Stjepandić, Josip

Concurrent Engineering Approaches for Sustainable Product Development in a Multi-Disciplinary Environment

Stjepandić, Josip - Concurrent Engineering Approaches for Sustainable Product Development in a Multi-Disciplinary Environment, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Current Concurrency in Practice
Nel Wognum, Richard Curran

2. Concurrent Engineering in a New Perspective: Heading for Seamless Engineering
Shuichi Fukuda

3. Business Design Support Method for E-Commerce Companies
Bernd Hollerit, Hideaki Miyata, Kenji Tanaka

4. Multidisciplinary Systems Concepts Applied to R&D Projects Promoted by Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL)
João Adalberto Pereira, Osíris Canciglieri Júnior

5. Specification Design of Renewable Energy Management System for Recovery Planning of Japanese Coastal Community After Tsunami Disaster
Kentaro Kaji, Kenji Tanaka, Mitsunori Nanno, Yukihiro Miyamura, Kazuki Shibata, Jing Zhang, Hideaki Miyata

6. An Optimization Method for Designing Ecological and Economical Procurement Logistics System
Toshiaki Kurihara, Kenji Tanaka, Kazuki Maeda

7. Energy Management System of Houses and Apartments With Electric Vehicles
Kazuki Maeda, Kenji Tanaka

8. Enhancing the Virtual Concurrent Engineering by Networks: The VDC Use Case
Christoph Runde

9. The Leader Company’s Innovation Strategy and its Role Within the Aerospace Industry in Sao Jose Dos Campos: Brazil
Javier Efrain Gonzales Alarcón, Geilson Loureiro

10. A Variant Management Based Methodology for the Requirements-Engineering Process of Mechanical Parts
Ralf Gümmer, Christopher Junk, Georg Rock

11. Consistency Checking of Feature Mapping Between Requirements and Test Artefacts
Anastasia Cmyrev, Ralf Noerenberg, Daniel Hopp, Ralf Reissing

12. A Framework for Requirements Concurrent Engineering
Marina M.N. Zenun, Geilson Loureiro

13. Formal Analysis Meets 3D-Visualization
Christopher Krauß, Andreas Nonnengart

14. Semantic Integration of Product Data Models for the Verification of Product Requirements
R. Woll, H. Hayka, R. Stark, C. Geissler, C. Greisinger

15. Handling of Product Variety Throughout the Product Life-Cycle
Sylvia Klawitter, Georg Rock

16. Towards Boundary Discovery in Complex Systems
Eric Simmon, Joe Chalfoun, Arthur Griesser

17. Concurrent Aerospace Thermoplastic Stiffened Panel Conceptual Design and Cost Estimation Using Knowledge Based Engineering
Xiaojia Zhao, Haiqiang Wang, Ricky Curran, Michel J. L Tooren

18. Using Patent Ontology Engineering for Intellectual Property Defense Support System
Chun-Yi Wu, Amy J. C. Trappey, Charles V. Trappey

19. An Efficient CAD Methodology for Glove Box Design
Alain Biahmou

20. A Concurrent Engineering Approach Towards Digital Dentistry Support
Teruaki Ito

21. Application of AMAAD Methodology to KBS Development: A Case Study
Christian Velden, Cees Bil, Xinghuo Yu

22. Knowledge Retrieval for Project Management
Shinji Mochida

23. Enhancing Product Innovation by Implementing Intellectual Property Protection into the Virtual Product Creation
Harald Liese, Stefan Rulhoff, Josip Stjepandic

24. A Knowledge Lifecycle Model for Measurement of Knowledge Change
Wim J C Verhagen, Richard Curran

25. Extended KBE: Scenario of an Application Development
J. Pokojski, K. Szustakiewicz

26. Fuzzy Logic Application in Performance-Based Contracting Process
Andre Pozzetti, Cees Bil, Graham Clark

27. Acquisition and Knowledge Representation in the Product Development Process with the Use of Augmented Reality
Marcin Januszka, Wojciech Moczulski

28. Finite Element Analysis Process in Design Engineering: Best Practice
Essam Shehab, Denis Yatta, Mofreh Hamed, Ahmad Wasim

29. Computer-Aided Bicycle Design and Analysis System
Hanmin Lee, Seongwhan Park, Jeongho Han

30. Key Performance Indicators for Design and Engineering
Nicolai Beisheim, Florian Stotz

31. Towards a Usage Driven Maintenance Concept: Improving Maintenance Value
Tom Stuivenberg, Adel A. Ghobbar, Tiedo Tinga, Richard Curran

32. Location Quotient EIO-LCA Method for Carbon Emission Analysis
Amy J.C. Trappey, Charles V. Trappey, Penny H.Y. Liu, C. T. Hsiao, Jerry J.R. Ou, Kevin W.P. Chen

33. Preproduction Process Estimation by the Means of Fuzzy Statements
Leonid Kamalov, Alexander Pokhilko, Oleg Kozintsev, Sergey Ryabov

34. Motivation and Approach to Establish a Comprehensive Community in Project Engineering
J. Goetz, M. Brossog, J. Franke

35. A Process Model Representation for Supporting Concurrent Engineering
German Urrego-Giraldo, Gloria L. Giraldo

36. A Value Scan Methodology to Improve Industrial Operations
E. J. Schut, S. Kosman, R. Curran

37. Manufacturing Cost Modelling for Aerospace Composite Applications
Essam Shehab, Weitao Ma, Ahmad Wasim

38. Concurrent Engineering Implementation in a Cellular Service Provider
Hassaan Anwar Khan, Irfan Anjum Manarvi

39. A Decision Support Tool for Strategic Engine Maintenance Planning and Life Limited Parts
Adel A. Ghobbar, Eric Cator, Angel F. Mayordomo

40. A Proposed Method for Design for Eco-Finance
E. L. Rosamond, W. M. Cheung

41. Adapting the ‘Iron Triangle’ to Develop a Framework for Reverse Manufacturing Decision Support Tools
P. A. Goodall, E. L. Rosamond, L. M. Justham, J. A. Harding

42. ADEA: A Multiagent System for Design Activity Analysis
Alain-Jérôme Fougères, Denis Choulier, Egon Ostrosi

43. Decision Support Tool for Concurrent Engineering in Space Mission Design
Meenakshi Deshmukh, Volker Schaus, Philipp M. Fischer, Dominik Quantius, Volker Maiwald, Andreas Gerndt

44. A Proposal on a Method for Multi-Criteria Decision-Making of Eco-Business Options
Yoon-Young Chun, Shinsuke Kondoh, Nozomu Mishima, Kun-Mo Lee

45. Decision-Making Support for Selection of Design Ideas at the Early Phase of Structural Design
Masato Inoue, Yoon-Eui Nahm, Kenji Tanaka, Haruo Ishikawa

46. A Study on Evaluation of Organizational Performance Considering the Workers and Facilities
Taiga Mitsuyuki, Kazuo Hieketa, Hiroyuki Yamato, Kazuki Haijima

47. A Meta-Model for Engineering Analysis in Product Design
Egon Ostrosi, Denis Choulier, Martin Kurth

48. Multi-Objective Optimization in the Conceptual Phase of Vehicle Development
Goran Šagi, Zoran Lulić

49. Improvement of Oilfield Services Quality Through Concurrent Engineering Techniques
M. TayyabHanif, Irfan Anjum Manarvi, Kifayatullah Khattak

50. Service Innovation in Household Appliances: An Industrial Case Study
Margherita Peruzzini, Michele Germani, Claudio Favi

51. Fuzzy Functional Modelling in CAD Systems
Homam Issa, Egon Ostrosi, Michel Lenczner, Rabie Habib

52. Modularity Adoption in Product Development: A Case Study in the Brazilian Agricultural Machinery Industry
Rodrigo Mayer Avila, Milton Borsato

53. Obsolescence Management of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) in Defence Systems
Cees Bil, John Mo

54. Improving of CE With the Matrix of Functions and Functionalities
Žiga Zadnik, Jože Duhovnik

55. A Support System for Flight Service Management Based on Service Model
Wu Chen Xi, Kazuhiro Aoyama

56. Design of an Intelligent System to Improve Traditional Chinese Medicine Dispensing Practice
Shou-Yan Chou, Kwun-Ying Hwang, Shien-Chii Shieh

57. Improvement of Oil Tank for Design and Construction Using Environmental Friendly Materials Through CE Techniques
Esike Nelson

58. PLM Used as a Backbone for Concurrent Engineering in Supply Chain
Jože Tavčar, Urban Potočnik, Jože Duhovnik

59. Distribution and Integration of PDM Data Across Systems in the New Product Development Process
Thomas Mechlinski

60. Determining Concurrent Engineering Maturity Levels
Can Cangelir, Şenay Karademir

61. Prognostic Enhancements on Health and Usage Monitoring Systems
Nick A. Heerink, Richard Curran, Tiedo Tinga, Adel A. Ghobbar

62. Computer Supported Quotation Preparation of Turned Components
F. Elgh

63. Standardized Formats for Visualization: Application and Development of JT
Sebastian Handschuh, Rudolf Dotzauer, Arnulf Fröhlich

64. Cross Enterprise Change and Release Processes based on 3D PDF
Peter Pfalzgraf, Alain Pfouga Bopoungo, Timo Trautmann

65. User Supporting Assistances as a Prerequisite for Developing Tailored CIAs
Robert Schulte, Marc Oellrich, Frank Mantwill

66. Integrating the CAD Worlds of Mechanics and Electronics with NEXTRA
Thomas Krebs, Blaženko Šegmanović

67. Globalized OEM and Tier-1 Processes at SKF
Sergej Bondar, Leo Potjewijd, Josip Stjepandic

68. Production With Virtual Machines and Plants
N. Beisheim, M. Kiesel

69. Enhancement of the Time Management in Production Planning Processes
Stefan Rulhoff, Josip Stjepandic, Frank Stromberger

70. Standardized Communication in Simulation of Interacting Machine Tool Components
Volker Böß, Jan Brüning, Berend Denkena

71. Concurrent Process Planning and Scheduling Applied Into Production of Turned Parts
Jože Tavčar, Aleš Slak, Jože Duhovnik

72. Virtual and Augmented Environments for Concurrent Engineering: Concurrent Virtual Engineering
Christoph Runde, Florin Girbacia, Eugen Butila

73. A Proposed Novel Knowledge Framework for Remanufacturing Viability in a Modern Supply Chain
L. M. Justham, E. L. Rosamond, P. A. Goodall, P. P. Conway, A. A. West

74. A3 Thinking Approach to Support Problem Solving in Lean Product and Process Development
Norhairin Mohd Saad, Ahmed Al-Ashaab, Essam Shehab, Maksim Maksimovic

75. Qualitative Assessment of Business Processes
Viktoria Hrzek, Nils Macke, Enno Lükens

76. An Investigation Into Dynamic Multi-Sensory Product Experience Based on Online Shopping
Nai-Feng Chen, Chun-Hsien Chen, Li Pheng Khoo, Cuilin Foo

77. A Reasoning System to Support the Dental Implant Planning Process
Anderson Luis Szejka, Marcelo Rudek, Osiris Canciglieri Junior

78. Application of Reverse Engineering Techniques in Vehicle Modifications
Zoran Lulić, Rudolf Tomić, Petar Ilinčić, Goran Šagi, Ivan Mahalec

79. Application of Assistive Technology in a Concurrent Engineering Environment for the Special Products Development: A Case Study
Maria Lucia Miyake Okumura, Marcelo Rudek, Osiris Canciglieri Junior

80. Consumer-Oriented Product Conceptualization via a Web-Based Data Mining Approach
Chun-Hsien Chen, Wei Yan, Nai-Feng Chen

81. Customer Requirements Elicitation and Management for Product Conceptualization
Wunching Chang, Wei Yan, Chun-Hsien Chen

82. A Customer-Oriented Decision-Making Procedure for the Design of Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens Cameras
Ming-Chyuan Lin, Ming-Shi Chen, Chen-Cheng Lin, Chun-Peng Lin

83. Value Stream Mapping and Process Optimization Strategy: A Case Study of Public Sector Organization
Amjed Javed, Irfan Anjum Manarvi, Syed Zahid Raza Rizvi

84. Service-Oriented Programming for Design Space Exploration
Michael Sobolewski, Raymond Kolonay

85. An Integrated Laboratory for Collaborative Design in the Air Transportation System
Arne Bachmann, Jesse Lakemeier, Erwin Moerland

86. Towards a Framework for Synchronization of Systems- and Mechanical/Electrical Engineering processes on multiple dimensions
Christian Tristl, Andreas Karcher, Herbert Klenk, Claudia Haubach-Lippmann

87. A Framework for Process Science and Technology Applied to Concurrent Engineering
Germano Souza Kienbaum, Luiz Alexandre Silva, Geilson Loureiro, Alvaro Augusto Neto, Stewart Robinson

88. Model-Based System Concurrent Engineering
Giuliani Paulineli Garbi, Geilson Loureiro

89. Complex Systems Developed with System Concurrent Engineering
Andre Corsetti, Edson Alves Ribeiro, Giuliani Paulineli Garbi, Karina Zanta, Michele Medeiros, Geilson Loureiro

90. Stakeholder Analysis Process Using Cognitive Mapping
Brenda Carolina Lopez Villafranca, Geilson Loureiro

91. Soft Systems Methodology for Hard Systems Engineering: The Case of Information Systems Development at LIT/INPE/BRAZIL
Ana Claudia Paula Silva, Geilson Loureiro

92. Overcoming the Interoperability Barrier in Mixed-Criticality Systems
Jörn Schneider

93. Towards A Formal Software Development in a Concurrent Engineering Environment: A Space System Case
Miriam C. Bergue Alves, Cynthia Feitosa Leal

94. An Overview of the NIST Cloud Computing Program and Reference Architecture
Eric Simmon, Robert Bohn

95. A Model Driven Security Engineering Approach to Support Collaborative Tools Deployment Over Clouds
W. F. Ouedraogo, F. Biennier, P. Ghodous

96. A Novel Approach to Ensure Interoperability Based on a Cloud Infrastructure
Malik Khalfallah, Mahmoud Barhamgi, Nicolas Figay, Parisa Ghodous

97. Ontology Enriched Framework for Cloud-based Enterprise Interoperability
Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves, Adina Cretan, Carlos Coutinho, Moisés Dutra, Parisa Ghodous

98. Agile Process Model and Practices in Distributed Environment
Faiza Tahir, Irfan Anjum Manarvi

99. Web-based 3D Mediated Communication in Manufacturing Industry
Pekka Siltanen, Seppo Valli

100. Empowering End-Users to Manage Business Rules: The Case of a Graphical Environment Built for a Telco
Catarina Ferreira da Silva, Levi Baptista, Paulo Rupino da Cunha, Paulo Melo

101. Erratum to: Towards Boundary Discovery in Complex Systems
Eric Simmon, Joe Chalfoun, Arthur Griesser

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools

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