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Annals of Industrial Engineering 2012

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Table of contents

Part I. Business Administration and Economic Environment

1. A Characterization of Types and Determinant Factors for Corporate Entrepreneurship: A Case Study Based Analysis
Eneritz Onaindia Gerrikabeitia, Unai Goyogana Quesada, Carlos Ochoa Laburu

2. Activity Based Costing, Time-Driven Activity Based Costing and Lean Accounting: Differences Among Three Accounting Systems’ Approach to Manufacturing
Carlos Rodriguez Monroy, Azadeh Nasiri, Miguel Ángel Peláez

3. Operational Characterisation of a Micro-SME Producing Farmhouse Cheese in the South of Venezuela
C. Rodríguez Monroy, E. Cardozo, W. Guaita, M. Pelaez

4. Analysis of the Operating Efficiency of Mobile Operators During the 2002–2008 Period
Félix Roux Martínez, Felipe Ruiz López, Santos Eguren

5. Challenges in Data-driven Hotel Infrastructure Assignment Decisions
Rajesh Natarajan, Esmeralda Giraldo, Alfonso Duran

6. Economic Analysis of the Renewable Energy Policies in the European Union
Roberto Rodríguez, Carlos Rodríguez-Monroy, Miguel Ángel Peláez

7. Analyzing the Chinese Development and Its Impacts on the Brazilian Economy
Ana Paula Lisboa Sohn

8. Rethinking the Social Contract: An Agent-Based Model Approach
Marta Posada, Cesáreo Hernández-Iglesias

Part II. Technological and Organizational Innovation

9. The Importance of Strategic Alignment in Enterprise Collaboration
Alix Vargas, Andrés Boza, Llanos Cuenca, Angel Ortiz

10. Infrastructure Assignment Reference Metamodel
Miguel Gutierrez, Alfonso Duran

11. Innovation Infrastructures Assessment Through Knowledge Management Models
José Teba, Luis Onieva, Gerardo Jiménez, Jesús Muñuzuri

12. Managing Systems and Innovation: An Empirical Study of Basque Firms
Juan Ignacio Igartua, Nekane Errasti, Noemi Zabaleta

13. Knowledge Management Practices in SME: Case Study in Basque Country SME
Izaskun Alvarez, Ernesto Cilleruelo, Ibon Zamanillo, Enara Zarrabeitia

Part III. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

14. Internal and External Supply Chain Integration: Construct Definition and Validatiion
Juan A. Marin-Garcia, Rafaela Alfalla-Luque, Carmen Medina-López

15. Characterizing Productive Processes with Lack of Homogeneity in the Product and Its Impact on the Master Planning and Order Promising
M. M. E. Alemany, F. Alarcón, Ll. Cuenca, A. Ortiz

16. The Reduction of CO2 Emission into the Supply Network Design: A Review of Current Trends in Mathematical Models
Carola Pinto, Anna M. Coves Moreno

17. Design of a Continuous Review Stock Policy
Sofía Estellés-Miguel, Manuel Cardós, José Miguel Albarracín, Marta Elena Palmer

18. MILP Model for Designing the Intermodal Inland Terminals and Seaports Network: A Case Study
Julien Maheut, S. Furió, C. Andrés

19. Modeling of Integrated Management System of Sugar Cane: Taking Advantage of Sugarcane Agriculture Residues
Maritza Correa Valencia, Gloria Mercedes López Orozco, Adriana Carolina Lozano Riascos

20. An Overnight Parcel Logistics Company’s Capillary Distribution Network Design by Regression Analysis
Oscar Rioja San Martín, Joaquim Lloveras Maciá

21. Optimization of Recyclable Waste Collection Using Real-Time Information
R. Grosso de la Vega, J. Muñuzuri Sanz, M. Rodriguez Palero, J. Teba Fernandez

Part IV. Production and Operations Management

22. Managing Qualities, Tones and Gages of Ceramic Supply Chains Through Master Planning
M. I. Mundi, M. M. E. Alemany Díaz, A. Boza, R. Poler

23. Strategic Capacity Planning in KIOs: A Classification Scheme
C. Martínez, A. Lusa, M. Mas, R. Torre, M. Mateo

24. Leagility in Enterprise Networks Configuration of Capital Goods Sector
Raquel Sanchis, Eduardo Saiz, Eduardo Castellano, Raul Poler

25. Minimizing the Makespan on Parallel Batch Scheduling with Stochastic Times
R. Sahraeian, F. Samaei, I. Rastgar

26. A Makespan Minimization in an m-Stage Flow Shop Lot Streaming with Sequence Dependent Setup Times: MILP Model and Experimental Approach
Pedro Gómez-Gasquet, Rubén Segura Andrés, Rubén D. Franco Pereyra, Carlos Andrés-Romano

27. A Modified Approach Based on Ranking Fuzzy Numbers for Fuzzy Integer Programming with Equality Constraints
Manuel Díaz-Madroñero, Josefa Mula, Mariano Jiménez

28. Modeling and Solving a Variant of MMSP-W Problem with Production Mix Restrictions
Joaquín Bautista, Alberto Cano, Rocío Alfaro

29. Coordination Mechanism for MILP Models to Plan Operations Within an Advanced Planning and Scheduling System in a Motor Company: A Case Study
J. Maheut, J. P. Garcia-Sabater, J. J. Garcia-Sabater, J. Marin-Garcia

30. Lean-Six Sigma Approach put into Practice in an Empirical Study
Martínez S. Miguélez, A. Errasti, J. A. Alberto

31. Lean Toolbox for Seasonal Process Industries: A Nougat Fabrication Case Study
M. Tanco, J. Santos, J. L. Rodríguez, J. Reich

32. Systematic Improvement of IT Processes: Application of CMMI.DEV in Implementation of ERP
M. Grijalvo Martín, A. Ocampo Aguirre, Ana M. Vargas

Part V. Management Systems and Sustainability

33. Quality, Environment and Safety: From Individual Systems to Integration—A Portuguese Case Study
Gilberto Santos, Síria Barros, Manuel Rebelo

34. Evaluation of the Business Process Management Practices: An Application in the Company of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
Moacyr A. D. Figueiredo, Gilson Brito Lima, José Rodrigues Farias Filho, Debora A. Herkenhoff, Lívia C. Figueiredo, Carolina C. Figueiredo

35. Safety Management Models in Manufacturing Companies
J. A. Carrillo, J. Guadix, L. Onieva

36. Strategic Packaging Logistics: A Case Study from a Supply Chain Perspective
Jesús García-Arca, J. Carlos Prado-Prado, A. Trinidad González-Portela Garrido

37. Insights into Corporate Social Responsibility Measurement
Diego Pérez López, Ana Moreno Romero

38. Personnel Participation: A Review of Its Role in Corporate Social Responsibility Models and Standards
A. J. Fernández-González, R. Fernández-Pérez, J. C. Prado-Prado

39. A Performance Measurement Framework for Monitoring Supply Chain Sustainability
M. J. Verdecho, J. J. Alfaro-Saiz, R. Rodriguez–Rodriguez

Part VI. Papers Prize–Award

40. A Methodology to Share Profits and Costs in Non-hierarchical Networks
Beatriz Andrés, R. Poler

41. Fill Rate in a Periodic Review Base Stock System Under Discrete Distributed Demand for the Backordering Case
E. Babiloni, E. Guijarro, M. Cardós, S. Estellés

42. A Proposed Collaborative Network Enterprise Model in the Fruit-and-Vegetable Sector Using Maturity Models
Maria Alonso-Manzanedo, M. Victoria De-la-Fuente-Aragon, Lorenzo Ros-McDonnell

43. Incorporating Small-Scale Farmers into Sustainable Supply Chains: A Case Study
Inma Borrella, Ruth Carrasco-Gallego, Carlos Mataix, Ramón Fisac

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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