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DNA Topoisomerases and Cancer

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Table of contents

1. Introduction and Historical Perspective
Patrick Forterre

2. Human DNA Topoisomerase I: Structure, Enzymology and Biology
James J. Champoux

3. Mitochondrial Topoisomerases
Ilaria Dalla Rosa, Yves Pommier, Hongliang Zhang

4. Structure and Mechanism of Eukaryotic Type IIA Topoisomerases
James M. Berger, Neil Osheroff

5. Essential Functions of Topoisomerase IIIα in the Nucleus and Mitochondria
Stefanie Hartman Chen, Jianhong Wu, Tao-shih Hsieh

6. DNA Topoisomerase I and Illegitimate Recombination
Céline Auzanneau, Philippe Pourquier

7. Topoisomerase-Induced DNA Damage
Yves Pommier, Neil Osheroff

8. Topoisomerases and Carcinogenesis: Topoisomerase IIIα and BLM
Mounira Amor-Guéret, Jean-François Riou

9. Topoisomerases Inhibitors: A Paradigm for Interfacial Inhibition
Christophe Marchand, Yves Pommier

10. Topoisomerase I Inhibitors: Chemical Biology
Beverly A. Teicher

11. Topoisomerase II Inhibitors: Chemical Biology
Anna Rogojina, Stefan Gajewski, Karim Bahmed, Neil Osheroff, John L. Nitiss

12. Topoisomerase I Inhibitors: Current Use and Prospects
Yan Makeyev, Franco Muggia, Arun Rajan, Giuseppe Giaccone, Takahisa Furuta, Philippe Rougier

13. Topoisomerase II Inhibitors: Current Use and Prospects
Olivier Mir, William Dahut, François Goldwasser, Christopher Heery

14. Transcriptional Stress by Camptothecin: Mechanisms and Implications for the Drug Antitumor Activity
Giovanni Capranico, Laura Baranello, Davide Bertozzi, Jessica Marinello

15. Mechanisms Regulating Cellular Responses to DNA Topoisomerase I-Targeted Agents
Piero Benedetti, Mary-Ann Bjornsti

16. Tyrosyl-DNA-Phosphodiesterase
Thomas S. Dexheimer, Shar-yin N. Huang, Benu Brata Das, Yves Pommier

17. Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-Like Proteins in Repair of Topoisomerase-Mediated DNA Damage
Shyamal D. Desai

18. Repair of Topoisomerase II-Mediated DNA Damage: Fixing DNA Damage Arising from a Protein Covalently Trapped on DNA
John L. Nitiss, Eroica Soans, Jeffrey Berk, Aman Seth, Margarita Mishina, Karin C. Nitiss

19. Topoisomerases and Apoptosis
Olivier Sordet, Stéphanie Solier

Keywords: Biomedicine, Cancer Research, Pharmacology/Toxicology

Publication year
Cancer Drug Discovery and Development
Page amount
11 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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