Dickinson, Sven J.

Shape Perception in Human and Computer Vision

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Table of contents

1. The Role of Mid-Level Shape Priors in Perceptual Grouping and Image Abstraction
Sven J. Dickinson, Alex Levinshtein, Pablo Sala, Cristian Sminchisescu

2. Symmetry Is the sine qua non of Shape
Yunfeng Li, Tadamasa Sawada, Yun Shi, Robert M. Steinman, Zygmunt Pizlo

3. Flux Graphs for 2D Shape Analysis
Morteza Rezanejad, Kaleem Siddiqi

4. An Integrated Bayesian Approach to Shape Representation and Perceptual Organization
Jacob Feldman, Manish Singh, Erica Briscoe, Vicky Froyen, Seha Kim, John Wilder

5. Perceptual Organization of Shape
James H. Elder

6. Two-Dimensional Shape as a Mid-Level Vision Gestalt
Johan Wagemans

7. Shape Priors for Image Segmentation
Daniel Cremers

8. Observations on Shape-from-Shading in Humans
Andrew J. Schofield, Peng Sun, Giacomo Mazzilli

9. Deformations and Lighting
David Jacobs, Anne Jorstad, Alain Trouvé

10. The Shape of Space
Jan Koenderink, Andrea Doorn

11. The Visual Hierarchy Mirage: Seeing Trees in a Graph
Steven W. Zucker

12. Natural Selection and Shape Perception
Manish Singh, Donald D. Hoffman

13. Shape as an Emergent Property
Ian H. Jermyn

14. Representing 3D Shape and Location
Andrew Glennerster

15. Joint Registration and Shape Analysis of Curves and Surfaces
Jingyong Su, Sebastian Kurtek, Anuj Srivastava

16. The Statistics of Shape, Reflectance, and Lighting in Real-World Scenes
Richard F. Murray

17. Structure vs. Appearance and 3D vs. 2D? A Numeric Answer
Wenze Hu, Zhangzhang Si, Song-Chun Zhu

18. Challenges in Understanding Visual Shape Perception and Representation: Bridging Subsymbolic and Symbolic Coding
Philip J. Kellman, Patrick Garrigan, Gennady Erlikhman

19. 3D Face Reconstruction from Single Two-Tone and Color Images
Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, Ronen Basri, Boaz Nadler

20. Perception and Action Without Veridical Metric Reconstruction: An Affine Approach
Fulvio Domini, Corrado Caudek

21. A Stochastic Grammar for Natural Shapes
Pedro F. Felzenszwalb

22. Hard-Wired and Plastic Mechanisms in 3-D Shape Perception
Qasim Zaidi, Andrea Li, Carson Wong, Elias H. Cohen, Xin Meng

23. Holistic Shape Recognition: Where-to-Look and How-to-Look
Jianbo Shi

24. Shape Processing as Inherently Three-Dimensional
Christopher W. Tyler

25. The Role of Shape in Visual Recognition
Björn Ommer

26. Human Object Recognition: Appearance vs. Shape
Irving Biederman

27. Shape-Based Object Discovery in Images
Sinisa Todorovic, Nadia Payet

28. Schema-Driven Influences in Recovering 3-D Shape from Motion in Human and Computer Vision
Thomas V. Papathomas, Doug DeCarlo

29. Detecting, Representing and Attending to Visual Shape
Antonio J. Rodríguez-Sánchez, Gregory L. Dudek, John K. Tsotsos

30. Toward a Dynamical View of Object Perception
Mary A. Peterson, Laura Cacciamani

31. Modeling Shapes with Higher-Order Graphs: Methodology and Applications
Chaohui Wang, Yun Zeng, Dimitris Samaras, Nikos Paragios

32. Multisensory Shape Processing
Christian Wallraven

33. Shape-Based Instance Detection Under Arbitrary Viewpoint
Edward Hsiao, Martial Hebert

Keywords: Computer Science, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition

Publication year
Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Page amount
17 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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