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Visual Heritage in the Digital Age

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Table of contents

1. Seeing Things: Heritage Computing, Visualisation and the Arts and Humanities
Eugene Ch′ng, Vincent L. Gaffney

Part I. The Material World

2. More Than Just a Sum of the Points: Re-Thinking the Value of Laser Scanning Data
Henry Chapman, Eamonn Baldwin, Helen Moulden, Michael Lobb

3. Resolving the Carving: The Application of Laser Scanning in Reconstructing a Viking Cross from Neston, Cheshire
Roger H. White

4. A Theoretical Framework for Stigmergetic Reconstruction of Ancient Text
Eugene Ch′ng, Andrew Lewis, Rolf Erlend Gehlken, Sandra I. Woolley

5. Multi-Touch Tables for Exploring Heritage Content in Public Spaces
Chris Creed, Joseph Sivell, John Sear

Part II. What Surrounds Us, Shapes Us

6. Visualising Space and Movement: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Palace of Diocletian, Split
Vincent L. Gaffney, Gareth Sears, Chris Gaffney, Armin Schmidt, H. Goodchild, M. Lobb, T. Sparrow, D. Tomcik, Branko Kirigin, Ante Milosević, Vedran Barabrić

7. Reconstructing a Painful Past: A Non-Invasive Approach to Reconstructing Lager Norderney in Alderney, the Channel Islands
Caroline Sturdy Colls, Kevin Colls

8. Urban Scrawl: Reconstructing Urban Landscapes Using Documentary Sources
Eleanor Ramsey

9. Crossing Borders: A Multi-Layer GIS Mapping Framework for the Cultural Management of the Mundo Maya Region
Žiga Kokalj, Peter Pehani, Helen Goodchild, Vincent Gaffney, Krištof Oštir

10. Situating Cultural Technologies Outdoors: Empathy in the Design of Mobile Interpretation of Rock Art in Rural Britain
Areti Galani, Aron Mazel, Deborah Maxwell, Kate Sharpe

11. Digital Reconstruction of Archaeological Sites and Monuments: Some Experiences in South-Eastern Sicily
Cettina Santagati, Mariateresa Galizia, Graziana D’Agostino

Part III. The World’s a Stage

12. Simulation and Visualisation of Agent Survival and Settlement Behaviours in the Hunter-Gatherer Colonisation of Mesolithic Landscapes
Eugene Ch′ng, Vincent L. Gaffney

13. Visualising Large-Scale Behaviours: Presenting 4D Data in Archaeology
Philip Murgatroyd

14. Time and Tide: Modelling the Effects of Landscape Change on Population Support in the Southern North Sea
Simon Fitch

15. “There’s an App For That”: Building Smartphone Applications to Improve the Ergonomics of Landscape Study, Analysis and Interpretation
Lawrence Shaw, Keith Challis

Part IV. Onwards and Upwards

16. Preserving Our Digital Heritage: Information Systems for Data Management and Preservation
Julian D Richards, Kieron Niven, Stuart Jeffrey

17. Digital Heritage: What Happens When We Digitize Everything?
Harold Thwaites

18. Digital Heritage: Concluding Thoughts
Eugene Ch′ng, Vincent L. Gaffney, Henry Chapman

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, Simulation and Modeling

Publication year
Springer Series on Cultural Computing
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29 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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