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Renewable Energy Governance

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Introduction: Renewable Energy Governance: Is it Blocking the Technically Feasible?
Evanthie Michalena, Jeremy Maxwell Hills

2. Renewable and Conventional Electricity Generation Systems: Technologies and Diversity of Energy Systems
George Kosmadakis, Sotirios Karellas, Emmanuel Kakaras

Part II. Transitions Towards Renewable Energy Systems

3. Institutional Factors That Determine Energy Transitions: A Comparative Case Study Approach
Auriane Magdalena Koster, John Martin Anderies

4. Renewable Energy: Urban Centres Lead the Dance in Australia?
Cathryn Hamilton, Jon Kellett

5. Endogenous Tourism Development Through Renewable Energy Governance: A Questionable Challenge
Dimitrios A. Parpairis, Dimitrios Lagos

6. Outliers or Frontrunners? Exploring the (Self-) Governance of Community- Owned Sustainable Energy in Scotland and the Netherlands
Niki Frantzeskaki, Flor Avelino, Derk Loorbach

Part III. Hidden Problems Behind the “Re Miracle”

7. Renewable Energy Governance in Kenya: Plugging into the Grid ‘Plugging into Progress’
James Mwangi, Nicholas Kimani, Maina Muniafu

8. Renewable Energy in New Zealand: The Reluctance for Resilience
Hugh Byrd, Steve Matthewman

9. The Development of Renewable Energy Governance in Greece. Examples of a Failed (?) Policy
Antonis Metaxas, Michael Tsinisizelis

10. Lost in the National Labyrinths of Bureaucracy: The Case of Renewable Energy Governance in Cyprus
Paris A. Fokaides, Andreas Poullikkas, Constantinos Christofides

11. The Perplexed Technical Governance of Wind Turbines in Greek Islands
George Caralis, Arthouros Zervos, Gao Zhiqiu, Kostas Rados

12. Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy: Gone with the Wind?
Viktor Kouloumpis, Xiongwei Liu, Elspeth Lees

13. Champagne and Metal Flowers: Who is Invited to the Wind Generation Party in France?
Céline Burger, François Mancebo

Part IV. Renewable Energy Governance: Food for Thought

14. Renewable Energy Governance Challenges Within a “Puzzled” Institutional Map
Maria Kottari, Panagiotis Roumeliotis

15. Geopolitics, Climate Change and Energy Governance: A Grey Area in the Black Sea Region
Jeremy Maxwell Hills, Evanthie Michalena

16. Times of Recession: Three Different Renewable Energy Stories from the Mediterranean Region
Sofia-Natalia Boemi, Agis M. Papadopoulos

17. The Shadows Cast by Inadequate Energy Governance: Why More Sun Does Not Necessarily Mean More Photovoltaic Electricity
Sarah J. McCormack, Brian Norton

18. Germany: Challenges of a Full Transition to Renewable Energy
Volkmar Lauber, Moritz Buschmann

Part V. Hopes and Fears: Considerations for Future Governance

19. Green Electricity Certificates in Flanders: The Gradual Extension of a Market-Based Mechanism and Doubts Over its Cost-Efficiency
Ils Moorkens, Yoko Dams, Luc Wortswinkel, Gerrit Jan Schaeffer

20. Building on Norway’s Energy Goldmine: Policies for Expertise, Export, and Market Efficiencies
Tomas Moe Skjølsvold, Marianne Ryghaug, Jon Dugstad

21. The Significance of the Environmental Communication for the Renewable Energy Governance Scenario: Who Decides for Whom?
Constantina Skanavis, Christos Giannoulis, Vassilis Skanavis

22. The Political-Economics of the Green Industrial Revolution: Renewable Energy as the Key to National Sustainable Communities
Woodrow W. Clark, Xing Li

23. Conclusions
Evanthie Michalena, Jeremy Maxwell Hills

Keywords: Energy, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, Energy Economics

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