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The Offshoring Challenge

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Table of contents

1. Exploring Layers of Complexity in Offshoring Research and Practice
Lydia Bals, Peter D. Ørberg Jensen, Marcus M. Larsen, Torben Pedersen

Part II. Offshoring Strategy and Business Models

2. Offshoring Activities Impact a Company’s Business Model: The Case of BBVA and Banco Santander
Carmen Paz-Aparicio, Joan E. Ricart

3. Entrepreneurial Globalization: Lessons From the Offshoring Experiences of European Firms
U. Srinivasa Rangan, Peter Schumacher

4. Tracking Offshoring and Outsourcing Strategies in Global Supply Chains
Timo Seppälä

Part III. Organizational and Process Dynamics in Offshoring Knowledge Work

5. Exploring Processes and Capabilities in Offshoring Intermediation
Gabriella Lojacono, Olga Annushkina

6. Offshoring and Outsourcing of Customer-Oriented Business Processes: An International Transaction Value Model
Stephen Tallman, Susan M. Mudambi

7. Offshoring White-Collar Work: An Explorative Investigation of the Processes and Mechanisms in Two Danish Manufacturing Firms
Dmitrij Slepniov, Marcus M. Larsen, Brian Vejrum Wæhrens, Torben Pedersen, John Johansen

8. SMEs De- or Reorganising Knowledge When Offshoring?
Claus Jørgensen, Christian Koch

9. The Dual Role of Subsidiary Autonomy in Intra-MNC Knowledge Transfer
Peder Veng Søberg, Brian Vejrum Wæhrens

Part IV. Challenges and Opportunities in Offshoring Research and Development

10. The Challenge of R&D Offshoring: Implications for Firm Productivity
María Jesús Nieto, Alicia Rodríguez

11. Industrial R&D Centers in Emerging Markets: Motivations, Barriers, and Success Factors
Anna Dubiel, Holger Ernst

12. Toward a Flexible Breathing Organization: R&D Outsourcing at Bayer

Lydia Bals, Kyra Constanze Kneis, Christine Lemke, Torben Pedersen

Part V. Firms Risks and Influence From Locational Factors

13. The Service Offshoring Code: Location Efficiencies for German Firms
Robert Fraunhoffer, Amit Karna, Florian Täube

14. The Exit Advantage: Overcoming Barriers to National Exit
Brent Burmester

15. Climate Change and the Offshoring Decision: Risk Evaluation and Management
Edgar Bellow

16. Do Expectations Match Reality When Firms Consider the Risks of Offshoring? A Comparison of Risk Assessment by Firms with and Without Offshoring Experience
Peter D. Ørberg Jensen, Torben Pedersen, Bent Petersen

Part VI. Industry Level and Network Perspectives on Offshoring

17. Offshoring of Innovation: Global Innovation Networks in the Danish Biotech Industry
Stine Haakonsson

18. Global Operations Coevolution: Hidden Effects and Responses
Dmitrij Slepniov, Brian Vejrum Wæhrens, Ebbe Gubi

19. Transformations of Mobile Telecommunications Supplier Networks
Timo Seppälä

Part VII. Exploring New Theoretical Approaches in Offshoring Research

20. Broadening the Conceptual and Phenomenological Scope of Offshoring
Susan M. Mudambi, Jonathan Doh

21. The Complexity of Offshoring: A Comparative Study of Mexican Maquiladora Plants and Indian Outsourcing Offices from an Institutional-Prospect Theory Perspective
Van Miller, Ananda Mukherji, Kurt Loess

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Organization/Planning, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management

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