Westervelt, James D.

Ecologist-Developed Spatially-Explicit Dynamic Landscape Models

Westervelt, James D. - Ecologist-Developed Spatially-Explicit Dynamic Landscape Models, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Never Fear: You Already Model!
James D. Westervelt, Gordon L. Cohen

2. A Collaborative Process for Multidisciplinary Group Modeling Projects
James D. Westervelt, Bruce Hannon

3. An Introduction to the NetLogo Modeling Environment
David Stigberg

4. A Simulation Model of Fire Ant Competition with Cave Crickets at Fort Hood, Texas
Bart Rossmann, Tim Peterson, John Drake

5. Spatially Explicit Agent-Based Model of Striped Newt Metapopulation Dynamics Under Precipitation and Forest Cover Scenarios
Jennifer L. Burton, Ewan Robinson, Sheng Ye

6. Forecasting Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) Distribution and Long-Term Viability at Fort Benning, Georgia
James D. Westervelt, Bruce MacAllister

7. Using Demographic Sensitivity Testing to Guide Management of Gopher Tortoises at Fort Stewart, Georgia: A Comparison of Individual-Based Modeling and Population Viability Analysis Approaches
Tracey D. Tuberville, Kimberly M. Andrews, James D. Westervelt, Harold E. Balbach, John Macey, Larry Carlile

8. A Model for Evaluating Hunting and Contraception as Feral Hog Population Control Methods
Jennifer L. Burton, Marina Drigo, Ying Li, Ariane Peralta, Johanna Salzer, Kranthi Varala, Bruce Hannon, James D. Westervelt

9. Spatially Explicit Modeling of Productivity in Pool 5 of the Mississippi River
Katherine R. Amato, Benjamin Martin, Aloah Pope, Charles Theiling, Kevin Landwehr, Jon Petersen, Brian Ickes, Jeffrey Houser, Yao Yin, Bruce Hannon, Richard Sparks

10. Simulating Gopher Tortoise Populations in Fragmented Landscapes: An Application of the FRAGGLE Model
Todd BenDor, James D. Westervelt, J. P. Aurambout, William Meyer

11. An Individual-Based Model for Metapopulations on Patchy Landscapes-Genetics and Demography (IMPL-GD)
Jennifer L. Burton, Richard F. Lance, James D. Westervelt, Paul L. Leberg

12. An Implementation of the Pathway Analysis Through Habitat (PATH) Algorithm Using NetLogo
William W. Hargrove, James D. Westervelt

13. A Technique for Rapidly Forecasting Regional Urban Growth
Todd BenDor, James D. Westervelt

14. Modeling Intimate Partner Violence and Support Systems
Marina Drigo, Charles R. Ehlschlaeger, Elizabeth L. Sweet

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Computer Appl. in Life Sciences

Publication year
Modeling Dynamic Systems
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20 pages
Natural Sciences

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