Wang, Qian

Bones, Genetics, and Behavior of Rhesus Macaques

Wang, Qian - Bones, Genetics, and Behavior of Rhesus Macaques, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Physical Anthropology at the Caribbean Primate Research Center: Past, Present, and Future
Donald C. Dunbar

2. Comparative Quantitative Genetic Analysis of Cranial Capacity and Craniofacial Morphology in Two Closely Related Primate Species
Jessica L. Joganic, Katherine E. Willmore, Charles C. Roseman, Joan T. Richtsmeier, Jeffrey Rogers, James M. Cheverud

3. Developmental Origins of and Covariation Between Metric and Nonmetric Cranial Traits
Katherine E. Willmore, Jane E. Buikstra, James M. Cheverud, Joan T. Richtsmeier

4. Fragile Spines on Cayo Santiago: Bone Mineral Density, Trabecular Morphology, and the Potential for Exploring the Genetics of Osteoporosis in Rhesus Monkeys
Jean E. Turnquist, Antonietta M. Cerroni, Kate J. Faccia, Steven K. Boyd, Benedikt Hallgrimsson

5. Genetic and Social Group Influences on Postcranial Morphology in Rhesus Macaques of Cayo Santiago
Luci Ann P. Kohn, Zachary Bledsoe

6. Prenatal Androgenization and Dominance Rank in Female Rhesus Macaques: Evidence from Digit Ratios (2D:4D)
Emma Nelson, Christy L. Hoffman, Martin Voracek, Melissa S. Gerald, Susanne Shultz

7. Ontogeny of Anatomical Mechanical Advantage of the Biceps Brachii Muscle in Macaques
Connie D. Fellmann

8. Dental Maturity and the Ontogeny of Sex-Based Differences in the Dentofacial Complex of Rhesus Macaques from Cayo Santiago
Qian Wang

9. Female Age of First Reproduction at Cayo Santiago: Heritability and Shared Environments
Gregory E. Blomquist

10. Costs of Reproduction Among Rhesus Macaque Females on Cayo Santiago
Christy L. Hoffman, Dario Maestripieri

11. Variation Over Time in Grooming Kin Bias Among Cayo Santiago Rhesus Macaques Supports Time Constraints
Carol M. Berman, Ellen Kapsalis

12. Behavior and Social Dynamics of Rhesus Macaques on Cayo Santiago
Dario Maestripieri, Christy L. Hoffman

13. Natural History of the Self
Donald S. Sade

Keywords: Life Sciences, Evolutionary Biology, Anthropology, Developmental Biology, Animal Anatomy / Morphology / Histology, Behavioural Sciences, Animal Genetics and Genomics

Publication year
Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects
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21 pages
Natural Sciences

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