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Intelligent Automation and Systems Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Evidence Fusion for Real Time Click Fraud Detection and Prevention
Chamila Walgampaya, Mehmed Kantardzic, Roman Yampolskiy

2. Biped Locomotion with Arm Swing, Based on Truncated Fourier Series and Bees Algorithm Optimizer
Ebrahim Yazdi, Vahid Azizi, Abolfazle T. Haghighat

3. Bio-Inspired Pneumatic Muscle Actuated Robotic System
Andrea Deaconescu, Tudor Deaconescu

4. Evaluation of an Orthopedic Surgical Robotic System Orthoroby on Bone Cadaver
Yasin Güven, Duygun Erol Barkana

5. Natural Intelligence Based Automatic Knowledge Discovery for Medical Practitioners
Veenu Mangat

6. Design and Optimal Control of a Linear Electromechanical Actuator for Motion Platforms with Six Degrees of Freedom
Evzen Thoendel

7. Parametric Identification of a Power-System Emulator
Rubén Salas-Cabrera, Oscar Martínez-Hernández, Julio C. Rosas-Caro, Jonathan C. Mayo-Maldonado, E. Nacú Salas-Cabrera, Aaron González-Rodríguez, Hermenegildo Cisneros-Villegas, Rafael Castillo-Gutierrez, Gregorio Hernández-Palmer, Rodolfo Castillo-Ibarra

8. Enhanced Adaptive Controller Applied to SMA Wire Control
Samah A. M. Ghanem

9. A Standalone System to Train and Evaluate Operators of Power Plants
José Tavira-Mondragón, Rogelio Martínez-Ramírez, Fernando Jiménez-Fraustro, Roni Orozco-Martínez, Rafael Cruz-Cruz

10. Lube Oil Systems Models for Real Time Execution Used on a Training Power Plant Simulator
Edgardo J. Roldán-Villasana, Yadira Mendoza-Alegría, Iván F. Galindo-García

11. Stochastic Analysis and Particle Filtering of the Volatility
Hana Baili

12. Numerical Simulation of Finite Slider Bearings Using Control Volume Method
Mobolaji Humphrey Oladeinde, John Ajokpaoghene Akpobi

13. Automated Production Planning and Scheduling System for Composite Component Manufacture
Mei Zhongyi, Muhammad Younus, Liu Yongjin

14. Assessment Scenarios of Virtual Prototypes of Mining Machines
Teodor Winkler, Jarosław Tokarczyk

15. A Framework for the Selection of Logistic Service Provider Using Fuzzy Delphi and Fuzzy Topsis
Rajesh Gupta, Anish Sachdeva, Arvind Bhardwaj

16. Bee Algorithm for Solving Yield Optimization Problem for Hard Disk Drive Component under Budget and Supplier’s Rating Constraints and Hueristic Performance Comparison
Wuthichai Wongthatsanekorn, Nuntana Matheekrieangkrai

17. Integrated Modeling of Functions and Requirements in Product Design and Factory Planning
D. P. Politze, J. P. Bathelt, K. Wegener, D. H. Bergsjö

18. Towards a Strategy to Fight the Computer Science (Cs) Declining Phenomenon
Marcela Porta, Katherine Maillet, Marta Mas, Carmen Martinez

19. Development of Power Plant Simulators and Their Application in an Operators Training Center
José Tavira-Mondragón, Rafael Cruz-Cruz

20. Benefits of Unstructured Data for Industrial Quality Analysis
Christian Hänig, Martin Schierle, Daniel Trabold

21. Evaluation the Objectivity Measurement of Frequent Patterns
Phi-Khu Nguyen, Thanh-Trung Nguyen

22. Change-Point Detection Based on SSA in Precipitation Time Series
Naoki Itoh, Jürgen Kurths

23. Non-linear Image Recovery from a Single Frame Super Resolution Using Pearson Type VII Density
Sakinah Ali Pitchay

24. Research on the Building Method of Domain Lexicon Combining Association Rules and Improved TF*IDF
Shouning Qu, Simon Xu

25. Combining Multiscale and Multi Directional Analysis for Edge Detection Using a Statistical Thresholding
K. Padma Vasavi, E. V. Krishna Rao, M. Madhavi Latha, N. Udaya Kumar

26. Soft Vector Quantization with Inverse Power-Function Distributions for Machine Learning Applications
Mohamed Attia, Abdulaziz Almazyad, Mohamed El-Mahallawy, Mohamed Al-Badrashiny, Waleed Nazih

27. Anfis-Based P300 Rhythm Detection Using Wavelet Feature Extraction on Blind Source Separated Eeg Signals
Juan Manuel Ramirez-Cortes, Vicente Alarcon-Aquino, Gerardo Rosas-Cholula, Pilar Gomez-Gil, Jorge Escamilla-Ambrosio

28. A Hyperbola-Pair Based Road Detection System for Autonomous Vehicles
Othman O. Khalifa, Imran M. Khan, Abdulhakam A. M. Assidiq

29. Application of the Real-Time Concurrent Constraint Calculus
M. Gerardo, M. Sarria

30. Teaching and Learning Routing Protocols Using Visual Educational Tools: The Case of EIGRP
Jesús Expósito Marquina, Valentina Trujillo Biase, Eric Gamess

31. Relevance Features Selection for Intrusion Detection
Adetunmbi Adebayo Olusola, Oladele S. Adeola, Oladuni Abosede Daramola

32. A Visual Application for Teaching and Learning the Advanced Concepts of the Diffusing Update Algorithm for EIGRP
Valentina Trujillo Biase, Jesús Expósito Marquina, Eric Gamess

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Automation

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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10 pages
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