Criminisi, A.

Decision Forests for Computer Vision and Medical Image Analysis

Criminisi, A. - Decision Forests for Computer Vision and Medical Image Analysis, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Overview and Scope
A. Criminisi, J. Shotton

2. Notation and Terminology
A. Criminisi, J. Shotton

3. Introduction: The Abstract Forest Model
A. Criminisi, J. Shotton

4. Classification Forests
A. Criminisi, J. Shotton

5. Regression Forests
A. Criminisi, J. Shotton

6. Density Forests
A. Criminisi, J. Shotton

7. Manifold Forests
A. Criminisi, J. Shotton

8. Semi-supervised Classification Forests
A. Criminisi, J. Shotton

9. Keypoint Recognition Using Random Forests and Random Ferns
V. Lepetit, P. Fua

10. Extremely Randomized Trees and Random Subwindows for Image Classification, Annotation, and Retrieval
R. Marée, L. Wehenkel, P. Geurts

11. Class-Specific Hough Forests for Object Detection
J. Gall, V. Lempitsky

12. Hough-Based Tracking of Deformable Objects
M. Godec, P. M. Roth, H. Bischof

13. Efficient Human Pose Estimation from Single Depth Images
J. Shotton, R. Girshick, A. Fitzgibbon, T. Sharp, M. Cook, M. Finocchio, R. Moore, P. Kohli, A. Criminisi, A. Kipman, A. Blake

14. Anatomy Detection and Localization in 3D Medical Images
A. Criminisi, D. Robertson, O. Pauly, B. Glocker, E. Konukoglu, J. Shotton, D. Mateus, A. Martinez Möller, S. G. Nekolla, N. Navab

15. Semantic Texton Forests for Image Categorization and Segmentation
M. Johnson, J. Shotton, R. Cipolla

16. Semi-supervised Video Segmentation Using Decision Forests
V. Badrinarayanan, I. Budvytis, R. Cipolla

17. Classification Forests for Semantic Segmentation of Brain Lesions in Multi-channel MRI
E. Geremia, D. Zikic, O. Clatz, B. H. Menze, B. Glocker, E. Konukoglu, J. Shotton, O. M. Thomas, S. J. Price, T. Das, R. Jena, N. Ayache, A. Criminisi

18. Manifold Forests for Multi-modality Classification of Alzheimer’s Disease
K. R. Gray, P. Aljabar, R. A. Heckemann, A. Hammers, D. Rueckert

19. Entanglement and Differentiable Information Gain Maximization
A. Montillo, J. Tu, J. Shotton, J. Winn, J. E. Iglesias, D. N. Metaxas, A. Criminisi

20. Decision Tree Fields: An Efficient Non-parametric Random Field Model for Image Labeling
S. Nowozin, C. Rother, S. Bagon, T. Sharp, B. Yao, P. Kohli

21. Efficient Implementation of Decision Forests
J. Shotton, D. Robertson, T. Sharp

22. The Sherwood Software Library
D. Roberston, J. Shotton, T. Sharp

23. Conclusions
A. Criminisi, J. Shotton

Keywords: Computer Science, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
Page amount
19 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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