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Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management

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Table of contents

1. Advancements of Engineering Management Based on Electrical and Information Technology for the Sixth Icmsem
Jiuping Xu

2. Recurrent Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm Approaches for a Dual Route Optimization Problem: A Real Case Study
Fausto Pedro Garc’ıa M’arquez, Marta Ramos Mart’ın Nieto

3. Influence Factors Theoretical Model of Agribusiness Brand Marketing Strategy
Yu Ding, Yanmei Xu, Yi Peng

4. Determining Oil Well Debit Using Oulet Temperature Information Processing
Abbas Rzayev, Gambar Guluyev, Agayev Bikes, Abdurrachmanova Asude

5. The Establishment of Rough-Ann Model Fordynamic Risk Measure of Enterprise Technological Innovation and its Application
Xiaofeng Li, Li Wang

6. Secure Optimized Link State Routing in Mobile Social Networks
Rizwan Akhtar, Irfan Shahid

7. Psychological Rehabilitation of Sport Injury of High Level Athletes
Ying He, Ming Xu

8. Study on the Skilled Talents Evaluation Model based on Variable Weight Theory
Kesen Chen, Feng Tang, Yuanfeng Xie, Chenjing Ling, Zhenfen Gao

9. A State Enhancement or Reduction Model of Maintenance Effect and Application to Maintenance Decision
Xiaokai Ge, Jianbo Hu, Bofeng Zhang, Wei Yang

10. Numerical Computation Studies Between a New Algorithm, Power, and QR Iterative Algorithms for Solution of Eigenvalue of Essentially Positive Matrices
Tedja Santanoe Oepomo

11. Solutions of Modified Equal Width Equation by Means of the Auxiliary Equation with a Sixth-Degree Nonlinear Term
Zehra Pinar, Turgut Öziş

12. A Study on Application of “Pal Map” Function Module in Social Network Site
Xiang Huang, Jinghui Hao, Liang Zhao

13. Status and Prospects of Technology Diffusion Research based on Patent Information
Lucheng Huang, Ning Wang

14. The Research on Wal-Mart in China’s E-Commerce
Jinghui Hao, Xiang Huang, Min Yu, Chang Lin

15. Wavelet Transforms for Macro Fiber Composites Transducers
Rául Ruiz Hermosa González-Carrato, Fausto Pedro García Márquez, Vichaar Dimlaye

16. Research on Construction of Sustainable Resolution Mechanism for Urban Flood Disaster Based on ISM
Xuemei Wang, Rong Huang

17. PHM-Based Fault Identification for Electronics-Rich Systems Under Uncertainty
Lei Xu, Ming Xu

18. Comparative Study of Market Inefficiency on the Sino-U.S. Stock Markets
Zhiliang Liu, Jinlong Zhang, Lingfei Zou

19. Comparative Study of Market Inefficiency on the Sino-U.S. Stock Markets
Ronghua Yi, Yangbin Zhang

20. A Design of Association Rule Mining System Based on the Web Text
Dan Zhang, Hongxia Du, Yue He

21. ITSQM: A Conceptual Model of IT Service Quality
Zhiliang Liue, Jinlong Zhang, Lingfei Zou

22. On Solution Method of the Knapsack Problem
Mahammad M. Aliev

23. Method based on Consistency Strength and PROMETHEE-II Multi-attribute Group Decision Making
Ge Ma, Jianzhong Chen

24. Based on the Teaching Module in Intelligent Tutoring System
Xinhua You, Gang Liu, Wenjia Long, Zhibin Pan

25. Value-Added Performance Contract: A Business Mode of Sharing from Consumer’s Added Value
Yongjun Tang, Xiaoguo Xiong

26. A Conflict Eliminating Coordination Method for Emergency Decision of Unexpected Incidents
Xuanhua Xu, Zhili Huang, Xiaohong Chen

27. The Research on the Customers’ Demand Value Realized Degree in Modern Enterprise Production Mode
Longan Deng

28. Analysis and Countermeasure Study on Human Resource Plight of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Feng Lin, Qian Zhao

29. The Empirical Research Between the Financial Industry Clusters and Regional Economic Development
Lixia Yu, Wenchao Yu, Wen Wen

30. A Research on Modern Service Industry Innovation and Its Development Strategy
Guoqin Song, Junjie Zhang

31. Energy Efficient Cloud Data Center Management Based on Fuzzy Multi Criteria Decision Making
Shahzad Alip, Siyuan Jing, Kun She

32. An Optimal Routing Model of High-level Picker-to-part System
Rui Wang, Luning Zang, Xiu Tan

33. The Comparison of Dividend-paying Policy of to be Listed between China and the United States
Hongchang Mei, Wei Yang

34. A Bi-level Multiobective Optimization Model for Risk Management to Utilize Wastes in Stone Industry under Fuzzy Environment
Abid Hussain Nadeem, Muhammad Hashim, Muhammad Nazim

35. Prediction of Energy Consumption in Steel Enterprises based on BP Adaboost Algorithm
Rui Hu, Qun Zhang

36. Evaluation on the Sustainable Development Abilities of Different Branches in Zhanjiang Industry
Weiji Lv, Yi Meng, Yao Sun

37. An Empirical Analysis of Inpatients’ Loyalty: A Case in West China Hospital
Sheng Zhong, Yanding Guo

38. Different Effects of Monetary Policy on Rural and Urban Prices
Xu Zhao, Liuliu Kong

39. Safety Assessment of Crane Based on FTA and ANP
Jian Zhang, Yuanrong Zhang, Chao Ji, Yudong Li

40. The Study of the GDP Simulation Model Based on 3SLS-PCA
Yue He, Qiuyan Guo, Niu Xie

41. System Dynamics Simulation Model for Port Economy Analysis
Daming Li, Xinqiao Wang

42. A Study on the Interactive Relationship between Regional Human Capital and Industrial Structure Adjustment in Shanghai
Feng Lin, Jinwen Chen

43. Optimization Models for Shortest Path Problem with Stochastic Arc Lengths Taking Fuzzy Information
Wei Liu

44. Technical Analysis and the Timing Strategies of Liquidity Providers: Evidence from China’s A-Shares Stock Market
Wenfeng Li, Zhigang Wang, Yong Zeng

45. Customer Satisfaction: A Comparison of Public and Private Banks of Pakistan
Waqarul Haq, Bakhtiar Muhammad

46. Mathematical Models of Queues with Moving Servers: Simple Vertical Transportation Systems
Asaf Hajiyev, Narmina Abdullayeva, Turan Mammadov

47. Coordination and Optimization of Short Life Cycle Product Supply Chain Channel Under Sales Effort-Depended Demand
Hongying Xu, Can Zhang, Qiaoyun Ma, Dianli Cao

48. Production-Distribution Planning in Supply Chain Management Under Fuzzy Environment for Large-Scale Hydropower Construction Projects
Muhammad Hashim, Muhammad Nazim, Abid Hussain Nadeem

49. Supply Chain Network Equilibrium Models With Stock-Dependent Demand
Bing Xu, Yong Xiong

50. Optimal Manufacturing, Ordering, Pricing and Advertising Decisions in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain System
Junping Wang, Shengdong Wang

51. The Supply Chain Network Equilibrium Model with Direct Marketing under Random Demand
Z Wu, B Huang, Y Hu

52. The Impact of Clusters Characteristics on Supply Chain Performance in Cluster Networks
L Wang

53. Research on the Shape of the Dual-Core Supply Chain
Xigang Yuan, Zhigao Liao

54. Uncertain Programming Models for Sports Supplier Selection with Cost Minimization
Wei Liu

55. The Role of Quick Response for Demand Driven Globalized Apparel Supply Chain Management
Md. Sanuwar Rashid

56. The Development Trend and Strategy of Computer Industry based on SCP Analysis
K. Liu

57. Organizational Commitment and Counterproductive Work Behavior: Role of Employee Empowerment
Afsheen Fatima, Muhammad Zahid Iqbal, Rabia Imran

58. A Comparative Research on Competency and Competence, Competency Model and Competence Model
Yue Kou, Zhiyong Jia, Yihua Wang

59. Factors of Successful Relationship Management: Guanxi in China
Huiying Zhang, Shuang Lv

60. Study on the Action Mechanism of Humanities and Social Sciences Education Division
Yongjie Wang, Zhixia Li

61. Study on Sports Intervention Strategies for Post-Disaster Psychological Recovery of Adolescents
Ying He, Ming Xu

62. A Study on Transportation Infrastructure and Upgrading of Industrial Structure in China
Chen Dong, Liuliu Kong

63. Research on Chain Integration and Development Strategy of Modern Service Industry
Guoqin Song, Honglei Deng, Shenghua Zheng, Junjie Zhang

64. Lean and Green: A Business Model Framework
Susana Duarte, V. Cruz-Machado

65. A Study on Meta-synthesis Mode of the Systems Engineering of Governance of Large Enterprise Group
Sheng Ma, Rui Wang

66. Discussion on the Application of Knowledge Management in Enterprise Management
Liang Zhao, Xiang Huang, Jinghui Hao

67. The Credit Competition Between Local and Foreign Bank With Limited Fund
Xudong Chen, Yong Zeng

68. Determinants of Rice Export from Pakistan
Iqbal Javed, Abdul Ghafoor

69. Analysis of Production Capacity and Sampling of Primary and Contingent Products
Tingting Qu, Yujie Zhong, Zhineng Hu

70. A Study on Early Warning Mechanism of Enterprise Credit Risk Management Based on Bayesian Mode
Qingfeng Bu, Haitao Sun

71. Analysis on Supply Chain Risk Factors based on Structural Equation Model
Xin Liu

72. Construction Project Risk Assessment
Yajun Wang

73. The Risk Assessment of Marketing Management System on the Basis of Multi-level Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
Qingfeng Bu, Fan Zhang

74. An Earthquake Emergency Materials Dispatching Method Based on WSPT Rule
Fumin Deng, Yijuan He, Yingkang Shi, Cui Yang, Jin Wen

75. Optimization Based on PERT Corporate Procurement Process: Using M Company as Example
Hanwen Zhan, Li Li, Guosheng Chen, Xiaojun Zhao

76. Manufacturing Enterprises Based on the Case Study About “DEC” and “Galanz”
Yunfei Shao, Wei Li, Shoujun Yin

77. Analysis on Classification and Industrial Relevancy of Shenyang Modern Service Industry
Jiaqi Gao, Kai Li, Shumei Wang

78. A Research on the Government Guidance to Industry Innovation Management based on the Empirical Analysis of Spaceflight Industry
Xiaoyan Li, Weifeng Fan, Jiangying Guan

79. Reason and Trends for Using Packaged Milk in Pakistan: Study of Urban Pakistani Consumers
Asif Kamran, Syed Muhammad Ahsan Rizvi

80. Analysis of Production and Diffusion of Multiple-unit Ownership under Supply Constraints
Yujie Zhong, Tingting Qu, Zhineng Hu

81. Study on the Method for Evaluating Ecological Health of the Main River Network in the Yellow River’s Estuary Area
Kesen Chen, Maoru Qian, Benxing Zhu, Maosen Chen

82. Study on Regional Synergetic Development of Low Carbon Technology
Xiaozhong Yu, Yujie Jiang, Sui Gu, Xuxue Chen

83. Construction and Management of Potato Industrial System with Year-round Production and Supply under Multiple Cropping Systems
Xueshan Shen, Huijuan Qu, Nanshan Liang, Xuelan Lu, Gang Huang

84. A Fitness Test of Cost of Carry Model in Chinese Cotton Future Market
Yong Zheng, Yina Zhang

85. Analysis of Stakeholders’ Decision-making in Cross-border Water Resource Conflicts Based on an Agent Framework
Liming Suo, Jiacan Wu

86. Aggregate Effect and Structural Effect of Environmental Policy Differences in China
Lili Tan

87. Research on the Evaluation of Business Ecosystem Health
Xiaoping Li, Xiaowen Jie, Qiang Li, Qi Zhang

88. Research and Analysis on Green Supply Chain Management of Enterprise
Liming Zhang

89. Synthetical Research for Sustainable Development in Economic Circle of Beibu Gulf Based on System Dynamics Model
Minghui Xu, Zhigao Liao

90. A Bi-level Multi-objective Optimization Model of Multiple Items for Stone Industry Under Fuzzy Environment
Muhammad Nazim, Abid Hussain Nadeem, Muhammad Hashim

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Innovation/Technology Management

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