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Physiological Assessment of Coronary Stenoses and the Microcirculation

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Table of contents

I. The Physiology of the Coronary Circulation

1. Hemodynamic Effects of Epicardial Stenoses
Lorena Casadonte, Maria Siebes

II. Pathological Changes in the Coronary Circulation

2. Atherogenesis: The Development of Stable and Unstable Plaques
Hiroyoshi Mori, Aloke V. Finn, Frank D. Kolodgie, Harry R. Davis, Michael Joner, Renu Virmani

3. Microcirculatory Dysfunction
Nina W. Hoeven, Hernán Mejía-Rentería, Maurits R. Hollander, Niels Royen, Javier Escaned

4. Remodeling of Epicardial Coronary Vessels
Nieves Gonzalo, Vera Rodriguez, Christopher J. Broyd, Pilar Jimenez-Quevedo, Javier Escaned

5. Collateral Circulation
Christian Seiler

III. The Epicardial Vessels and the Coronary Microcirculation in Different Pathologies

6. The Effect of Cardiovascular Risk Factors on the Coronary Circulation
Luis Felipe Valenzuela-García, Yasushi Matsuzawa, Amir Lerman

7. The Coronary Circulation in Acute Coronary Syndromes
Murat Sezer, Mauro Echavarria Pinto, Nicola Ryan, Sabahattin Umman

8. Acute and Chronic Vascular Effects of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions
Diego Arroyo, Serban Puricel, Mario Togni, Stéphane Cook

9. The Coronary Circulation in Cardiomyopathies and Cardiac Allografts
Christopher J. Broyd, Fernando Dominguez, Pablo Garcia-Pavia

10. Practical Aspects of Intracoronary Pressure and Flow Measurements
Arnold H. Seto, Morton J. Kern

IV. Coronary Flow Reserve

11. Measurement of Coronary Flow Reserve in the Catheterization Laboratory
Tim P. Hoef, Jan J. Piek

V. Indices of Coronary Resistance

12. Stenosis Resistance Estimated from Pressure-Flow Relationships
Guus A. Waard, Nicolaas Westerhof, Koen M. Marques, Niels Royen

13. Measurements of Microcirculatory Resistance
Nicola Ryan, Mauro Echavarría-Pinto, Alicia Quirós, Hernán Mejía-Rentería, María Trigo, Pilar Jiménez-Quevedo, Javier Escaned

VI. Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR)

14. Understanding Fractional Flow Reserve
Antonio Maria Leone, Giancarla Scalone, Giampaolo Niccoli

15. FFR as a Clinical Tool and Its Applications in Specific Scenarios
David Neves, Ruben Ramos, Luís Raposo, Sérgio Baptista, Pedro Araújo Gonçalves

VII. Instantaneous Wave Free Ratio (iFR)

16. Validation of iFR: Clinical Registries
Ricardo Petraco, Javier Escaned, Justin Davies

17. Application of iFR in Clinical Scenarios
Sukhjinder Nijjer, Justin Davies

VIII. Multimodality Assessment of the Coronary Circulation

18. Comprehensive Assessment of the Coronary Circulation Using Pressure and Flow Measurements
Hernan Mejia-Rentería, Nicola Ryan, Fernando Macayo, Ivan Nuñéz-Gil, Luis Nombela-Franco, Javier Escaned

IX. Wave Intensity Analysis

19. Wave Intensity Patterns in Coronary Flow in Health and Disease
Christopher J. Broyd, Kim Parker, Justin Davies

X. Assessment of Endothelial Dysfunction

20. Coronary Vasomotor Responses to Intracoronary Acetylcholine
Peter Ong, Udo Sechtem

XI. Research Models

21. Comparative Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Coronary Circulation
Ilkka H. A. Heinonen, Oana Sorop, Daphne Merkus, Dirk J. Duncker

22. Computational Analysis of Multislice CT Angiography
Carlos Collet, Chrysafios Girasis, Charles Taylor, Patrick W. Serruys, Yoshinobu Onuma

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Cardiology, Imaging / Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology, Interventional Radiology

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