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Handbook of Ethnic Conflict

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Models and Theories of Ethnic Conflict
Dan Landis, Rosita D. Albert

2. Ethnocultural Conflict and Cooperation in Hawai‘i
Michael Salzman

3. Ethno-Cultural Conflict in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Balancing Indigenous Rights and Multicultural Responsibilities
Colleen Ward, James H. Liu

4. The Moro Struggle and the Challenge to Peace Building in Mindanao, Southern Philippines
Cristina J. Montiel, Rudy B. Rodil, Judith M. Guzman

5. Ethnopolitical Conflict in Sri Lanka: Trajectories and Transformations
Neloufer Mel, Kumudini Samuel, Champika K. Soysa

6. Ethnic Relations in Malaysia: The Need for “Constant Repair” in the Spirit of Muhibbah
Vijayan P. Munusamy

7. India and the Culture of Peace: Beyond Ethnic, Religious, and Other Conflicts
Dharm P. S. Bhawuk

8. Ethno-Political Conflicts in China: Toward Building Interethnic Harmony
Wenshan Jia, Yueh-Ting Lee, Haiyang Zhang

9. The Israeli–Palestinian Conflict: The Sociohistorical Context and the Identities It Creates
Dahlia Moore, Anat Guy

10. Ethnopolitical Conflict in Turkey: From the Denial of Kurds to Peaceful Co-existence?
Ayşe Betül Çelik

11. Ethnopolitical Conflict in Turkey
Güneş N. Zeytinoğlu, Richard F. Bonnabeau, Rana Eşkinat

12. Communication Across the Divide in the Cyprus Conflict
Benjamin J. Broome, Harry Anastasiou

13. Lessons Learned from the Former Yugoslavia: The Case of Croatia
Dinka Corkalo Biruski

14. Ethno-political Conflict in Kosovo: Cultivating Trust in Serbian–Albanian Post-conflict Peace building
Ulrike Schwegler, L. Ripley Smith

15. Ethnic Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Tony Karbo, Martha Mutisi

16. Ethnocultural Conflict in Uganda: Politics Based on Ethnic Divisions Inflame Tensions Across the Country
Grace M. Kibanja, Mayanja M. Kajumba, Laura R. Johnson

17. Ethnocultural Conflict in Spain: Moroccans in Spain – So Near, Yet So Far. A Long History of Meeting While Not Meeting
Assumpta Aneas, Jordi Garreta, Fidel Molina Luque

18. Ethnic and Religious Conflicts in France
Rodolphe Kamiejski, Pierre Oliveira, Serge Guimond

19. Frictions Between Muslims and Non-Muslims in the Netherlands
Jan Pieter Oudenhoven

20. Mexico’s Ethnic Conflict
Jeanette S. Martin

Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) and the Conflict in Peru
Marisa Mealy, Carol Shaw Austad

22. Ethnic Conflict from an Interdisciplinary Perspective: Lessons Learned, Policy Implications, and Recommendations for Conflict Amelioration and Peace Building
Rosita D. Albert, Susanne Gabrielsen, Dan Landis

Keywords: Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology, Community and Environmental Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology

Publication year
International and Cultural Psychology
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39 pages

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