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Fencing for Conservation

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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Fencing for Conservation
Matthew W. Hayward, Michael J. Somers

2. Perspectives on Fencing for Conservation Based on Four Case Studies: Marsupial Conservation in Australian Forests; Bushmeat Hunting in South Africa; Large Predator Reintroduction in South Africa; and Large Mammal Conservation in Poland
Matthew W. Hayward

3. The Relative Merits of Predator-Exclusion Fencing and Repeated Fox Baiting for Protection of Native Fauna: Five Case Studies from Western Australia
Paul J. Tores, Nicky Marlow

4. Fences or Ferals? Benefits and Costs of Conservation Fencing in Australia
Chris R. Dickman

5. The Use and Potential of Pest-Proof Fencing for Ecosystem Restoration and Fauna Conservation in New Zealand
Bruce Burns, John Innes, Tim Day

6. Fencing for Purpose: A Case Study of Elephants in South Africa
Rob Slotow

7. An Adaptive Monitoring Programme for Studying Impacts Along the Western Boundary Fence of Kruger National Park, South Africa
Ken Ferguson, Laura Adam, Ferran Jori

8. Does the Vastness of the Serengeti Limit Human–Wildlife Conflicts?
Marion L. East, Julius W. Nyahongo, Katja V. Goller, Heribert Hofer

9. Barriers, the Beef Industry and Unnatural Selection: A Review of the Impact of Veterinary Fencing on Mammals in Southern Africa
Michelle E. Gadd

10. Modelling the Effect of Fences on the Viability of Spatially Structured Populations of African Wild Dogs
Michael J. Somers, Markus Gusset, Fredrik Dalerum

11. Towards a True Ecology: Exploring the Implications for Conservation of the Human and Social Dimensions of Fencing in the Subtropical Thicket Biome, South Africa
Andrew T. Knight, Richard M. Cowling

12. Ecological, Social and Financial Issues Related to Fencing as a Conservation Tool in Africa
Peter A. Lindsey, Chap L. Masterson, Andrew L. Beck, Stephanie Romañach

13. Do Fences or Humans Inhibit the Movements of Large Mammals in Białowieża Primeval Forest?
R. Kowalczyk, K. Schmidt, W. Jędrzejewski

14. Exploring the Value of Wolves (Canis lupus) in Landscape-Scale Fenced Reserves for Ecological Restoration in the Scottish Highlands
Christopher Sandom, Joseph Bull, Susan Canney, David W. Macdonald

15. The Influence of Land Use and Fences on Habitat Effectiveness, Movements and Distribution of Pronghorn in the Grasslands of North America
C. Cormack Gates, Paul Jones, Michael Suitor, Andrew Jakes, Mark S. Boyce, Kyran Kunkel, Kevin Wilson

16. Use of Electric Fencing and Associated Measures as Deterrents to Jaguar Predation on Cattle in the Pantanal of Brazil
Sandra M. C. Cavalcanti, Peter G. Crawshaw, Fernando R. Tortato

Keywords: Life Sciences, Conservation Biology/Ecology, Nature Conservation, Biodiversity, Environmental Management, Animal Ecology, Landscape Ecology

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