximation
Paul Vojta

29. Recent advances in Diophantine approximation
Michel Waldschmidt

Keywords: Mathematics, Number Theory, Analysis, Geometry

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20 pages
Natural Sciences

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