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Handbook of Water and Wastewater Systems Protection

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Table of contents

1. Securing Water and Wastewater Systems: An Overview
Robert M. Clark, Simon Hakim, Avi Ostfeld

2. Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Security: Threats and Vulnerabilities
Laurie J. Van Leuven

3. EPA Drinking Water Security Research Program
Hiba S. Ernst, K. Scott Minamyer, Kim R. Fox

4. Drinking Water Critical Infrastructure and Its Protection
Rakesh Bahadur, William B. Samuels

5. Wastewater Critical Infrastructure Security and Protection
Rakesh Bahadur, William B. Samuels

6. Protecting Water and Wastewater Systems
Randy G. Fischer

7. Spatial Distributed Risk Assessment for Urban Water Infrastructure
Michael Möderl, W. Rauch

8. US Water and Wastewater Critical Infrastructure
Robert M. Clark

9. Microbial Issues in Drinking Water Security
Eugene W. Rice

10. Rapid Detection of Bacteria in Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
Rolf A. Deininger, Jiyoung Lee, Robert M. Clark

11. Chlorine Residual Management for Water Distribution System Security
Jeanne M. VanBriesen, Shannon L. Isovitsch Parks, Damian E. Helbling, Stacia T. McCoy

12. Biosensors for the Detection of E. coli O157:H7 in Source and Finished Drinking Water
Mark D. Burr, Andreas Nocker, Anne K. Camper

13. Guidelines, Caveats, and Techniques for the Evaluation of Water Quality Early Warning Systems
Dan Kroll

14. Protecting Water and Wastewater Systems: Water Distribution Systems Security Modeling
Avi Ostfeld

15. Protecting Consumers from Contaminated Drinking Water During Natural Disasters
Craig L. Patterson, Jeffrey Q. Adams

16. Cyber Security: Protecting Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
Srinivas Panguluri, William Phillips, Patrick Ellis

17. Real-World Case Studies for Sensor Network Design of Drinking Water Contamination Warning Systems
Regan Murray, Terra Haxton, William E. Hart, Cynthia A. Phillips

18. Enhanced Monitoring to Protect Distribution System Water Quality
Zia Bukhari, Mark LeChevallier

19. Testing and Evaluation of Water Quality Event Detection Algorithms
Sean A. McKenna, David B. Hart, Regan Murray, Terra Haxton

20. Water Infrastructure Protection Against Intentional Attacks: The Experience of Two European Research Projects
Cristiana Di Cristo, Angelo Leopardi, Giovanni de Marinis

21. Utility of Supercomputers in Trace-Back Algorithms for City-Sized Distribution Systems
Hailiang Shen, Edward McBean

22. Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Security: A Multilayered Security Approach
Laurie J. Van Leuven

23. Vulnerability of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure and Its Protection from Acts of Terrorism: A Business Perspective
Dave Birkett, Jim Truscott, Helena Mala-Jetmarova, Andrew Barton

Keywords: Social Sciences, Political Science, Hydrogeology, Management/Business for Professionals

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure
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15 pages

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