Ungar, Michael

The Social Ecology of Resilience

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to the Volume
Michael Ungar

2. Social Ecologies and Their Contribution to Resilience
Michael Ungar

3. Resilience: Causal Pathways and Social Ecology
Michael Rutter

4. Theory and Measurement of Resilience: Views from Development
Lewis P. Lipsitt, Jack Demick

5. Resilience and Children’s Work in Brazil: Lessons from Physics for Psychology
Piotr Trzesniak, Renata M. C. Libório, Silvia H. Koller

6. An Interview with Macalane Malindi: The Impact of Education and Changing Social Policy on Resilience during Apartheid and Post Apartheid in South Africa
Macalane Malindi, Michael Ungar

7. An Interview with Bill Strickland: How Community-Based Adult Educational Facilities Can Lift People Out of Poverty in Urban America
Bill Strickland, Michael Ungar

8. An Interview with Jude Simpson: Growing Beyond a Life of Abuse and Gang Involvement in New Zealand
Jude Simpson, Michael Ungar

9. An Interview with Vicki Durrant: Creating a Community Program for High-Risk Aboriginal Youth in Canada’s North
Vicki Durrant, Michael Ungar

10. An Interview with Arn Chorn-Pond: Helping Children in Cambodia Through the Revival of Traditional Music and Art
Arn Chorn-Pond, Michael Ungar

11. From Neuron to Social Context: Restoring Resilience as a Capacity for Good Survival
Martha Kent

12. Situating Resilience in Developmental Context
Laura M. Supkoff, Jennifer Puig, L. Alan Sroufe

13. Temporal and Contextual Dimensions to Individual Positive Development: A Developmental–Contextual Systems Model of Resilience
Ingrid Schoon

14. Girls’ Violence: Criminality or Resilience?
Jean Hine, Joanna Welford

15. Facilitating Family Resilience: Relational Resources for Positive Youth Development in Conditions of Adversity
Froma Walsh

16. Contexts of Vulnerability and Resilience: Childhood Maltreatment, Cognitive Functioning and Close Relationships
Christine Wekerle, Randall Waechter, Ronald Chung

17. Averting Child Maltreatment: Individual, Economic, Social, and Community Resources that Promote Resilient Parenting
Kimberly DuMont, Susan Ehrhard-Dietzel, Kristen Kirkland

18. Caring Relationships: How to Promote Resilience in Challenging Times
Gill Windle, Kate M. Bennett

19. Young People, Their Families and Social Supports: Understanding Resilience with Complexity Theory
Jackie Sanders, Robyn Munford, Linda Liebenberg

20. Local Resources and Distal Decisions: The Political Ecology of Resilience
Dorothy Bottrell, Derrick Armstrong

21. Caring Teachers: Teacher–Youth Transactions to Promote Resilience
Linda C. Theron, Petra Engelbrecht

22. Children with Disabilities and Supportive School Ecologies
Neerja Sharma, Rekha Sharma Sen

23. Resilience in Schools and Curriculum Design
Nan Henderson

24. How Prior Social Ecologies Shape Family Resilience Amongst Refugees in U.S. Resettlement
Stevan M. Weine, Elise Levin, Leonce Hakizimana, Gonwo Dahnweih

25. Young People, Sexual Orientation, and Resilience
Rebecca Harvey

26. Community Resilience: Fostering Recovery, Sustainability, and Growth
Kate Murray, Alex Zautra

27. The Social Ecology of Resilience in War-Affected Youth: A Longitudinal Study from Sierra Leone
Theresa S. Betancourt

28. Travelling Through Social Support and Youth Civic Action on a Journey Towards Resilience
Pat Dolan

29. Understanding Culture, Resilience, and Mental Health: The Production of Hope
Catherine Panter-Brick, Mark Eggerman

30. Case Study: Promoting Community Resilience with Local Values – Greenland’s Paamiut Asasara
Peter Berliner, Line Natascha Larsen, Elena Casas Soberón

31. Toward an Ecology of Stories: Indigenous Perspectives on Resilience
Laurence J. Kirmayer, Stéphane Dandeneau, Elizabeth Marshall, Morgan Kahentonni Phillips, Karla Jessen Williamson

32. Macro, Meso, and Micro-perspectives of Resilience During and After Exposure to War
Orit Nuttman-Shwartz

33. Predictors of Resilient Psychosocial Functioning in Western Australian Aboriginal Young People Exposed to High Family-Level Risk
Katrina D. Hopkins, Catherine L. Taylor, Heather D’Antoine, Stephen R. Zubrick

Keywords: Social Sciences, Social Work, Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy

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