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Public Health Informatics and Information Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Context for Public Health Informatics

1. Introduction to Public Health Informatics
J. A. Magnuson, Patrick W. O’Carroll

2. History and Significance of Information Systems and Public Health
John R. Lumpkin, J. A. Magnuson

3. Context and Value of Biomedical and Health Informatics
William R. Hersh

4. Governmental and Legislative Context of Informatics
Margo Edmunds

Part II. The Science of Public Health Informatics

5. Public Health Informatics Infrastructure
Brian E. Dixon, Shaun J. Grannis

6. Information Architecture
Dina Dickerson, Patricia Yao

7. Data Sources and Data Tools
Edward Mensah, Johanna L. Goderre

8. Public Health Information Standards
J. A. Magnuson, Riki Merrick, James T. Case

9. Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security of Public Health Information
William A. Yasnoff

10. Electronic Health Records
Stephen P. Julien

11. Ethics, Information Technology, and Public Health: Duties and Challenges in Computational Epidemiology
Kenneth W. Goodman, Eric M. Meslin

12. Project Management and Public Health Informatics
James Aspevig

13. Evaluation for Public Health Informatics
Paul C. Fu, Herman Tolentino, Laura H. Franzke

Part III. Key Public Health Information Systems

14. Informatics in Disease Prevention and Epidemiology
Richard S. Hopkins, J. A. Magnuson

15. Informatics in Toxicology and Environmental Public Health
Edwin M. Kilbourne

16. Public Health Laboratories
Riki Merrick, Steven H. Hinrichs, Michelle Meigs

17. The National Vital Statistics System
Charles J. Rothwell, Mary Anne Freedman, James A. Weed

18. Risk Factor Information Systems
Alan Tomines

19. Setting National Policies and Standards for Immunization Information Systems
Nedra Y. Garrett

Part IV. New Challenges and Emerging Solutions

20. New Means of Data Collection and Accessibility
I. Charie Faught, James Aspevig, Rita Spear

21. Geographic Information Systems
Carol L. Hanchette

22. Public Health Informatics and Health Information Exchange
J. A. Magnuson, Paul C. Fu

23. Decision Support and Expert Systems in Public Health
William A. Yasnoff, Perry L. Miller

24. Delivery of Preventive Medicine in Primary Care
Paul C. Fu, Alan Tomines, Larry L. Dickey

25. Case-Based Learning in Public Health Informatics
Herman Tolentino, Sridhar R. Papagari Sangareddy, Catherine Pepper, J. A. Magnuson

Part V. Case Studies: Information Systems and the Strata of Public Health

26. Local and Regional Public Health Informatics
Jeffrey M. Kriseman, Brian J. Labus

27. Public Health Informatics in High Population States: New York and Ohio
Geraldine S. Johnson, Guthrie S. Birkhead, Rachel Block, Shannon Kelley, James Coates, Robert J. Campbell, Brian Fowler

28. State Public Health Informatics: Perspective from a Low Population State
James Aspevig

29. National Public Health Informatics, United States
Seth Foldy

30. Public Health Informatics in Canada
Lawrence E. Frisch, Elizabeth M. Borycki, Alyse Capron, Abla Mawudeku, Ronald St. John

31. Perspectives on Global Public Health Informatics
Janise Richards, Gerry Douglas, Hamish S. F. Fraser

Part VI. Epilogue

32. Public Health Informatics: The Path Forward
J. A. Magnuson

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Health Informatics, Public Health

Publication year
2nd ed. 2014
Health Informatics
Page amount
18 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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