Pach, János

Thirty Essays on Geometric Graph Theory

Pach, János - Thirty Essays on Geometric Graph Theory, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
János Pach

2. The Rectilinear Crossing Number of K

: Closing in (or Are We?)
Bernardo M. Ábrego, Silvia Fernández-Merchant, Gelasio Salazar

3. The Maximum Number of Tangencies Among Convex Regions with a Triangle-Free Intersection Graph
Eyal Ackerman

4. Blocking Colored Point Sets
Greg Aloupis, Brad Ballinger, Sébastien Collette, Stefan Langerman, Attila Pór, David R. Wood

5. Constrained Tri-Connected Planar Straight Line Graphs
Marwan Al-Jubeh, Gill Barequet, Mashhood Ishaque, Diane L. Souvaine, Csaba D. Tóth, Andrew Winslow

6. Topological Hypergraphs
Sarit Buzaglo, Rom Pinchasi, Günter Rote

7. On Edge-Disjoint Empty Triangles of Point Sets
Javier Cano, Luis F. Barba, Toshinori Sakai, Jorge Urrutia

8. Universal Sets for Straight-Line Embeddings of Bicolored Graphs
Josef Cibulka, Jan Kynčl, Viola Mészáros, Rudolf Stolař, Pavel Valtr

9. Drawing Trees, Outerplanar Graphs, Series-Parallel Graphs, and Planar Graphs in a Small Area
Giuseppe Di Battista, Fabrizio Frati

10. The Crossing-Angle Resolution in Graph Drawing
Walter Didimo, Giuseppe Liotta

11. Mover Problems
Adrian Dumitrescu

12. Rectangle and Square Representations of Planar Graphs
Stefan Felsner

13. Convex Obstacle Numbers of Outerplanar Graphs and Bipartite Permutation Graphs
Radoslav Fulek, Noushin Saeedi, Deniz Sarıöz

14. Hanani–Tutte, Monotone Drawings, and Level-Planarity
Radoslav Fulek, Michael J. Pelsmajer, Marcus Schaefer, Daniel Štefankovič

15. On Disjoint Crossing Families in Geometric Graphs
Radoslav Fulek, Andrew Suk

16. Counting Plane Graphs: Flippability and Its Applications
Michael Hoffmann, André Schulz, Micha Sharir, Adam Sheffer, Csaba D. Tóth, Emo Welzl

17. Plane Geometric Graph Augmentation: A Generic Perspective
Ferran Hurtado, Csaba D. Tóth

18. Discrete Geometry on Red and Blue Points in the Plane Lattice
Mikio Kano, Kazuhiro Suzuki

19. Ramsey-Type Problems for Geometric Graphs
Gyula Károlyi

20. Blockers for Noncrossing Spanning Trees in Complete Geometric Graphs
Chaya Keller, Micha A. Perles, Eduardo Rivera-Campo, Virginia Urrutia-Galicia

21. Coloring Clean and K
4-Free Circle Graphs
Alexandr V. Kostochka, Kevin G. Milans

22. Counting Large Distances in Convex Polygons: A Computational Approach
Filip Morić, David Pritchard

23. Coloring Distance Graphs and Graphs of Diameters
Andrei M. Raigorodskii

24. Realizability of Graphs and Linkages
Marcus Schaefer

25. Equilateral Sets in

Clifford Smyth

26. A Note on Geometric 3-Hypergraphs
Andrew Suk

27. Favorite Distances in High Dimensions
Konrad J. Swanepoel

28. Intersection Patterns of Convex Sets via Simplicial Complexes: A Survey
Martin Tancer

29. Construction of Locally Plane Graphs with Many Edges
Gábor Tardos

30. A Better Bound for the Pair-Crossing Number
Géza Tóth

31. Minors, Embeddability, and Extremal Problems for Hypergraphs
Uli Wagner

Keywords: Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Geometry, Combinatorics

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