Matsuda, Akira

New Perspectives in Global Public Archaeology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: New Perspectives in Global Public Archaeology
Akira Matsuda, Katsuyuki Okamura

2. Is a Shared Past Possible? The Ethics and Practice of Archaeology in the Twenty-First Century
Ian Hodder

3. Engaged Archaeology: Whose Community? Which Public?
K. Anne Pyburn

4. “Public Archaeology” in China: A Preliminary Investigation
Tao Wang

5. Public Archaeology in Canada
Joanne Lea, Karolyn Smardz Frost

6. From Object-Centered to People-Focused: Exploring a Gap Between Archaeologists and the Public in Contemporary Japan
Katsuyuki Okamura

7. Public Archaeology in Korea: A Duet of Popularity and Nationalism
Oh Young Kwon, Moo Joong Kim

8. Public Archaeology in Thailand
Rasmi Shoocongdej

9. Archaeology in a Multicultural and Multiethnic Nation Under Construction: The Case of New Caledonia (Southern Melanesia)
Christophe Sand, Jacques Bolé, André Ouetcho

10. Digging on Contested Grounds: Archaeology and the Commemoration of Slavery on Gorée Island, Senegal
Ibrahima Thiaw

11. The Heritage Uncertainty Principle: Excavating Air Raid Shelters from the Second World War
Heather Burke, Alice Gorman, Ken Mayes, Darren Renshaw

12. Archaeology Dreaming: Postapartheid Urban Imaginaries and the Remains of the Prestwich Street Dead
Nick Shepherd

13. Archaeology by the (Far) East in the West: What Do Local People Think If Japanese Archaeologists Excavate the “Villa of Augustus” in Italy?
Akira Matsuda

14. Meaning-Making Process of Cultural Heritage in Jordan: The Local Communities, the Contexts, and the Archaeological Sites in the Citadel of Amman
Shatha Abu-Khafajah

15. The Excluded Past in Jordanian Formal Primary Education: The Introduction of Archaeology
Arwa Badran

16. The Educational Purpose of Archaeology: A Personal View from the United Kingdom
Donald Henson

17. The Role of Archaeology and Its Challenges in Japanese School Education: The Curriculum and History Textbooks
Shuseki Murata

18. Multivocality in Multimedia: Collaborative Archaeology and the Potential of Cyberspace
Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh, T. J. Ferguson, Douglas W. Gann

19. Looking for an Identity: Archaeologists, Local Communities, and Public Archaeology in Peru
Daniel Dante Saucedo-Segami

20. Sharing the Pleasure of Excavation: The Public Archaeology Program at the Miharashidai Site, Japan
Makoto Muraki

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Anthropology

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