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International Handbook of Chinese Families

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Hegemony, Universality and the Dialectics of “Being Chinese” and the Family
Chan Kwok-bun, Chan Nin

2. A Family Affair: Migration, Dispersal and the Emergent Identity of the Chinese Cosmopolitan
Chan Kwok-bun

3. The Politics of Migrant Family Drama: Mainland Chinese Immigrants in Singapore
Chan Kwok-bun, Seet Chia Sing

4. Reforming Family Among Remigrants: Hongkongers Come Home
Nan M. Sussman

5. Social Networks and Family Relations in Return Migration
Janet W. Salaff, Arent Greve

6. The Uncanny Homely and Unhomely Feeling: Gender and Generation Politics in Return Migrant Families in Hong Kong
Chan Wai-wan, Chan Kwok-bun

7. A Double-Edged Sword: Mobility and Entrepreneurship
Chan Wai-wan

8. Family and Marriage: Constructing Chineseness Among Long-Established Australian-Born Chinese
Lucille Ngan Lok-sun

9. Families in the Chinese Diaspora: Women’s Experience in Transnational Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese Immigrant Families in Canada
Guida C. Man

10. Female University Students Dreaming of Becoming Housewives
Joyce Chan Wai-man

11. Stepping Out, Stepping In
Eva Yu Mui-ling

12. The Prejudicial Portrayal of Immigrant Families from Mainland China in Hong Kong Media
Peggy Kung Cheuk-lam

13. To Be or Not to Be: Chinese-Singaporean Women Deliberating on Voluntary Childlessness
Amanda Ee Hui Li, Caroline Plüss, Chan Kwok-bun

14. Fertility Transition and the Transformation of Working Class Family Life in Urban China in the 1960s
Wang Danning

15. Sex Preference for Children and Chinese Fertility in America
Zongli Tang

16. Social Stratification and Childrearing Values in Contemporary China
Xiao Hong

17. Support and Care for Aging Chinese: A Comparison of Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei
Daniel W. L. Lai

18. Intimacy and Its Denial: When Sons and Daughters Talk About Fatherhood, Marriage and Work
Chan Kwok-bun

19. Father, Son, Wife, Husband: Philanthropy as Exchange and Balance
Chan Kwok-bun

20. Children and Their Fathers in Singapore: A Generational Perspective
Hing Ai Yun

21. Moving Fathers from the “Sidelines”: Contemporary Chinese Fathers in Canada and China
Susan S. Chuang, Robert P. Moreno, Yanjie Su

22. Listening to Fathers
Wong Siu-sing

23. The Roles and Contributions of Fathers in Families with School-Age Children in Hong Kong
Vicky C. Tam, Rebecca S. Lam

24. East and West: Exploration of the Father-Son Conflict in Chinese Culture from the Perspective of Family Triangulation in the West and the Classical Opera Stories of the East
Simon T. M. Chan

25. Family Through the Eyes of the Youth
Tess Tsang Mei-Wah

26. Art and Heart
Ada Lee Man-ching

27. Privacy in the Family
Tse Pik-chu

28. Age and Gender Differences in Chinese-Filipino Parent-Adolescent Conflict, Family Cohesion and Autonomy
Rosa C. Shao

29. Setting Out Conditions, Striking Bargains: Marriage-Stories and Career Development Among University-Educated Women in Hong Kong
May Partridge

30. Financial Risk Tolerance of Chinese-American Families
Rui Yao

31. Gender Equality in the Family in Shanghai
Tobey Yung Wai-ming

32. Economic Transition and the Potential Risks of Marital Instability in Contemporary Urban China
Yan Yu

33. Empowered or Impoverished: Divorce and Its Effects on Urban Women in Contemporary China
April Gu

34. Men Inside, Women Outside?
Maurice Choi Kwok-To

35. Hong Kong Lesbian Partners in the Making of Their Own Families
Day Wong

36. Immigrant Adaptation, Poverty and the Family: New Arrivals in Hong Kong from Mainland China
Chan Kwok-bun

37. Researching Migrant Chinese Families in Hong Kong: Changing Perspectives and Methodologies
Sam Wong

38. The One-Child Policy and Its Impact on Chinese Families
Barbara H. Settles, Xuewen Sheng, Yuan Zang, Jia Zhao

39. “The Youth Problem” Is Not a Youth Problem
Chan Nin, Chan Kwok-bun

40. Conclusion: Meditations of Two Perpetual Outsiders on “Chineseness” and “The Family”
Chan Nin, Chan Kwok-bun

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology, general, Psychotherapy and Counseling, Social Policy

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