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The Young Adult Hip in Sport

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Table of contents

Part I. The Basics of the Assessment of the Young Adult Hip

1. The Anatomy of Hip Disease
A. Malviya, A. R. Hunter, J. D. Witt

2. Imaging of the Young Adult Hip in Sport
Warren Davis, Margaret Anne Hall-Craggs

3. Clinical Diagnosis in Hip Disease
Michael D. J. Cronin, Marcus J. K. Bankes

4. Biomechanics of the Hip
Nemandra A. Sandiford, J. A. Skinner

Part II. The Conditions that Underpin Hip Pain in the Young Adult

5. Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis and Its Variants
Michael Leunig, Reinhold Ganz, Ira Zaltz, Lisa M. Tibor

6. Femoroacetabular Impingement
Brandon J. Yuan, Robert T. Trousdale

7. The Pathology and Management of Osteonecrosis of the Hip
Aaron Glynn, Javad Parvizi

8. Traumatic Conditions of the Hip and Pelvis
Aaron Nauth, Jeremy Hall, Michael D. McKee, Emil H. Schemitsch

9. Sports Specific Injuries of the Hip Joint
Travis Maak, Peter Fabricant, Bryan T. Kelly

10. Core Muscle Injuries
William C. Meyers, Adam Zoga

11. Nerve Entrapment
Will B. J. Rudge, Thomas P. Carlstedt

Part III. Management Techniques

12. The Non-operative Management of Hip Disease in Young Adults
Noel Pollock, David Hulse

13. Hip Injections and Arthrography
Christopher Rees Gooding, Aresh Hashemi-Nejad

14. The Current Status of Hip Arthroscopy: The Central Compartment
Giles H. Stafford, Richard N. Villar

15. Hip Arthroscopy: The Peripheral Compartment
Emmanuel Illical, Paul E. Beaulé

16. Hip Arthroscopy: The Use of Computer Assistance
Danyal H. Nawabi, Anil S. Ranawat

17. Hip Arthroscopy: Recent Progress and Future Directions
Marc J. Philippon, Diana Patterson, Teddy Fagrelius, Karen K. Briggs

18. The Management of Chondral Defects in the Hip
Lisa M. Tibor, Florian D. Naal, Michael Leunig

19. Treatment of Labral Pathology: Reattachment and Replacement
Lisa M. Tibor, Martin Beck

20. Hip Resurfacing for Young Adult Hip Disease
Andrew J. Shimmin, Jon V. Baré, Gareth Coulter

21. Osteotomy of the Femur for Young Adult Hip Disease
Christopher Rees Gooding, Aresh Hashemi-Nejad

22. Pelvic Osteotomy for Young Adult Hip Disease
Jacob T. Munro, Andrew J. Graydon, Donald S. Garbuz

23. Innovations in Total Hip Replacement for Young Adult Hip Disease
Edward M. Vasarhelyi, Steven J. MacDonald

24. Mini THR for Young Adult Hip Disease
N. Santori, D. Potestio, F. S. Santori

25. Rehabilitation from Hip and Groin Surgery
James Moore

26. Outcomes Assessment in Young Hip Disease
Sujith Konan, Fares S. Haddad

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Surgical Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, Primary Care Medicine

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