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Table of contents

1. Epidemiology of Kidney Stones in the European Union
Palle J. S. Osther

2. Epidemiology of Stone Disease in North America
John D. Denstedt, Andrew Fuller

3. Epidemiology of Stone Disease in Pakistan
Amanullah Memon, Khursheed Anwar, Nasir Orakzai, M. Hammad Ather, Syed Raziuddin Biyabani, Abdul Razzaq Nasir, Jai Pal Paryani, Farooq Ghani, Khurram Mutahir Siddiqui, Farhat Abbas, Kashif Bangash, Liaqat Ali, Wajahat Aziz, Jamsheer J. Talati

4. Epidemiology of Stone Disease in Northern India
Raguram Ganesamoni, Shrawan K. Singh

5. Epidemiology of Stone Disease in Kerala, South India
Y. M. Fazil Marickar

6. Epidemiology of Stone Disease in China
Deyi Luo, Hong Li, Kunjie Wang

7. Epidemiology of Stone Disease in South America
Fernando Korkes, Nestor Schor, Ita Pfeferman Heilberg

8. Epidemiology: South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa
Allen Rodgers

9. Epidemiology of Stone Disease in Australia
Ming-Chak Lee, Simon Virgil Bariol

10. Epidemiology of Stone Disease in Saudi Arabia with an Overview of the Regional Differences
Salah R. El-Faqih

11. Epidemiology of Stone Disease in Iran
Gholamreza Pourmand, Bita Pourmand

12. Epidemiology of Stone Disease Over a 40-Year Period in Japan
Yoshihide Ogawa

13. Epidemiology of Stone Disease in the Russian Federation and Post-Soviet Era
Andrei Novikov, Tair Nazarov, Vladimir Yu. Startsev

14. Renal Stone Disease in Different Racial Groups
Jamsheer J. Talati, Naveed Haroon, Alberto Trinchieri

15. Stone Composition and Morphology: A Window on Etiology
Michel Daudon, Paul Jungers

16. The Genetics of Kidney Stones
Pietro Manuel Ferraro, Giovanni Gambaro

17. Familial Clustering of Stone Disease
Jamsheer Jehangir Talati, Naveed Haroon, Alberto Trinchieri

18. Uric Acid Nephrolithiasis: Basic and Clinical Aspects
Khashayar Sakhaee

19. Oxalate and Urolithiasis
Ben H. Chew, Dirk Lange, Roger A. L. Sutton

20. Anti-inflammatory Proteins in Kidney Stone Matrix
Anwar Ali Siddiqui, Shamim Mushtaq

21. Physiology of Renal Handling of Citrate
Samra Bashir, Naveed Ahmed Khan, Anwarul-Hassan Gilani

22. Urinary Citrate and Stone Disease
Charles Y. C. Pak

23. Renal Tubular Acidosis and Stone Formation
Somnuek Domrongkitchaiporn, Wasana Stitchantrakul

24. Nephrolithiasis and Its Interrelationship with Vitamin D, Parathyroid Hormone, and Calcium
Aysha Habib Khan

25. Current Understanding of the Role of Randall’s Plaque
Jessica A. Mandeville, Ehud Gnessin, James E. Lingeman

26. Melamine-Associated Urinary Stone
Yao Liang Deng, Cheng Yang Li

27. Trace Elements in Urolithiasis
Albrecht Hesse, Roswitha Siener

28. Infection Stones
Janet Colli, Raju Thomas

29. Epidemiological and Etiological Considerations
Hans-Göran Tiselius

30. Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Stones: An Overview
Ahmed S. El-Hefnawy, Ahmed A. Shokeir

31. Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Stone Disease in Emergency Settings
Luo Yang, Hong Li, Kunjie Wang

32. The Utilization of Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Urolithiasis
James H. Masterson, Alyson Brinker, Nathan Hawkes, Lee D. Hall, Danielle A. Taysom, Brian K. Auge, James O. L’Esperance

33. The Role of Radiological Imaging
Zafar Sajjad

34. Radiation Exposure in Uroradiology
Maseeh uz Zaman

35. The Use of Low-Dose CT Scanning
Sean A. Pierre

36. The Physics of Ultrasound and X-Rays: A Primer for Urologists
K. Razi Naqvi

37. The Stone Surgeon/Lithotomists’ Armamentarium: Today and Tomorrow
Carl Sarkissian, Manoj Monga

38. Physics and Technique of Shock Wave Lithotripsy (SWL)
Othmar J. Wess

39. Laser Lithotripsy Physics
Joel M. H. Teichman, Jinze Qiu, Wook Kang, Kin Foong Chan, Thomas E. Milner

40. Bioeffects of Shock Wave Lithotripsy
Ehud Gnessin, James E. Lingeman

41. History and Development of the Ureteroscope: What Does the Future Hold?
Demetrius H. Bagley, Kelly A. Healy

42. The Operating Room Technicians’ and Nurses’ Roles in Urologic Surgery
Mohammad Iqbal, Khurram Mutahir Siddiqui

43. Innovation in Stone Disease
Brian H. Eisner, Stephen P. Dretler

44. The Management of a Patient with an Acute Stone Problem
Ahmed S. El-Hefnawy, Ahmed Abed, Ahmed A. Shokeir

45. Open Surgery: Current Status and Techniques
Nagaraja P. Rao

46. Shock Wave Lithotripsy: Present Indications and Future Prospects
Michael E. Lipkin, Glenn M. Preminger

47. What You Should Know About Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy and How You Can Improve Your Performance
Christian G. Chaussy, Hans-Göran Tiselius

48. Examples of Clinical Problems that Might Be Encountered in Patients Treated with Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
Hans-Göran Tiselius, Christian G. Chaussy

49. SWL of Renal and Ureteral Stones: The Chinese Experience
Xizhao Sun, Xiaoming Cong, Luming Shen

50. Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS)
Andreas J. Gross, Christopher Netsch

51. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL)
Mahesh R. Desai, Arvind P. Ganpule

52. Tubeless Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
Chong H. Choe, James O. L’Esperance, Suzanne R. Gudeman, Brian K. Auge

53. Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: The Chinese Approach
Guohua Zeng, Wen Zhong, Zhaohui He

54. Percutaneous Nephrostomy, Antegrade Stent Placement, and Radiological Control of Post-PCNL Bleeding
Tanveer ul Haq, Basit Salam

55. Management Strategies for Staghorn Stones
Markus Margreiter, Michael Marberger

56. Ureteral Stone Management: An Overview
Sutchin R. Patel, Stephen Y. Nakada

57. Ureteroscopy for Ureteric Stones
Gerhard J. Fuchs, Steven G. Koopman

58. Tricks for Successful Ureteroscopy
Zhong Wu, Chen-Chen Feng

59. Lasers in Stone Disease
Anne Sophie Knipper, Andreas J. Gross

60. Ureteric Stents: Their Use and Abuse
Stuart J. Graham, Simon Choong

61. Ureteric Stenting: Tips and Tricks
Syed Muhammad Nazim, Ali Akbar Zehri, Khurram Mutahir Siddiqui

62. Transperitoneal Laparoscopic and Retroperitoneoscopic Stone Treatment
Marcel Hruza, Jens J. Rassweiler

63. Role of Robotic-Assisted Surgery in the Management of Urolithiasis
Tyler Luthringer, Khurram Mutahir Siddiqui, David Mois Albala

64. Management of Urinary Bladder Calculi
Jai Pal Paryani, Syed Raziuddin Biyabani

65. Current Status of Medical Expulsion Therapy for Urinary Calculi
Zhangqun Ye, Huan Yang

66. Dissolution of Stones by Oral and Irrigative Therapy
Ruslan Korets, Joseph A. Graversen, Mantu Gupta

67. Traditional Chinese Medicine for Treatment of Urinary Stones
Xiao He

68. Patient Safety and the Importance of Informed Consent
Robyna Irshad Khan

69. Anesthesia and Pain Relief for Procedures Performed to Manage Urolithiasis
Gauhar Afshan, Aliya Ahmed

70. Shock Wave Lithotripsy, Endourological Intervention, and Hemostatic Defects
Bushra Moiz, Syed Raziuddin Biyabani

71. Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices
Azam Shafquat

72. Stone Disease in Pregnancy
Ahmed Mohamed Elshal, Ahmed A. Shokeir

73. Minimally Invasive Treatment of Calculi in Renal Anomalies
Ahmed R. El-Nahas, Ahmed A. Shokeir

74. Kidney Stones and Chronic Kidney Disease
Absar Ali, Quratulain Khan, Tazeen H. Jafar

75. Calculus Renal Failure in Pakistan
Saiyid Jaffar Ali Naqvi

76. Urolithiasis in Renal Transplant Donors and Recipients
Ahmed M. Harraz, Ahmed A. Shokeir

77. Primary Hyperoxaluria: The Role and Timing of Liver and Kidney Transplantation
Harshal Rajekar, Shrawan K. Singh

78. Metabolic Stone Disease in Children
Kemal Sarica

79. Pediatric Urinary Stone Disease in China
Gang Wang

80. Patient Evaluation and Comparison of Stone-Removing Strategies in Pediatric Patients with Urinary Tract Stones
Temuçin Şenkul

81. Pediatric Vesicle Stone
M. S. Ansari, Jatinder Kumar, Priyadarshi Ranjan

82. Shock Wave Lithotripsy for Renal Stone in Children
M. Hammad Ather

83. Endourological Approaches to Renal and Ureteric Calculi in Children
Zafar Zaidi, Zaheer Alam

84. Biochemical Risk Evaluation in Patients with Urolithiasis
Hans-Göran Tiselius

85. Application of Physical Methods to Kidney Stones and Randall’s Plaque Characterization
Michel Daudon, Dominique C. Bazin

86. General and Specific Dietary Advice for the Prevention of Stone Recurrence
William G. Robertson

87. Overview of Stone Prevention Strategies in China
Zhiqiang Chen

88. Management of Hypercalciuria and Oxalates in the Prevention of Stone Recurrence
John R. Asplin

89. Citrate Therapy for Calcium and Uric Acid Stones
Ephrem O. Olweny, Margaret S. Pearle

90. The Importance of Water and Other Fluids in the Prevention of Stone Recurrence
Tiziana Meschi, Antonio Nouvenne, Loris Borghi

91. Orthophosphates
Renata Caudarella

92. Management of Cystinuria
Jan Peter Jessen, Thomas Knoll

93. The Detection and Management of Primary Hyperparathyroidism in Patients with Urolithiasis
Mumtaz Jamshed Khan, Syed Raziuddin Biyabani, Nuzhat Faruqui, Jamsheer Jehangir Talati

94. Normocalcemic Hyperparathyroidism: An Illustrative Case Scenario
Johar Raza, Jamsheer J. Talati, Nasir Ud Din Yashkun

95. How to Perform a Successful Exploration of the Neck for Primary Hyperparathyroidism
William R. Lynn, John A. Lynn

96. Professional Development and Competence of Physicians
Camer W. Vellani

97. Assessment in Postgraduate Training
Zareen Zaidi, John Norcini

98. Assessment of Competence
Edward Matsumoto, Jen Hoogenes

99. Modern Concepts on Cognito-Psychomotor Skill Development
Rebecca L. Tregunna, Matthew F. Bultitude, Muhammad Shamim Khan

100. Integration of Competences
Munir Ahmed

101. Education and Training of an Academic Urologic Surgeon
Farhat Abbas, Michael Coburn

102. Advanced Training of a Practicing Urologist in Stone Disease Management
Tamer El-Husseiny, Noor N. P. Buchholz

103. Across Semantic Turfs: The Need for Broader Education
Syed Nomanul Haq

104. Stimulating Research and Innovation in Residents
Scott Leslie, Mihir Desai

105. Bringing Sophisticated High-Technology Surgical Care to the Rural Masses: What Is India Doing?
Tehemton E. Udwadia

106. Bringing Highly Technological Urolithiasis Care to a Billion People: What Is China Doing?
Guo-Min Wang, Jian-Ming Guo

107. Lithotripter Sharing
André Merwe, Nicole Ebinger Mundorff, Rian Nieuwoudt

108. Choosing and Purchasing Expensive Medical Equipment: A Hospital Perspective
Nadeem Kamal Mustafa Khan, Farhan Bhayani

109. Comparative Costs of Various Treatment Strategies and Preventive Measures
Roswitha Siener, Albrecht Hesse

110. Financial Options for Purchase, Lease, and Hire of Lithotripters
Faridun K. Dadachanji

111. The Engagement of Philanthropy
Shamsh Kassim-Lakha

112. The Impact on Health Care of the Recent Global Epidemiological Trends in Urolithiasis
Alberto Trinchieri

113. Societal Changes and the Etiology of Stone Disease
Dorit E. Zilberman, Tyler Luthringer, Daniel Young, David M. Albala

114. Case Scenarios and Interesting Images in Urolithiasis
M. Hammad Ather, Zafar Sajjad, Basit Salam, M. Nasir Sulaiman

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Urology/Andrology

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