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Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Engineering and Applications (IEA) 2012

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Table of contents

Part I. Business Intelligence and Applications

1. Efficient Scheme of Local Colleges Development
Mei-liang Xiao

2. Study of Superficies System of Germany and Japan
Cheng-peng Ye

3. Study on Political Status of Religious Parties in Israel
Xingang Wang

4. Standard System and Legal Protection of Food Security of Agricultural Special Products
Fu-jiang Zhao, Chen Zang, Cheng Bing Luo

5. Optimization Model of Chinese Enterprise Brands
Xiangdong Zhang

6. Research on Banquet Etiquette of China and America
Shanshan Hu, Yan Zhang, Bingshen Gao, Zhenkai Xie

7. New Scheme of Ecological Color Enactment
Ying Huang

8. Research on Rural Development in Henan
Yulian Wang

9. Research on Taoism Clean Government Culture
Tao Li, Han-jun Tu, Rong Cheng

10. Requirement Analysis on Chinese Language of Foreign Students
Su-hong Guo, Ya-jun Yang

11. Study on the Rhymed Formulas of China’s National Folk Music
Kai Cui

Part II. Management Science and Engineering

12. Accounting Support of Value Management of Listed Bank in Full Circulation of Stocks
Dongfang Qiu, Yiping Liu

13. Study of Innovation Legitimacy Effect on Business Model Innovation
Bingcheng Wang, Hao Ding, Xiaona Wang

14. Identification of High-Tech Enterprises and Management
Shijin Yang

15. Study on Recreational and Leisure Activities Participation
Guang-hui Qiao

16. Research on the Advantages of Informal Finance in Small and Medium Enterprises
Yang Yi, Yan Bailu

17. Study on Urban Infrastructure Bottlenecks
Yuhai Chen, Fengxiao Li, Huabiao Wang

18. Study on the Innovational Function of the Management
Yun Zhang

19. Study of Low-Income Housing System in China
Qun Gao

20. Effective Managing Approaches in Student Management Work
Qiaoyuan Wei

21. Pricing Strategy of Hotels in Less Developed Regions
Huang Li

22. Performance Evaluation of Special Funds Based on Budget Management in Colleges
Han Hua, Zhong Wei Sa

23. Management Mode of Public Institutions
Rui-ying Yuan

24. Study on the Collected Yugur Ethnic Minority Group
Jun-tao Wang

25. Efficient Accounting Scheme of Currency Capital
Wenbin Wang

Part III. Web Science, Engineering and Applications

26. An Improved Algorithm Based on Dv-Hop Localization for Wireless Sensor Network
Su Bing, Xue Wei Jie

27. On Journal Citation Based on Network Topology Parameter
Xiuying Du

28. Community Digital Management System Modeling Mechanism Based on UML
Dan Liu, Chun-Hong Lv, Zu-Hua Guo, Zhi-Wei Tan

29. Research on Network Interactive Services in University Library
Xiang-fei Guo, Mei Zhang, Jian-Jie Du

30. Study of Learning Model Based on Web 2.0
Fuqiang Wang, Lijun Xu

31. Network Based on the Complex Task State-Level Workflow Modeling
Erxi Zhu, Min Xu, Hong-Lei Lu

32. Trusted Network Model and Repair
Qian Xu

33. Research Websites of Vocational Colleges
Peng Jun

34. Rule Base Design of Ipv6 Network Intrusion Detection System
Feng Yu, Wei Liu

Part IV. Grid Computing and Cloud Computing

35. Iron and Steel Industry Confirmer Wharf Financing Mode
Quan Yuan, Rong Wang

36. Green Suppliers Selecting Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process for Biotechnology Industry
Xueling Nie

37. XAEDI: A XML-Based Adaptable Event-Driven Integration Framework
Zhihong Liang, Hongwei Kang, Yong Shen, Xingping Sun, Qing Duan, ShengLin Yang

38. Library Resource Construction Crises and Strategies in the Digital Environment
Sheng Chun Shao, Jing Xu, Shuang Qi Yang

39. Information Construction and Sharing Strategy Based on Regional Library Alliance
Yun-hong Lv

40. Study of H-index in Evaluation of Library and Information Science Journals
Jian jie Du, Xiang fei Guo, Mei Zhang

41. Efficient Characteristics Database Construction Scheme
Ying Zhao, Yun-peng Zhang

42. Hardtop Platform of University Knowledge Sharing
Xia Zhang, Xiong Hu, Xiang Hua Ruan

43. Study of Music Design Based on Computer Fractal Technology
Xiaomei Qi

44. Data Acquisition and Processing on Environmental Geophysics
Zhizheng Zhou

45. Detecting Approximately Duplicate Records in Database
Xingrui Liu, Lijun Xu

46. URP Based on Cloud Computing
Lijun Xu, Fuqiang Wang

47. Uncertainty Reasoning in Education Evaluation Forecast
Bo Wu, Tuo Ji

Part V. Semantic Grid and Natural Language Processing

48. Computation of Optimal Embedding Dimension and Time Lag in Reconstruction of Phase Space Based on Correlation Integral
Sen Xia

49. Research on the Financial Input of S&T in Minority Areas Based on the Elasticity Analysis
Hong-Ling Li, Chao Fang

50. Solution of Two-Dimensional Groundwater Flow Steady
Bo Chao Qu, Wen Jing Zhao, Lin An Shi, Li Li

51. Intersection of Triangulated Surfaces Based on Background Grid
Lian Qing Shu

52. Research on Hospital Medical Expense Based on BP Neural Network
Feng Yin Su, Jian Hui Wu, Chao Chen, Dong Wang

53. Risk Assessment of Cement-soil Pile Composite Foundation Using Rough Set
Hongqi Wang, Yiwen Zhu, Junsheng Chen, Shanshan He

54. Electronic Commerce Innovation and Development Strategy of Travel Agency Under Low-Carbon Economy
Wei Huang, Shaojian Zhou

55. Text Information Processing of the English-Literature Discourse
Jian Zhong

56. Grid Management Based on Intelligent Agent Cooperation
Haoyue Zhu

57. Petri Net-Based Workflow Model of Multi-Node Cycle
Chaodong Lu, Zhimei Zhao

58. A Novel Isolated Speech Recognition Method Based on Neural Network
Guojiang Fu

59. Evaluation on Enterprise Resource Planning Project Based on Fuzzy-AHP
Chang-shan Li

Part VI. Computer Graphics and Image Processing

60. SAR Image Automatic Registration Based on PCA-SIFT and Mahalanobis Distance
Jianxun Zhang, Kaiwen Zhang, Wenbin Niu, Jinghua Huang

61. Improved Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform
Jianxun Zhang, Wenbin Niu, Kaiwen Zhang

62. Tree Modeling Based on Two Orthogonal Images
Shibo Yu, Fuyan Liu, Hao Li

63. Remote Sensing Image Retrieval Based on Color and Texture
Qinkun Xiao, Mina Liu, Song Gao

64. Synchronous Monitoring Method of Ballistocardiogram and Electrocardiograph Signals
Dan Yang, Linlin Ye, Xu Wang, Ning Ye

65. Color Image Segmentation Algorithm of Rapid Level Sets Based on HSV Color Space
Yue Zhao, Xin Xu, Chao Chen, Dan Yang

66. Election Path Based on Image Pressing and Mathematical Modeling
Jianneng Zhong

67. A New Method of Inland River Overloaded Ship Identification Using Digital Image Processing
Lei Xie, Jing Chen, Zhongzhen Yan, Zheyue Wang

68. An Improved Image Segmentation Approach Based on Pulse Coupled Neural Network
Yongxing Lin, Xiaoyan Xu

69. Video Self-Adaptive Noise Reduction Algorithm
Jing Li

70. An Image Stereo Match Algorithm Based on Multi-Area Match
Jiangyan Sun

Part VII. Mathematics and Computation

71. Research of the Electric Power Universal Service Cost Accounting Methods Based on DET Econometric Model
Tiandeng Chen

72. Research on Foreign Folk Sports and Cultural Characteristics Based on Fuzzy Mathematical Theory
Shen Yang, Jing Jia, Ying Huang

73. Research on Aesthetic Education in School Physical Education Based on Multiple Linear Regression Method
Shen Yang, Ying Huang, Qiang Luan

74. Analysis on Indigenous Psychology Based on T-test Statistical Regularity
Meidan Liu, Yujuan Sun

75. Solution of Algebraic Theory Model
Shaorong Liu

76. College Students Education Based on Multivariate Statistical Analysis
Dongyan Guo, Gao Jia

77. Mathematics Education and Employment Quality Cultivation
Dong-mei Song, Xiao-qian Zhang

78. Efficient Scheme of Mathematical Modeling Contest
Yan-fang Wu, Yan-chao Yang, Hong-qiang Cai, Yuan Gao

79. Fault Diagnosis of Non-Gaussian Nonlinear Stochastic Systems Based on Rational Square-Root Approximation Model
Lina Yao, Jifeng Qin, Hong Wang

Part VIII. Information Management Systems and Software Engineering

80. Housing Design Based on SIP System
Wenshan Lian, Chenhui Tang, Youpo Su

81. Research on Real-Time Pedestrian Counting System Based on Computer Technology
Liming Song, Jinghui Zhang

82. Information Security Evaluation System
Hong-Lei Lu, Erxi Zhu

83. Real Estate Management Information System
Yanzhen Sun

84. Research on Data Transmission
Yuqing Mo

85. Identity Authentication Based on Campus Network Design
Qian Xu

86. EJB Technology-Based Enterprises EAM System
Hua Sun

87. System Dynamics Simulation for Reservoir Management
Zhihui Fan, Yang Li

88. Information Security Emergency Response Procedures and Disposal System
Fan Wang

Part IX. Multimedia Aechnology and Applications

89. Flash-Based Multimedia Courseware’s Production and Implementation
Huixin Zhang

90. A Novel Algorithm for Embedding Watermarks into Audio Signal Based on DCT
Chao Yin, Shujuan Yuan

91. A Scalable Video Coding Algorithm Based on Human Visual System and HSI Color Space
Han Dan Cen, Wenhui Zhang, Song Yang

92. Research on the Spirits of Teaching Teamwork Based on Interactive Multimedia Courseware
Ling Zhang

93. Analysis on Language Skills-Centered English Teaching
Hua Fan, Wenjuan Xiao

94. Analysis of Physical Exercise Mode on College Students
Shuyou Wu, Fusong Hu

95. English Writing Teaching Scheme Based on Multimedia
Wanyu Liu

96. Efficient Speeding Up Scheme of AutoCAD Drawing
Weihong Luo

97. Implementation Bump Map by GPU Based on HLSL
Dong Xu, Hai-Ning Qin

98. Color Art Research and Creativity in Exhibition Space
Honglei Xu

99. Tourism English Education Based on Multimedia Technology
Hong Quan

Part X. Database and Data Mining

100. Research on Distributed and Heterogeneous Database Integration Based on Web Service
Wei-hua Wang, Wei-qing Wang

101. Product Quality Risk Information Collecting System
Huali Cai, Wanjin Tang, Yuexiang Yang, Lizhi Wang, Xia Liu

102. Data Mining in Load Forecasting of Power System
Guang Yu Zhao, Yan Yan, Chun Zhou Zhao, Chao Wang, Hao Zhang

103. A Complex Learning System for Behavior Factor Based Data Analysis
Wei Guan

104. Concepts Mining of Non-level Relationships from Teaching Management Network Information
Shaobin Huang

105. Research on the Web Data Preprocessing
Chaodong Lu, Xin Xiong

106. Des Acclimatization Development and Mining of Multimedia Databases
Zhimei Zhao, Chaodong Lu

107. On the Construction of Internet Data Center in Colleges
Xiangya Tao, Cheng Yang

108. Web Data Mining on Intelligent Network Course System
Xiao-zhong Zong, Zai-tie Chen, Hong-jun Zhang

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Information Systems and Communication Service, Renewable and Green Energy

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