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Problem Based Urology

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Table of contents

Part I. Decision Making Based on Patients’ Reported Symptoms

1. Flank Pain/Renal Colic
Paolo Gontero, Alessandro Tizzani

2. Lower Abdominal Pain/Suprapubic Pain
Paolo Gontero, Bruno Frea

3. Swollen and/or Painful Groin
Satvinder Mudan, Ana Belen Fajardo-Puerta

4. Swollen and/or Painful Scrotum
Marco Oderda, Paolo Gontero

5. Empty Scrotum
Matthew S. Christman, Douglas A. Canning

6. Priapism
Giulio Garaffa, David J. Ralph

7. Swollen Penis
Giulio Garaffa, David J. Ralph

8. Penile Ulcer and Balanitis
Hussain M. Alnajjar, Majid Shabbir, Nicholas A. Watkin

9. Gross (Visible) Hematuria
Paolo Gontero

10. Urethral Bleeding
Paolo Gontero

11. Hemospermia
Paolo Gontero

12. Genitourinary Fever in Adults
Paolo Gontero

13. Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
Mark J. Speakman, Jemima Scott

14. Male Dysuria/Prostate Pain
Andrew Doble

15. Female Dysuria/Urinary Tract Infection
Dario Vigna, Paolo Gontero, Roberto Carone

16. Oliguria
Robin G. Woolfson

17. Erectile Dysfunction
Culley C. Carson

18. Male Factor Infertility
Culley C. Carson

19. Female Urinary Incontinence
Mary Garthwaite

20. Male Urinary Incontinence
Simon Bugeja, Shafiullah Wardak, Daniela Andrich

Part II. Decision Making Based on Objective Examination or Investigational Findings

21. Enlarged Prostate (On Digital Rectal Examination or Ultrasound)
Bilal Chughtai, Dean Elterman, Richard Lee, Alexis Te, Steven Kaplan

22. Renal Stone on USS/X-Ray
Arun Sahai, Andrew Symes, Jonathan M. Glass

23. Renal Mass
Paolo Gontero

Part III. Decision Making Based on Laboratory Abnormalities

24. Raised Prostate-Specific Antigen
Roger S. Kirby

25. Raised Serum Creatinine/Reduced Estimated Glomerular Filtrate
Robin G. Woolfson

26. Microscopic (Non-visible) Hematuria
Paolo Gontero

27. How to Interpret Findings of a Urine Cytology Test
Michael J. Bailey

28. Leukocytes in the Urine
Timothy Giles Nedas, Matthew Frank Bultitude

29. Bacteria in the Urine
Soumendra Nath Datta, Matthew Frank Bultitude

30. How to Interpret the Results of a Midstream Specimen of Urine Culture Test
Philip Dundee, Matthew Frank Bultitude

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Urology/Andrology, Primary Care Medicine, General Practice / Family Medicine, Internal Medicine

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