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Informatics and Management Science II

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Table of contents

1. Efficient Mod Sum Labeling Scheme of Generalized Friendship Graph
Duanyin Shi, Wenyu Li, Qiujie Zhang, Xiaoli Pan

2. Revision Method of Man-Hour Quota Real-Time Optimization Based on the Moving Average
Biao Meng, Xiewen Zhang

3. Research and Implementation on the Combination of Art Design and Computer Mapping
Xiao Zhao

4. Service-Oriented Software Engineering Research and Application
Zhiyong Li

5. Study on Management Mode of Software Enterprise
Jindong Wei

6. Novel Metrics Formulate with Well-Initialized Setting
Xiangyang You, Xiangsheng Rong, Fujiang Huo, Ming Xu, Yuanzheng Zhang

7. Study of Quasi Natural Language Features of Advanced Computer Language
Peilu Yang

8. Measurement on Financial Risks Based on Catastrophe Model
Chengyu Li

9. Study on Coupling Model of Physical and Numerical Models in Estuarine Area
Xiaofeng Luo, Chuanteng Lu, Zhichang Chen

10. Study on Animation Engine Based on Frame Chain and Woodcut
Shuang Zhang

11. Component Semantic Dynamic Adaptation of Aspect-Oriented Programming
Yejun Xu, Huacheng Qi

12. Analysis of Electronic Weighing Instrument Fault Detection Method
Xu Lu, Yongtao Cai

13. Study on Start-Up and Operation of VSC-HVDC System
Pengfei Xu

14. Research on Acceptance Degree of Harry Potter Series
Jinxiu Guo

15. Sport Events Simulation Based on Virtual Reality Technology
Wankai Fu

16. Open Computer Laboratories Based on Desktop Virtualization Technology
Guozhu Gao, Yuefeng Wang, Jianhong Yang

17. Study of Sports Loading Analysis System Based on B/S Model
Xin Li

18. Implementation of Computer-Based Sport Training Based on Pedagogical Principles
Xin Li

19. Study of VIN Based on BP Neural Network Recognition
Shengli Yang

20. Project-Driving and Case Teaching Model in Software Engineering
Yaomin Zhang

21. Study on Large-Scale Embedded Databases Evolution
Shuang Guo, Haiying Li, Chunfang Ding, Honghong Ren

22. Study on Operating Mechanism of Military Auditing Immune System
Qiang Yang, Hao Meng, Mingzong Ma, Zhenkai Xie

23. Study on Precision Positioning Technology in Digital Tobacco Agriculture
Tao Liu, Lei Bi, Hongtao Chen, Chunyang Qian, Ling Li

24. Citation Graph Based Similarity Search Algorithm
Ge Zhu

25. Study on Economic and Social Development of Ansai County and Tertiary Industry
Ming Hu

26. Occurrence and Potential Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in the Farmland Soil
Xiao-yu Wang, Li Li, Wei Zuo

27. Cardboard Furniture Design Under Low Carbon Economy
Xiaohui Wei

28. Study on Influence of River Island on Distribution of Circulation in Curve and Branch Channel
Hong Li, Ping-Yi Wang, Wei Su, Gao-Shan Wang, Shu-Ping Ren

29. Study on Waterway Regulation of Chaotiaomen Reach in the Three Gorges Reservoir Fluctuating Backwater Region
Jin-Chao He, Bishan Huang, Shiqiang Zhao

30. Study on Countermeasures of in Low Carbon Economy
Jinjuan Ouyang

31. Energy Efficient Design of High-Rise Office Building in Northwest China
Chao Chen, Fengrui Shao, Zhiyuan Ma

32. New Mode of Parasites Experimental Teaching
Fengying Zheng

33. Sign Design for Prevention of Taking Pharmaceutical PTP by Accidental Mistake
Chong Guo

34. Traffic Sign Detection Based on Shape Model
Xulan Zhang, Dunxu Yang, Xiaofeng Du

35. Design and Implementation on Second Stage Landscape Engineering
Aobing Yuan, Lu Tian

36. Research on Non-Agriculture Shift Confronting Rural Vulnerable Farmers in the Underdeveloped Areas
Junwei Liu

37. Study on Energy Chemical Industry Clustering
Xirong Wang, Jiang Liu

38. Furniture Design Based on Green Ecological Environment
Xin Zhang

39. Research of Health-Related Quality of Life
Yunming Li, Jun Tang, Changsheng Chen, Qianzhen Hua, Jianwen Gu

40. Industrial Function and Development Strategy of Weifang Integrated Free Trade Zone
Huicai Chen

41. Research of Employment Ability of New-Generation Migrant Workers
Junwei Liu

42. Study on Book Number for Library Based on Fuzzy Recognition
Juntao Bi

43. Study on Park and Ride Management During the Periods of Major Events
Jingya Chen, Shihao Fan, Shulong Zheng, Yuanjun Zhang

44. Study on Ethical Design Concept for Display Design
Liqing Ji

45. Study of Construction Projects of Cost Pricing
Yongjun Ma, Li Chen, Yurong Liu

46. Study on Teaching of Structure Courses in Architecture Design
Pinfeng Tan, Shulan Wang, Dong Liang, Shaowei Zhao, Ling Wang

47. Behavioral Psychology Research on Influence of Tourism Management Decision
Jing Chen

48. Tripartite Game Analysis of Enterprises in Choosing of Production Mode
Honglei Tang

49. Study of Landscape Ecological Pattern in Environmental Construction
Hai-feng Wang, Zhong-hua Peng

50. Research of Influence on Shandong Social Sports with Guangzhou Asian Games
Yu Jiang

51. Analysis on Industrialization Development of Modern Cheongsam in Art Design
Cheng Jiang, Jin Li, Gang Yang, Xue-yun Peng, Ji-ling Lu

52. An Elastic and Distributed Secret Sharing Scheme
Lei Wu

53. Study of Relationship Between Occupational Orientation and Occupational Interest
Qin Yang

54. On Countermeasures of Specification and Development of Social Intermediary Organizations
Yuexin Zhao, Wei Xu

55. Analysis of the Human Rights Protection in Civil and Commercial Law
Jing-zhi Gu

56. Study on Security and Stability of Prison Management
Kui He

57. Chinization Dimension and Governance Principles of Network Moral Education
Yali Wei

58. On the Relationship Between Human Capital Financing Structure and Business Performance of Family Business
Zhiqiang Zhou, Yinhua Tian, Fugui Chen

59. Research on Indoor Environment Design Based on Ancient Gardens Builting Environment
Yu Wen, Jiang Shu

60. Research and Application of Ontology-Based Marine Ecology Knowledge Management
Jing Xiong, Jipeng Wang, Feng Gao

61. Research on Social Support of Occupational Female
Qi Ren, Weijun Guan, Yun Li, Lihua Cui

62. Research on Violence in Vocational Schools
Xueling Pang, Shulan Guan, Weijun Cui, Hua Li, Qi Ren, Ruigeng Liu, Yinxiang Zhao, Yongqiang Zheng

63. Design on Psychology Management System in Universities
Zhen Zhong

64. Quality Education Scheme in College Language Research
Xue Yao, Meijuan Gu, Hongliang Yan, Xinhua Liu

65. Research on IIMS System Based on the Management System of Digital Library
Zhili Wang

66. Study on Feasibility of Applying Information Material in Hospital Resource Management
Minli Wang, Dafei Fang, Weibin Xu

67. Research of Information and Computer Technology on Architecture
Xing Chen, Xiao-Chun Wang

68. Study of Service Marketing Communication Strategy of Vocational College Library Based on User Information Behavior
Yanhang Li, Zhiguo Wang

69. Research of Flash Interactive Features in Courseware Design
Mingzhe Su

70. Analysis of Effectiveness of Economic Mathematics Multimedia Software Making by Lectora
Yuanyuan Luo, Nan Ji, Chunyan Li

71. Study of Practical Teaching Based on Multimedia
Jie Xiong

72. Application of Latent Semantic Analysis in English Composition Support
Jie Yang, Yushi Yang

73. Network Course Evaluation System Based on AHP Theory
Zhiping Zhou, Kai Liang

74. Propaganda to Enroll New Student Propaganda Mechanism Evolution Analysis Universities Under the Background of Parallel Application Policy
Liuyang Ji, Feng Gao

75. Research on MVC-based Teaching Affairs Management System
Chunyu Li

76. Research on Social Media Network and National Security
Yu Chen

77. On the Multi-Media Assisted Interpreting Teaching Strategies
Ming Lei, Yong Zhu

78. Study on Negative Effects of Multimedia Teaching on Education in Middle and Primary Schools
Weiyan Liang

79. Professional Comprehensive Training Based on Computer Multi-Media Technology
Zhengdong Chen

80. Study on Dual Process Control of English Writing Training
Liping Zhang, Ping Zhang, Jian He

81. Study on Higher Vocational Education Based on Fuzzy Evaluation Index System
Tao Xu, Jianjun Chen, Jiaqing Xiao

82. Study on Tutorial System of Undergraduate
Hongqing Liu, Lingfang Yan

83. Study on Chinese and Japanese Higher Education Reform Policies
Jie Hao

84. Research of Computer-Assisted Language Learning
Jingjing Guan

85. Study on Quality of Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges
Ping Li, Danjun Wu, Longhui Yu

86. Research on Music Education in the Primary and Secondary Schools
Tingjun Wang

87. Study on Life Style and Psychological Health of College Students
Xinli Wang, Yue Yu, Xiaopeng Chi

88. Study on Quality of Undergraduate Education
Ni Xie

89. Teaching Reform of Dress Designing
Honglei Zhou

90. Research on Relationship Between Sensory Color and Objective Color of Cotton Fabrics
Hua Zhou, Quan Wen, Yawen Huang, Rufang Yuan

91. Study on Contemporary Emotional Experience Product Design Based on Iphone
Gang Wang

92. Culture and Art Localization Research in Globalization Background
Gang Wang

93. Research of Project Teaching of Higher HRM Courses
Weidong Zhang

94. Research on Elementary Piano Teaching for Children
Xue-Zhu Ma

95. Research on Education Strategy of Saving a Nation from Extinction
Li Li

96. Analysis on Traditional Education Functions of WA Nationality
Suyun Dong

97. Research of Foreign Trade System in China
Danghua Xia

98. Efficient Education Scheme of Ecological Civilization
Guidong Wang

99. Research of Society Management in Russian Transitional Period
Xiao-hui Zhou

100. On Establishment of Independent Personality of College Freshmen
Chengsi Lu

101. Efficient Scheme to Deal with Errors in Oral English Teaching
Guihua Cao

102. Mobile Training: An Effective Teacher Training Model
Ming Wang, Yingchun Zhang

103. Study on Foundation of Library Alliance and Cooperation
Jia Luo

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Innovation/Technology Management, Information Systems and Communication Service

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