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Great Health Care

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Table of contents

1. Why Chronic Diseases?
J. Timothy Harrington

2. How Has the US Health System Evolved?
J. Timothy Harrington

3. Why Has the US Health System Become What It Is?
J. Timothy Harrington

4. Making Chronic Disease Care Great
J. Timothy Harrington

5. Building Systems of Care
Eric D. Newman

6. Problem Solving
Eric D. Newman

7. Testing and Implementing Solutions
Eric D. Newman

8. Managing Complex Processes: Making Order Out of Chaos
J. Timothy Harrington

9. Managing Medical Information (Tools, Rules, and What’s Cool)
Eric D. Newman

10. Measuring Processes and Outcomes of Care
J. Timothy Harrington

11. Teaming: Everyone Has a Role to Play
Eric D. Newman

12. How Providers Should Be Paid
Eric D. Newman

13. Diabetes: Everyone’s Number One Priority
Richard S. Beaser, Kenneth Snow, Jo-Anne M. Rizzotto, Julie Brown, Martin J. Abrahamson

14. Osteoporosis: Breaking Bones Is Not Inevitable
Richard M. Dell

15. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Diagnose Early and Treat to Target
John J. Cush

16. Heart Failure: Reducing Readmissions
Kathi Farrell, Kathleen Sullivan

17. Chronic Kidney Disease: Changing the Mean by Changing the Mien

Jerry Yee, Mark D. Faber, Sandeep S. Soman

18. Asthma: Identifying and Treating High-Risk Patients
Michael B. Foggs

19. Cardiovascular Disease: Reducing Risk Factors
Richard D. Lueker, Beth A. McCormick

20. Obesity: The Elephant in the Room
Karen Cooper, Philip Schauer, Stacy Brethauer, Sangeeta Kashyap

21. Palliative Care and Hospice: Advancing the Science of Comfort, Affirming the Art of Caring
Martha L. Twaddle

22. Myths and Miscreants
Eric D. Newman

23. Improving Care vs. Transforming Care
Eric D. Newman

24. Translational Research or Industrial Process Improvement: A False Choice
J. Timothy Harrington

25. The Patient-Centered Medical Home or System-Based Care: Another False Choice
J. Timothy Harrington

26. Preparing Physicians with Optimal Processes and Process Improvement Skills
J. Timothy Harrington

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Medicine/Public Health, general, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Popular Science in Medicine and Health

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