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CIRP Design 2012

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Amaresh Chakrabarti

2. Design Framework for Micro and Nano-Scale Products
Sang-Gook Kim, Stephen Bathurst, Firas Sammoura

3. Towards an Ontology of Engineering Design Using SAPPhIRE Model
V. Srinivasan, Amaresh Chakrabarti, Udo Lindemann

4. A Behavioural Design Approach to Improving Engineering Design
Huichao Sun, Rémy Houssin, Mickael Gardoni, Jean Renaud

5. Systematic Sustainable Design in Architecture and the Need to Mimic Nature
Abraham George, Susan Abraham

6. Computational Models of Tacit Knowledge
Madan Dabbeeru, Amitabha Mukerjee

7. System-Environment View in Designing
B. S. C. Ranjan, V. Srinivasan, Amaresh Chakrabarti

8. Managing Design Constraints in Synthesis Reasoning
S. C.-Y. Lu, A. Liu

9. Webcrawling for a Biological Strategy Corpus to Support Biologically-Inspired Design
D. Vandevenne, J. Caicedo, P.-A. Verhaegen, S. Dewulf, J. R. Duflou

10. Assessing the Performance of Computerized Tools for Inventive Design: Insights From Unsatisfactory Outcomes
N. Becattini, Y. Borgianni, G. Cascini, F. Rotini

11. Comparing a Graph-Grammar Approach to Genetic Algorithms for Computational Synthesis of PV Arrays
Corinna Königseder, Kristina Shea, Matthew I. Campbell

12. Toward an Automatic Extraction of IDM Concepts from Patents
Achille Souili, Denis Cavallucci

13. Virtual Reality Technologies for Creative Design
Julian Adenauer, Johann Habakuk Israel, Rainer Stark

14. Design of CAM-Interfaces for Two Robots Based Incremental Sheet Metal Forming
H. Meier, J. Zhu, B. Buff, C. Magnus

15. Development of Virtual Prototypes Based on Visuo/Tactile Interaction for the Preliminary Evaluation of Consumer Products Usage
Monica Bordegoni, Francesco Ferrise, Umberto Cugini

16. CPR Module with Variable Chest Stiffness in High Fidelity Mannequins
K. Kanakapriya, M. Manivannan

17. Evaluation of the Accuracy of an Accelerometer Response Generated by Axial Impact Loading
Gauri Ranadive, A. Deb, Bisheshwar Haorongbam

18. Behaviour Simulation in Computer Aided Product Concept Sketching
Prasad S. Onkar, Dibakar Sen

19. Non-Linear Signal Processing Techniques Applied on EMG Signal for Muscle Fatigue Analysis During Dynamic Contraction
Ram Kinker Mishra, Rina Maiti

20. Improvement of Product Design Process by Knowledge Value Analysis
Yang Xu, Alain Bernard, Nicolas Perry, Florent Laroche

21. Risk Minimized Procurement in Low Wage Countries
Thomas Zentis, Robert Schmitt

22. Methodological Approach to Evaluate Product Adaptations Based on Real Options
G. Lanza, S. Ruhrmann

23. Clustering Regional-Specific Requirements as a Methodology to Define the Modules of a Car Concept
Frank Nehuis, Marcel Ibe, Carsten Stechert, Thomas Vietor, Andreas Rausch

24. An Ontological Approach for the Integration of Life Cycle Assessment into Product Data Management Systems
H. Ostad-Ahmad-Ghorabi, T. Rahmani, D. Gerhard

25. Representation, Presentation and Visualization of Uncertainty
Reiner Anderl, Michael Maurer, Thomas Rollmann, André Sprenger

26. Implementation and Initial Validation of a Knowledge Acquisition System for Mechanical Assembly
N. Madhusudanan, Amaresh Chakrabarti

27. Robust Adaptable Design Considering Changes of Parameter Values in Product Operation Stage
Jian Zhang, Deyi Xue, Peihua Gu

28. A Method to Compute Early Design Risk Using Customer Importance and Function-Flow Failure Rates
Bryan M. O’Halloran, Robert B. Stone, Irem Y. Tumer

29. Integrating Systematic Innovation, Interaction Design, Usability Evaluation and Trends of Evolution
S. Filippi, D. Barattin

30. Robust Design of a Dynamic Mechanical System Based on Component Modal Synthesis
Y. Chen, J. Pang, J. Zhang, D. Xue, P. Gu

31. Adaptronic Solution Principles: Potential to Flexible Design
David Inkermann, Carsten Stechert, Thomas Vietor

32. Effect of Cell Shape on Stress Strain Behavior of Aluminium Foam
C. Mahesh, A. Deb, S. V. Kailas, C. Uma Shankar, T. R. G. Kutty, K. N. Mahule

33. An Action Effectiveness Measure for Manufacturing Process Performance
Suman Devadula, K. Ramani, Praveen Uchil, Srinivas Kota, Monto Mani, Amaresh Chakrabarti

34. Product-Service Systems Design Using Stakeholders’ Information
G. V. Annamalai Vasantha, R. Hussain, M. Cakkol, R. Roy

35. Importance of User and Usage for Eco-Design
Srinivas Kota, Daniel Brissaud, Peggy Zwolinski

36. Approaches for Sustainability Assessment in the Conceptual Design Phase
Kai Lindow, Robert Woll, Masato Inoue, Haruo Ishikawa, Rainer Stark

37. Integrating Low Carbon and Energy Efficiency Constraints in Sustainable Product Design
S. S. Krishnan, P. Shyam Sunder, Venkatesh Vunnam, N. Balasubramanian

38. Eco-Friendly Wood Polymer Composites for Sustainable Design Applications
G. S. Venkatesh, A. Deb, Ajay Karmarkar, B. Gurumoorthy

39. Understanding Needs in Eco-Design Learning for Novice Designers
Flore Vallet, Dominique Millet, Benoît Eynard

40. Multiple Criterion Decision Making Application for Sustainable Material Selection
S. Vinodh, R. Jeya Girubha

41. A Strategic Approach for Sustainable Product Service System Development
Henrik Ny, Sophie Hallstedt, Åsa Ericson

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

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