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Informatics and Management Science VI

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Table of contents

1. Education Training System of Primary and Middle School Teachers in Network Environment
Hui Zhao, Shujuan Fu, Zhihong Qiang

2. Classifier Selection Based on Support Vector Technique
Dajin Gao, Xiang-Sheng Rong, Xiang-Yang You, Ming Xu, Fujiang Huo

3. Implementation of Remote Experiment Platform Based on Web Technology
Xu Liu, Hongyan Zhang

4. Design of Shopping Site Based on Struts Framework
Ruihui Mu

5. A Household Fetal ECG Monitoring System Based on Cloud Computing
Guo-jun Li, Nai-qian Liu, Linhong Wang, Xiao-na Zhou

6. Research of Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction for Internet Photos
Zhiyuan Wang

7. Information Retrieval Scheme Based on Fuzzy Ontology Framework
Rongbing Wang, Na Ke

8. Semantic Web Service Discovery Based on FIPA Multi Agents
Wanli Song

9. Research on Applications of Internet of Things in Agriculture
Fujie Zhang

10. Improving Flexibility of Supply Chain with Knowledge Management
Ting Liu, Fangsi Zhong

11. Research on Dynamic Implementation of Green Human Resources Management
Ting Liu, Pengxin Xie

12. Analysis of Cloud Computing Applying in Teaching
Feng Xie

13. Network Course Graphic Animation Based on Web 2.0 Technology
Weiyan Liang

14. Efficient QoS Scheme in Network Congestion
Bencheng Yu, Chao Xu

15. Research of Access Control List in Enterprise Network Management
Bencheng Yu, Ran Wang

16. OSPF-Based Network Engineering Design and Implementation
Bencheng Yu

17. Design and Implementation of Network Fault Location
Chao Deng

18. Security Framework and Correlative Techniques of Next Generation Network
Bigui He

19. Wireless Autoregulation System of Greenhouse Temperature and Humidity Based on Internet of Things
Jian Liao

20. Remote Control System of Classroom Based on Embedded Web Server
Yongzhe Shi

21. News Spreading Model Based on Micro-Blogging Platform in Network Era
Yuehui Zhou

22. Study on Education Management Scheme of Micro-Blogging Network Culture
Wenting Wang

23. Data-Driven Adaptive Control Paradigm of Supply Chain in Pharmaceutical Chain Enterprises
Hua Wei, Wei Xia, Xiao-Dong Wei, Dai-Yin Peng, Chuan-Hua Huang

24. User-Oriented Subject Service in Network Environment
Qiong He, Wankai Wu, Yuecong Chen

25. Evaluation Index System and Evaluation Method for Sustainable Development of Industrial Park
Hongyan Li

26. Research on Mechanism of Women Participating Construction of Ecological Civilization in Economic Transition
Shujun Li

27. Study of Urban Wetland Park Development in Chongqing
Xiao-Bo Li

28. Analysis on Local Transfer Pattern for Rural Surplus Labor Forces
Huixin Jin, Wei Li, Guohong Li

29. On Role of E-Business in Foreign Trade and Countermeasures
Guiying Zhang

30. Research on Coupling Mechanism of Related Travelers Humanities Psychological Quality and Tourism Development
Xiaoying Lin

31. Analysis of Ecological Environment Construction and Sustainable Economic Development Path
Ming Hu

32. Study on Clothing Marketing Strategies Based on Consuming Behaviors of White-Collar Females
Ying Liang

33. Research on Rights Protection of Consumer and Interests in E-Commerce-Taking Functional Department and Industry Association
Qinghua Zhang

34. Research on Customer Satisfaction in B2C E-Commerce Market
Qinghua Zhang

35. Empirical Studies on Collaborative Relationship Between Enterprise Scale and IT Level
Hongwen Zhu, Qianqian Li, Chunxiao Liu

36. Study on the Effect of Government Spending on GDP Growth
Yaliu Pan

37. Income of Employee Model Based on Hierarchical Theory
Guoqing Tao

38. On Tourism Development Modes of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Jishu Shao, Wei Zhang

39. Five-Force Analysis and Market Strategies of Budget Hotels in Small and Medium-Sized Cities
Li Pan

40. Study on Development of Lushan Hot Spring Health Tourism Products
Fenglian Zou, Zhibin Hu

41. Study on Ability of Independent Innovation of Medium-Sized Industrial Enterprises
Shihui Jiang, Keyan Jiao

42. Study on Non-Contact Yangtze River Flow Measurement Algorithm Based on Surface Velocity
Zili Li, Caijun Wang

43. Study on Circulation of Right to Use Rural Curtilage
Zuwei Qin, Jiyu Tang

44. Study of Emotion Experience in Product Experience Design
Gang Wang

45. Study of FDI Location Choice in Mainland China Between Taiwan Area and South Korea
Yixian Gu

46. Study of Capital Flows Effect on Regional Economic Development
Ke Hu

47. Analysis on Double-Sword Effect of Spreading of Western Culture and Traditional Chinese Culture Based on T-Test Law
Xiaomei Qi

48. Analysis of Contemporary Students Psychological Problems
Xuqian Zuo, Junling Wei, Jia Liu

49. Study on Building of a Harmonious Campus Culture
Xue Yao, Wang yan, Shanhui Lv

50. Firms Pollution Abatement R&D Investment Strategy on Tradable Emissions Permits
Yong Xi Yi, Shoude Li, Mengya Liu

51. Efficient Vocal Music Education Scheme Based on Samplitude
Tingjun Wang

52. Correlation Analysis of Occupational Stress and Family Support
Xinliang Ju, Xinming Qian

53. Research on Intelligent Recording and Broadcasting System in Classroom Teaching
Qing Dong, Fengting Jiang, Guangxing Wang

54. AHP-Based Teaching Evaluation Index System of Weights
Liang Qin

55. Study on Construction of Excellent Teaching Team in Higher Vocational Colleges
Guangyan Liu

56. Study on Computer Technology Teachers Training Based on Systematic Method
Yan Zhao

57. Efficient Teaching Scheme Based on Multiple Intelligence Theory
Huanxin Jiang

58. Penetration of Moral Quality Education on University Life Sciences Courses Teaching
Mei Chen, Yunlai Tang, Duan Ning

59. Study of Capital Construction Project Financing Mode for Local Universities
Lijun Fan

60. Research on Cooperation Spirit and Training Methods in University
Zhonghua Li

61. On Philo-Semitism
Yanming Lu

62. Optimization of Curriculum System of Higher Vocational Education
Juntao Mei

63. Efficient Teaching Scheme of Economics Courses Based on Teaching Method Reform
Honghui Wang

64. Research on Science and Moral Quality Education
JinRui Zhao, XinYing Zhao

65. Study on Catholic Church Attitude
Yanming Lu

66. Study on Reconstruction of Life Education in Universities
Mingming Liu, Rongting Qin

67. Research on Cultural Knowledge and Awareness in Education
Junling Wang

68. Study of Vocational Technical Education in Promotion of Chinese Rural Labor Transfer
Feng Wang

69. Network Model of Practice Education in the Major of Art Design
Yankun Liu

70. Transmission Mode Analysis of Sports Tourism Resources Based on Microblogging Platform
Lin Zuo

71. Analysis of Anaerobic Ability Basketball Player in Vertical Leap
Xiaorong Mi

72. Research on Skill Level of Basketball Free-Throw Based on the Viewpoint of Biomechanics
Fenglin Dong, Sufei Yang, Peng Pu

73. Research on Athletes Psychological Dynamics in University Sports
Yong Wang, Bogang Huang

74. Research on Human Health Characteristics Based on Physical Exercise and Diet Mechanism
Xiaoping Xie, Jingping Min

75. Analysis of Physical Exercise Adjustment on Human Circulation Immune Cells and Soluble Medium
XiaoPing Xie, JingPing Min

76. Research on Athletes Impact of High Strength and Long-Term Aerobic Training
Xinxin Zheng, Tao Jiang, Bing Liu

77. Research of Complex Training of Young Athletes Explosive Power
Zhiping Wang, Dong Li, Lei Wang, Lichao Zhang

78. Input–Output Model of Sports Economy Based on Computer Technology
Lina Zhu

79. Database Establishment Scheme of Competition Results of Gymnastics in Large Sports Games
Ning Gong, Yingying Gong

80. Study of Simulation Evolutionary Technology on Martial Arts
Xuntao Wang

81. A Heterogenous Parallel Algorithm for Stadium Evacuation Route Assignment
Yi Liu, Bo Liu

82. Study on Fostering Sports Reserve Talents and Countermeasures in University
Wei Bao

83. Primary Exploration of the Diversified Development of Sports Public Service
Hongyan Yao

84. Sports Games Management System Based on GIS
Yang Guo, Xiaofeng Xu

85. Impact of Music on Comprehensive Quality of Students in Sports Dance Teaching
Xiaoyan Zhang

86. A New Designed Baseball Bat Based on Sweet Spots
Pengpeng Zheng, Yaoju Huang, Jianwei Liu

87. Statistic and Evaluation of Data Between Chinese and Foreign Female Freestyle Swimmers in Long Distances
Geng Du, Cheng Xiong

88. Research on Urban Practitioners Participation of Martial Arts Fitness and Job Satisfaction
Mingming Guo

89. Research on Inherent Laws of Taijiquan Teaching Method
Hai Yu

90. Study on Basketball Teaching and Skills Assessment
Zhengyu Li

91. Analysis of Recessive Marketing Research for Domestic and International Sporting Events
Zebo Qiao

92. Study on Short Weapon in Traditional Martial Arts
Xiao-dao Chen

93. Study on Practice of Microteaching in Professional Skills Training of Tour Guides
Yuan Dong

94. Effect of Sling-Exercise-Therapy Training on Childhood Autism
Huanxiang Ding, Rongyuan Li

95. Study of EMG Differences in Coordinate Movement of Waist and Abdomen Muscles
Xiangxin Meng

96. Analysis of Reaction Time Between High Performance Basketball Player and Ordinary Basketball Player
Deping Lin

97. Analysis on Chinese Women’s Olympic Gold Medal Special Features and Influence Factors
Daling Shi, Yuling Song, Xinjian Luo, Aicui Hu

98. Research of Attention Maters in Tennis Teaching of Teenagers
Yong Yu, Chengbao Ji, Yongqi Ji

99. Research of Attitude of Chinese Learners on Culture Education in EFL Classroom
Dai Nalian

100. Study on Sports Training Method Based on 3D Structure
Minggang Yang

101. Study on Reform of Traditional Chinese Opera
Ke Liu

102. A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Academic Influence of Chinese Core Journals in Dramatic Art
Rui Zou

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Innovation/Technology Management, Information Systems and Communication Service

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