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Handbook of Race and Development in Mental Health

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Table of contents

1. Integrating Positive Psychology and Developmental Viewpoints into the Study of Mental Health Across Diverse Groups
Edward C. Chang, Christina A. Downey, Jean M. Kim

2. A History of Cross-Cultural Clinical Psychology, and Its Importance to Mental Health Today
Frederick T. L. Leong, Wade E. Pickren, Lisa C. Tang

3. Psychology of African American Children: Strengths and Challenges
Richard Thompson, Ernestine C. Briggs, Sylvette A. LaTouche-Howard

4. The Challenge of Understanding the Mental Health of African Americans: The Risks and Rewards of Segregation, Support, and John Henryism
Harold W. Neighbors, Darrell L. Hudson, Kai McKeever Bullard

5. Psychology of Older Adults: Exploring the Effects of Class and Culture on the Mental Health of African Americans
Terry L. Mills, Susan Cody-Rydzewski

6. More Than a Nice Thing to Do: A Practice-Based Evidence Approach to Outcome Evaluation in Native Youth and Family Programs
Barbara J. Friesen, Terry L. Cross, Pauline R. Jivanjee, L. Kris Gowen, Abby Bandurraga, Sara Bastomski, Cori Matthew, Nichole June Maher

7. Native American Adult Lifespan Perspectives: Where Power Moves
Michael Tlanusta Garrett, Tarrell Awe Agahe Portman, Cyrus Williams, Lisa Grayshield, Edil Torres Rivera, Mark Parrish

8. Psychology of Older American Indians and Alaska Natives: Strengths and Challenges to Maintaining Mental Health
Sarah Poff Roman, Lori L. Jervis, Spero M. Manson

9. Psychology of Asian American Children: Contributions of Cultural Heritage and the Minority Experience
Lisa L. Liu, Shu-wen Wang, Joey Fung, Omar G. Gudiño, Annie Tao, Anna S. Lau

10. Psychology of Asian American Adults: Challenges and Strengths
Oanh Meyer, Manveen Dhindsa, Nolan Zane

11. Psychology of Asian American Older Adults: Status, Challenges, and Strengths
Ailee Moon, Inju Cho

12. Psychology of European American Children
Jean A. Baker, Alicia Fedewa, Sycarah Grant

13. Psychology of European American Adults: Challenges, Advantages, and the Push for Further Growth
Christina A. Downey, Wendy D’Andrea

14. Older White Adults and Mental Health
B. Jan McCulloch, Sara Lassig, Amanda Barnett

15. US Latino Youth
Nancy A. Gonzales, Miguelina Germán, Fairlee C. Fabrett

16. Psychology of Latino Adults: Challenges and an Agenda for Action
Margarita Alegría, Norah Mulvaney-Day, Meghan Woo, Edna A. Viruell-Fuentes

17. Psychology of Latino American Older Adults: Strengths and Challenges to Mental Health in a Shifting Society
Steven R. Applewhite, John M. Gonzales

18. Race, Age, and Mental Health: Expanding on the Transactional Model of Development to Include the Impact of Racial Group Membership
Christina A. Downey

19. Multidimensional Clinical Competence: Considering Racial Group, Development, and the Positive Psychology Movement in Clinical Practice
Christina A. Downey, Edward C. Chang

Keywords: Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology, Community and Environmental Psychology, Health Psychology

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