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Global Energy Policy and Security

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Table of contents

1. Energy Policy and Security Through the Lenses of Stochastic Portfolio Theory and the ACEGES Model
Vlasios Voudouris

2. Energy Security as a Subset of National Security
Chris Flaherty, Walter Leal Filho

3. Challenges to Global Energy Policy and Supply Security
Michael Jefferson

4. Change in Energy Structure and Energy Security under Climate Mitigation Scenarios
Ken’ichi Matsumoto

5. Insights on Cooperative Electricity Consumption in Human Aggregates from a Thermodynamic Analysis: Implications for Energy Policies
Klaus Jaffe

6. The UK Electricity System and Its Resilience
Sara L. Walker

7. The Macroeconomic Effects of Energy Purchases
Carlo Di Maio

8. EU’s Dynamic Evaluation of Energy Efficiency: Combining Data Envelopment Analysis and Multicriteria Decision Making
Georgia Makridou, Kostas Andriosopoulos, Michael Doumpos, Constantin Zopounidis

9. The Availability of European Oil and Gas Resources
Roberto F. Aguilera, Ronald D. Ripple

10. Energy Security: Stochastic Analysis of Oil Prices
Konstantinos Skindilias, Chia Chun Lo

11. Green Energy Development in China: The Case of Clean Coal Technologies
Jude Clemente

12. China’s New Energy Security: A Swing of the Pendulum
Guy C. K. Leung, Raymond Li, Maximilian Kuhn

13. The Energy Efficiency Policy Initiatives and Energy Security: Experiences from India
Sivani Dhanalekshmy

14. Impact of Shocks on Australian Coal Mining
Svetlana Maslyuk, Dinusha Dharmaratna

15. An Assessment of the Impacts of Government Energy Policy on Energy Technology, Innovation, and Security: The Case of Renewable Technologies in the US Electricity Sector
Edwin Garces, Tugrul Daim

16. An Overview of Energy Policy and Security in the Pacific Region
Shivneel Prasad, Veronika Schulte, Pritika Bijay

17. The Evolution of the Spanish Energy System in the Context of Energy Security: Current Trends, Future Developments
Rocio Valdivielso Real

18. Energy, Development, and Economic Growth in Colombia
Clara Inés Pardo Martínez, Alexander Cotte Poveda

Keywords: Energy, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, Energy Economics, Environmental Science and Engineering

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Lecture Notes in Energy
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8 pages
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