Machado, José António Tenreiro

Nonlinear and Complex Dynamics

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Table of contents

1. On the Mechanisms of Natural Transport in the Solar System
Yuan Ren, Josep J. Masdemont, Gerard Gómez, Elena Fantino

2. A Method to Design Efficient Low-Energy, Low-Thrust Transfers to the Moon
Giorgio Mingotti, Francesco Topputo, Franco Bernelli-Zazzera

3. Low-Energy Earth-to-Halo Transfers in the Earth–Moon Scenario with Sun-Perturbation
Anna Zanzottera, Giorgio Mingotti, Roberto Castelli, Michael Dellnitz

4. On the Relation Between the Bicircular Model and the Coupled Circular Restricted Three-Body Problem Approximation
Roberto Castelli

5. Adaptive Remeshing Applied to Reconfiguration of Spacecraft Formations
Laura Garcia-Taberner, Josep J. Masdemont

6. A Cartographic Study of the Phase Space of the Elliptic Restricted Three Body Problem: Application to the Sun–Jupiter–Asteroid System
Cătălin Galeş

7. Parameter Identification of the Langmuir Model for Adsorption and Desorption Kinetic Data
Dumitru Baleanu, Yeliz Yolcu Okur, Salih Okur, Kasim Ocakoglu

8. Effects of Suspended Sediment on the Structure of Turbulent Boundary Layer
H. P. Mazumdar, S. Bhattacharya, B. C. Mandal

9. A Renormalization-Group Study of the Potts Model with Competing Ternary and Binary Interactions
Nasir Ganikhodjaev, Seyit Temir, Selman Uğuz, Hasan Akin

10. The Mechanical Properties of CaX6 (X = B and C)
Sezgin Aydin, Mehmet Şimşek

11. The System Design of an Autonomous Mobile Waste Sorter Robot
Ahmet Mavus, Sinem Gozde Defterli, Erman Cagan Ozdemir

12. Evidence of the Wave Phase Coherence for Freak Wave Events
Alexey Slunyaev

13. Quantum Mechanical Treatment of the Lamb Shift Without Taken into Account the Electric Charge
Voicu Dolocan, Andrei Dolocan, Voicu Octavian Dolocan

14. Determining the Climate Zones of Turkey by Center-Based Clustering Methods
Fidan M. Fahmi, Elçin Kartal, Cem İyigün, Ceylan Yozgatligil, Vilda Purutcuoğlu, İnci Batmaz, Murat Türkeş, Gülser Köksal

15. The Determination of Rainy Clouds Motion Using Optical Flow
O. Raaf, A. Adane

16. Hydrodynamic Modeling of Port Foster, Deception Island (Antarctica)
Juan Vidal, Manuel Berrocoso, Bismarck Jigena

17. Localized Activity States for Neuronal Field Equations of Feature Selectivity in a Stimulus Space with Toroidal Topology
Evan C. Haskell, Vehbi E. Paksoy

18. Intrinsic Fractal Dynamics in the Respiratory System by Means of Pressure–Volume Loops
Clara M. Ionescu, J. Tenreiro Machado

19. Forecasting Project Costs by Using Fuzzy Logic
M. Bouabaz, M. Belachia, M. Mordjaoui, B. Boudjema

20. Why You Should Consider Nature-Inspired Optimization Methods in Financial Mathematics
A. Egemen Yilmaz, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

21. Desirable Role in a Revenue-Maximizing Tariff Model with Uncertainty
Fernanda A. Ferreira, Flávio Ferreira

22. Can Term Structure of Interest Rate Predict Inflation and Real Economic Activity: Nonlinear Evidence from Turkey?
Tolga Omay

23. Licensing in an International Competition with Differentiated Goods
Fernanda A. Ferreira

24. Multidimensional Scaling Analysis of Stock Market Indexes
Gonçalo M. Duarte, J. Tenreiro Machado, Fernando B. Duarte

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Mechanics, Complexity, Computational Science and Engineering

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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