Grigorenko, Elena L.

Handbook of Juvenile Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry

Grigorenko, Elena L. - Handbook of Juvenile Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Dana Shoenberg

2. Developmental Changes in Adolescence and Risks for Delinquency
Baptiste Barbot, Scott R. Hunter

3. The “Why(s)” of Criminal Behavior in Juveniles: The Long and the Short of It
Elena L. Grigorenko

4. Race and Sex Disparity in Juvenile Justice Processing
Kimberly Kempf-Leonard

5. Major Principles in a Minor Context: Forensic Practices Involving Adolescents
Sandra B. McPherson

6. Juveniles and Criminal Responsibility Evaluations
Charles L. Scott, Matthew Soulier

7. Sentencing Juveniles to Life in Prison Without the Opportunity for Parole
Jeffrey J. Shook

8. Transfer to Adult Court: Enhancing Clinical Forensic Evaluations and Informing Policy
Debra R. Chen, Randall T. Salekin

9. Need for and Barriers to Inclusion in Health Research of Justice-Involved Youth
Susan Bouregy, John F. Chapman, Elena L. Grigorenko

10. Toward Establishing Standards of Practice in Juvenile Forensic Mental Health Assessment
Kirk Heilbrun, David DeMatteo

11. Assessment in Juvenile Justice Systems: An Overview
Robert D. Hoge

12. Mental Health Assessment of Juveniles
Cynthia Morgan-D’Atrio

13. The Juvenile Forensic Court Clinic in Theory and Practice
John F. Chapman

14. The History, Development, and Testing of Forensic Risk Assessment Tools
Jay P. Singh

15. Assessing Juveniles for Risk of Violence
Mary Alice Conroy

16. Becoming More Therapeutic: Motivational Interviewing as a Communication Style for Paraprofessionals in Juvenile Justice Settings
Angela R. Wood, Ralph J. Wood, Susan M. Taylor

17. At the Junction of Personality Theories: Working with Juvenile Offenders
Elena L. Grigorenko

18. Services for Youth in Closed Settings: Gaps in Services
Faye S. Taxman, Sara Debus-Sherrill, Carolyn A. Watson

19. Implementing Evidence-Based Practices for Juvenile Justice Prevention and Treatment in Communities
Nancy G. Guerra, Kirk R. Williams

20. Preventing Early Conduct Problems and Later Delinquency
Christopher J. Trentacosta, Daniel S. Shaw

21. Treating Juvenile Offenders: Best Practices and Emerging Critical Issues
Paul Boxer, Sara E. Goldstein

22. Psychopharmacological Treatment of Youth in Juvenile Justice Settings
Lenore Engel, John Abulu, Roumen N. Nikolov

23. IICAPS: A Treatment Model for Delinquent Youths with Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders
Jean A. Adnopoz, Joseph L. Woolston, Kathleen M. B. Balestracci

24. Serving Dually Diagnosed Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing, Shirley M. Smith, Hilary K. Mead

25. Treating Juvenile Sex Offenders
Jeanne Bereiter, David Mullen

26. Sexually Transmitted Infections in Juvenile Offenders
William L. Risser, Jan M. Risser

27. A Self-Regulation Model for the Treatment of Pathological Juvenile Firesetters
Alan I. Feldberg, John H. Lemmon

28. Mentor Programming for At-Risk Youth
Donna Macomber, Elena L. Grigorenko

29. Responding to Child Trauma: Theory, Programs, and Policy
Steven Marans, Deborah Smolover, Hilary Hahn

30. Psychosocial Treatment of Traumatized Juveniles
Carla Kmett Danielson, Angela Moreland Begle, Lynsay Ayer, Rochelle F. Hanson

31. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Youth Involved in Juvenile Justice
Julian D. Ford

32. Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: A Critical Appraisal
Tina Maschi, Matt Stimmel, Keith Morgen, Sandy Gibson, Areen O’Mary

33. Juvenile Offenders with Disabilities: Challenges and Promises
Antonis Katsiyannis, David E. Barrett, Dalun Zhang

34. Ensuring that They Learn
Candace A. Mulcahy, Peter E. Leone

35. Female Juvenile Offenders
Leslie D. Leve, Patricia Chamberlain, Hyoun Kim, Dana K. Smith

36. Juvenile Gangs
Wesley G. Jennings, J. Mitchell Miller

37. Juvenile Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry: The Movement Toward Data-Based Innovations
Thomas J. Dishion

Keywords: Psychology, Child and School Psychology, Psychiatry, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Law and Psychology, Social Work, Medicine/Public Health, general

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