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Table of contents

1. Produced Water: Overview of Composition, Fates, and Effects
Jerry Neff, Kenneth Lee, Elisabeth M. DeBlois

2. Measurement of Oil in Produced Water
Ming Yang

3. Evaluation of Produced Water from Brazilian Offshore Platforms
Irene T. Gabardo, Eduardo B. Platte, Antônio S. Araujo, Fernando H. Pulgatti

4. Biodegradation of Crude Oil as Potential Source of Organic Acids in Produced Water
Bent Barman Skaare, Jan Kihle, Terje Torsvik

5. Chemical Forms and Reactions of Barium in Mixtures of Produced Water with Seawater
John H. Trefry, Robert P. Trocine

6. The Distribution of Dissolved and Particulate Metals and Nutrients in the Vicinity of the Hibernia Offshore Oil and Gas Platform
Philip A. Yeats, B.A. Law, T.G. Milligan

7. The Effect of Storage Conditions on Produced Water Chemistry and Toxicity
Monique T. Binet, Jennifer L. Stauber, Trevor Winton

8. Centrifugal Flotation Technology Evaluation for Dissolved Organics Removal from Produced Water
Marcel V. Melo, O.A. Pereira Jr, A. Jacinto Jr, L.A. dos Santos

9. The DREAM Model and the Environmental Impact Factor: Decision Support for Environmental Risk Management
Mark Reed, Henrik Rye

10. Diffuser Hydraulics, Heat Loss, and Application to Vertical Spiral Diffuser
Maynard G. Brandsma, K. Lee

11. Experimental and Modelling Studies on the Mixing Behavior of Offshore Discharged Produced Water
Haibo Niu, Kenneth Lee, Tahir Husain, Brian Veitch, Neil Bose

12. A Coupled Model for Simulating the Dispersion of Produced Water in the Marine Environment
Haibo Niu, Kenneth Lee, Tahir Husain, Brian Veitch, Neil Bose

13. A New Approach to Tracing Particulates from Produced Water
Barry R. Ruddick, Christopher T. Taggart

14. Field Evaluation of a Suite of Biomarkers in an Australian Tropical Reef Species, Stripey Seaperch (Lutjanus carponotatus): Assessment of Produced Water from the Harriet A Platform
Susan Codi King, Claire Conwell, Mary Haasch, Julie Mondon, Jochen Müeller, Shiqian Zhu, Libby Howitt

15. Evidence of Exposure of Fish to Produced Water at Three Offshore Facilities, North West Shelf, Australia
Marthe Monique Gagnon

16. Effect of Produced Water on Innate Immunity, Feeding and Antioxidant Metabolism in Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua)
Dounia Hamoutene, H. Volkoff, C. Parrish, S. Samuelson, G. Mabrouk, A. Mansour, Ann Mathieu, Thomas King, Kenneth Lee

17. Effects of Hibernia Production Water on the Survival, Growth and Biochemistry of Juvenile Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua) and Northern Mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus macrolepidotus)
Les Burridge, Monica Boudreau, Monica Lyons, Simon Courtenay, Kenneth Lee

18. Microbial Community Characterization of Produced Water from the Hibernia Oil Production Platform
C. William Yeung, Kenneth Lee, Charles W. Greer

19. Application of Microbiological Methods to Assess the Potential Impact of Produced Water Discharges
Kenneth Lee, Susan E. Cobanli, Brian J. Robinson, Gary Wohlgeschaffen

20. Studies on Fish Health Around the Terra Nova Oil Development Site on the Grand Banks Before and After Discharge of Produced Water
Anne Mathieu, Jacqueline Hanlon, Mark Myers, Wynnann Melvin, Boyd French, Elisabeth M. DeBlois, Thomas King, Kenneth Lee, Urban P. Williams, Francine M. Wight, Greg Janes

21. Risks to Fish Associated with Barium in Drilling Fluids and Produced Water: A Chronic Toxicity Study with Cunner (Tautogolabrus adspersus)
Jerry F. Payne, Catherine Andrews, Linda Fancey, Boyd French, Kenneth Lee

22. Historical Perspective of Produced Water Studies Funded by the Minerals Management Service
Mary C. Boatman

23. Water Column Monitoring of Offshore Oil and Gas Activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf: Past, Present and Future
Ingunn Nilssen, Torgeir Bakke

24. Bioaccumulation of Hydrocarbons from Produced Water Discharged to Offshore Waters of the US Gulf of Mexico
Jerry Neff, T.C. Sauer, A.D. Hart

25. Offshore Environmental Effects Monitoring in Norway – Regulations, Results and Developments
Torgeir Bakke, Ann Mari Vik Green, Per Erik Iversen

26. Fuzzy-Stochastic Risk Assessment Approach for the Management of Produced Water Discharges
Zhi Chen, Lin Zhao, Kenneth Lee

27. Application of Quantitative Risk Assessment in Produced Water Management – the Environmental Impact Factor (EIF)
Ståle Johnsen, Tone K. Frost

28. Challenges Performing Risk Assessment in the Arctic
Gro Harlaug Olsen, JoLynn Carroll, Salve Dahle, Lars-Henrik Larsen, Lionel Camus

29. Produced Water Management Options and Technologies
John A. Veil

30. Decision-Making Tool for Produced Water Management
Abdullah Mofarrah, Tahir Husain, Kelly Hawboldt, Brian Veitch

Keywords: Environment, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Biogeosciences, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Environmental Management

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