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Informatics and Management Science V

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Table of contents

1. Research of Intelligent Uncertainty of Measurement Based on Computer-Aided Evaluation System
Mingxiang Sui

2. Sustainable and Dynamic Supervision Study on Safe Architectural Production Permit
Jianguo Li

3. Unloading Features Analysis of a New Combined Unloading System
Kang Sun, Jianping Tan, Yuxiao Si

4. An Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter and Digital Micromirror Device Based Projection Display System
Qingli Li, Yiqing Liu, Yinghong Tian, Xiaojin Li, Shuxian Wang

5. Port Intelligence of Storage Management System
Yingsun Sun

6. Research on Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling
Jingmin Zhang, Xia Li

7. Overall Difficulty Control Scheme of Examination Paper Based on Balanced Strategy Group Volume Algorithm
Xianye Zhang

8. Automation Structural Analysis Based on the VB and ANSYS
Feng Liu, Xiankuan Qi, Mingqing Sun

9. Risk Early Warning System Preventing Natural Disaster in Yunnan Power Grid
Zhengzhi Li, Tong Han, Yumei Li, Zhigang Liu

10. Study of Velocity Control of Hydraulic Servo System Based on Server/Client Architecture
Cheng-Yi Chen

11. Robust Stability of Discrete Interval Systems with a State Time Delay
Chien-Hua Lee, Chien-Chih Chang

12. Design of Visual Embedded Mooring Control System
Yuliang Liu, Zuoyu Zhou, Xiaomin Shi

13. Efficient Online Examination System Based on Java
Yongliang Li, Caixia Wen

14. Logistics Enterprise Warehouse Management System Optimization
Hengwei Wang

15. Activity-Based Costing Calculation Model of Milk-Run Inbound Logistics for Auto Parts
Bengang Gong, Wei Huang, Yunmiao Gui, Tinglong Zhang

16. Economic-Oriented Efficient Practical Ability Training Scheme
Wei Cao

17. Bus Arrive Time Prediction Based on Weighted Distance Feedback
YaQin Luo, Cheng Sun, MuTian Cheng

18. ZigBee-Based Intelligent Home System
Guopeng Song, Yunfeng Zhou

19. UAV Simulator Speediness Designing Based on Man in Loop Simulation Platform
Chao Yun, Xiao-Min Li, Zong-Gui Zheng

20. Global Optimization of UAV Heading Controller Parameters Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
Weiping Zhao, Zhanshuang Hu, Ming Yang

21. Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Coordinate Turn Controller Based on INA
Weiping Zhao, Jun Yang, Zhanshuang Hu, Ming Yang

22. Illegal Invasion of Computer Information Systems
Kai Zhang

23. Research on Shift Sequence Code in Barcode Positioning System
Weijun Zhang, Dongli Li

24. A New Dynamic Scheduling Method for Networked Control Systems
Feng Du, Xiaoyu Zhang, Zhi Lei, Jia Ren, Cheng Guo, Jinyu Li

25. Implementation of Intelligent Wireless Video Monitoring System
Yi Zhang, Zhuoying Wang, Yangdong Yu

26. Design of Hybrid Controllers Based on Radial Basis Function Neural Network
Longyang Zhao, Xiao Zhu, Haoming Yang, Xuanju Dang

27. Research of Teaching–Learning-Practicing Integrated Teaching Mode
Yuan Dong, Xiaohua Zhu

28. Construction of Recombinant Expression Vector of Anti-Bacterial Gene aiiA from Marine Bacterium
Xian Ding, Bo Yin, Shanfu Zhang, Weike Tang, Weiwen Sun, Shining Zhou

29. Distance Education Based on Java and IP Technology
Xiaosong He

30. English Education Based on Network
Xiaoli Jiang, Hui Liu

31. Study of Intelligent Transportation Management Systems on Urban Energy and Environment
Yichun Ni, Zhenzhou Yuan, Wenyu Liu

32. Landscape Design Based on Computer Aided Design Technology
Haixiao Shi

33. Study on University Football Teaching Based on Multimedia Technology
Aihua Yu

34. Research of Virtual Tour Impact on Destination Image
Yuanwu Yu

35. Design of 3D Character Animation Engine Framework
Jie Zheng

36. Research on Computer Network Auxiliary Scaffolding Teaching
Xi-tao Gu, Hong Li, Juan Chen

37. Study on Reform of College Teaching Methods Under Information Condition
Xiao Zhan, Mingcong Ma, Lei Du, Man Liu

38. Information Network Analysis System for Scientific and Technological Documents
Hongxia Liu

39. Study of Contemporary Artistic Design Based on Computer Technology
Rui Liu

40. Research of Flash-Based Multimedia Courseware Interaction
Kai Zhang

41. Study on Mobile Electronic Business Based on Collaborative Framework
Fenglan Luo

42. University Accounting Education Informationalized Reform
Hua Yang

43. English Listening Teaching Method Based on Multimedia
Junling Wang, Weiqing Liu

44. Study on Quality Improvement of Remote Education with Alternate-Oriented Tutorship
Yong Hu

45. New Techniques to Improve Mathematical Education in Local Engineering Universities
Dawei Sun, Jiarui Liu

46. Research on Dance Teaching Based on Modern Educational Technology
Ping Li

47. Research on Materials of Drawing Therapy in University Library
ZhongHua Liu

48. Study on Reformation of Civil Engineering Construction Course Based on Instantiation Thoughts
Fuxue Sun, Yunhui Zhu, Haijun Shi, Changfeng Ruan

49. Research on PBL and LBL Double Track Teaching Model in Unified Modeling Language Teaching Based on Outstanding Engineers
Yu Wang, Rina Su, Guojun Li

50. On Teaching Reform of Life Science Public Elective Courses in Higher Education Institutions
Wei Meng, Xiaochun Lai

51. Study on Teaching Characteristics and Methods of Interior and Furniture Design History Course
Jianhua Lv, Ming Chen

52. Analysis of Social Anxiety Based on 1161 Cases Teaching
Lixin Wang

53. Application of Advertising Aesthetic Appreciation in University Aesthetic Teaching
Mingyong Zhou

54. Research on Design-Conscious Cultivation in Basic Art Education
Wei Wei

55. Study of Efficient Sustainable Development Scheme of Basketball Education
Shen Fu

56. Art Practice Research in Vocal Teaching
Zhenli Shi

57. Research on Graduate Ideological and Political Education
Lijun Xie, Zhongzhi Han

58. Research on Determination of Weaknesses of Research Quality Management in Universities
Wang Weiguo, Wang Kai, Wang Shuai, Mou Pengbo

59. Research of Psychology Teaching Based on the Information Technology
Zhen Zhong

60. Experimental Study of Influence on College Students Psychological Health by Playing Football
Limei Liu, Bin Yuan

61. Study on Efficient Training Mode of Youth Basketball
Fei Zhang, Yonglin Zhao, Ping Huang

62. Analysis of Short-term Physical Training Plan Influence on of Physical Quality of Female College Student
Chunmei Peng, Wenping Ye

63. Analysis of College Students Weight Based on Physical Exercise and Dietary Pattern
Chunmei Peng, Wenping Ye

64. Research on Nutrition Demand of Basketball Players
Lijuan Hou, Sunnan Li

65. Coupling Analysis of Social Background and School Health Sports Development
Qingbo Kong, Lingyan Zhang

66. Healthy Sports Situation for Different Social Background Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
Qingbo Kong, Lingyan Zhang

67. Research on Outdoor Sports in Southern Sichuan
Lin Liu, Chengxiang Liu, Xiaogang Li

68. Research on Humanity Spirit of Sports in Harmonious Society
Nian Tang, Peng Li

69. Research on Status of PE Teachers in Private Universities
Guosheng Zhang

70. Research on Technical and Tactical Characteristics of Men’s Professional Tennis Player
Fusheng Jang, Ya Liu

71. Research on Reformation of PE Based on Culture Rebuilding for Industrial Technology
Zhuang Liang

72. Research on Serving Technique Material of Men’s Tennis Player in Industrial Technology
Fusheng Jang, Ya Liu

73. Study on Natural Ecological Environment of Interior Design for Gyms
Xinhua Zhu

74. Researches of Effective Teaching in Physical Education Under New Curriculum Standards
Xingdong Yang

75. Research of Volleyball General Course in the Physical Education Major
Wengang Ren

76. Research of After-Class Physical Training in Higher Learning
Zhixin Sun

77. Innovative Research on Rating Quantification System of Tai Chi Courses Portfolio in Colleges
Chao Zhao, Hu Ma

78. Brand Advantages and Media Image of Youth Olympic Games Based on Political Communication
Feng Yang

79. Research on Essential Difference of E-Sport and Online Game
Hu Ma, Yinbo Wu, Xinyu Wu

80. Study on Rhymnastics Gymnastics Teaching Method
Miao Feng

81. Research of Sports Teaching Network Support System
Wengang Ren, Ligang Tian

82. Study of Public Sports Service Demand on Human Movement Science Undergraduate Professional Training Programmers
Jianyong Di, Yanmei Yang, Honghui Wang

83. Analysis on Development of National Fitness Movement Based on College Sports Resource
Bin Ding, Yan Ma

84. Analysis on Development Mode of Island Sports Tourism Resource Based on Sustainable Development
Lin Zuo

85. A Novel Switching Vector Median Filter for Color Image Filtering
Xiaohe Zhang

86. Color Management System Based on Spectral Image
Songhua He, Bo Li

87. Efficient Approach of Image Quality Evaluation Based on Fuzzy Logic
Qinghua Ji, Baojing Chen

88. Research on Medical Image Processing Method Based on the Matlab
Shirui Gao

89. Automatic Identification Water Flooding Level of Oil Layer Based on Fluorescence Microscopic Image Processing Technology
Huijian Wen, Xueying Li, Guangjuan Fan

90. An Effective Image Segmentation Algorithm Method Based on Compound Morphology Filter and Modified Watershed
Weifeng Wang, Huifeng Yan, Mingliang Zhou

91. A New Graph-Based Image Segmentation Algorithm
Qian Zhang, Fujian Feng, Lin Xin, Lin Wang

92. An Approach for Image Retrieval Based on Support Vector Machines
Guoyong Wang, Wen Cui, Chen Sun

93. High Accuracy Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Based on Support Vector Machine and Independent Component Analysis
Zhiguo He, Yuquan Zhong, Yudong Cao

94. Image Compression Algorithm Based on Lifting Wavelet
Yong Li, Dejian Kong, Hengji Du

95. Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Based on Improved POCS Algorithm
Juan Li, Jin Wu, Guang Hu, Shen Yang

96. Research on Images Identification Technology Based on Neural Network
Yiqiu Xu, Zhanbo Liu, Wei Zhang

97. Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment by Facial Expression
Nan Xiang, Lili Yang, Mingmin Zhang

98. Research on Detection Technology of Image Spam
Lixin Tao, Hean Liu, Tao Zhang, Ning Zhong, Shuguang Wu

99. Face Recognition Dimensionality Reduction Based on LLE and ISOMAP
Tao Zhang, Shu Li, Shuguang Wu, Lixin Tao

100. Blind Watermarking Algorithm Based on Singular Block Value
Ning Zhong, Zhike Kuang, Shuguang Wu, Lixin Tao

101. A Novel Image Fusion Approach Combined Singular Value Decomposition with Averaging Operation
Jing Luo, Fenghua Liu

102. DCT-Based Blind Watermarking of 3D Models
Xin Zhou, Xun Wang, Dingjun Huang

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Innovation/Technology Management, Information Systems and Communication Service

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