Fossen, Thor I.

Parametric Resonance in Dynamical Systems

Fossen, Thor I. - Parametric Resonance in Dynamical Systems, ebook


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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Parametric Resonance
Jonatan Peña-Ramírez, Rob H. B. Fey, Henk Nijmeijer

2. Detection of Parametric Roll for Ships
Roberto Galeazzi, Mogens Blanke, Niels K. Poulsen

3. Estimation of Parametric Roll in Random Seaways
Naoya Umeda, Hirotada Hashimoto, Izumi Tsukamoto, Yasuhiro Sogawa

4. Trimaran Vessels and Parametric Roll
Gabriele Bulian, Alberto Francescutto

5. Probability of Parametric Roll in Random Seaways
Jørgen Juncher Jensen

6. Domains of Parametric Roll Amplification for Different Hull Forms
Claudio A. Rodríguez, Marcelo A. S. Neves

7. Probabilistic Properties of Parametric Roll
Vadim Belenky, Kenneth Weems

8. Experience from Parametric Rolling of Ships
Anders Rosén, Mikael Huss, Mikael Palmquist

9. Ship Model for Parametric Roll Incorporating the Effects of Time-Varying Speed
Dominik A. Breu, Christian Holden, Thor I. Fossen

10. Frequency Detuning Control by Doppler Shift
Christian Holden, Dominik A. Breu, Thor I. Fossen

11. Optimal Speed and Heading Control for Stabilization of Parametric Oscillations in Ships
Dominik A. Breu, Le Feng, Thor I. Fossen

12. A U-Tank Control System for Ships in Parametric Roll Resonance
Christian Holden, Thor I. Fossen

13. Parametric and Direct Resonances in a Base-Excited Beam Carrying a Top Mass
Rob H. B. Fey, Niels J. Mallon, C. Stefan Kraaij, Henk Nijmeijer

14. A Study of the Onset and Stabilization of Parametric Roll by Using an Electro-Mechanical Device
Jonatan Peña-Ramírez, Henk Nijmeijer

15. Controlling Parametric Resonance: Induction and Stabilization of Unstable Motions
Roberto Galeazzi, Kristin Y. Pettersen

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Systems Theory, Control, Control

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13 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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