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Designing Inclusive Systems

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Table of contents

1. Hospital Reality from a Lying Perspective:Exploring a Sensory Research Approach
M. Annemans, C. Audenhove, H. Vermolen, A. Heylighen

2. Inclusive Bus Travel: A Psychosocial Approach
F. Nickpour, P. W. Jordan, H. Dong

3. Safe and Inclusive Design of Equipment Used in the Minerals Industry
T. Horberry, T. Cooke

4. Deploying a Two-Player System for Arm Rehabilitation in Schools
R. J. Holt, A. P. H. Weightman, J. F. Gallagher, N. Preston, M. C. Levesley, M. Mon-Williams, B. Bhakta

5. Evaluating the Accessibility and Usability of Blogging Platforms for Blind Users
B. Wentz, M. Cirba, N. Kharal, J. Moran, M. Slate

6. A Population Perspective on Mobile Phone Related Tasks
M. Bradley, S. Waller, J. Goodman-Deane, I. Hosking, R. Tenneti, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

7. How to Use Virtual and Augmented Reality Techniques to Design Highly Usable Human–Machine Interfaces
S. Ceccacci, M. Germani, M. Mengoni

8. Development and Evaluation of Sonified Weather Maps for Blind Users
R. Weir, B. Sizemore, H. Henderson, S. Chakraborty, J. Lazar

9. Achieving Inclusion in Public Spaces: A Shopping Mall Case Study
Y. Afacan

10. Visibility Prediction Software: Five Factors of Contrast Perception for People with Vision Impairment in the Real World
H. Dalke, A. Corso, G. Conduit, A. Riaz

11. Intrinsic Motivation and Design of ICT for the Ageing Population
T. S. Goldhaber, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

12. A Framework for Studying Cognitive Impairment to Inform Inclusive Design
E. Jokisuu, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

13. Interactive Error Correction Using Statistical Language Models in a Client–Server Interface for Editing Mathematical Text
D. Attanayake, G. Hunter, E. Pfluegel, J. Denholm-Price

14. Understandable by Design: How Can Products be Designed to Align with User Experience?
A. Mieczakowski, P. M. Langdon, R. H. Bracewell, J. J. Patmore, P. J. Clarkson

15. Design Advisor: How to Supply Designers with Knowledge about Inclusion?
E. Zitkus, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

16. From Guinea Pigs to Design Partners: Working with Older People in ICT Design
R. Edlin-White, S. Cobb, A. Floyde, S. Lewthwaite, J. Wang, J. Riedel

17. When Users Cannot be Included in Inclusive Design
R. Herriott

18. What is Good Design in the Eyes of Older Users?
N. Goddard, C. Nicolle

19. Equal Access to Information? Evaluating the Accessibility of Public Library Web Sites in the State of Maryland
J. Lazar, B. Wentz, C. Akeley, M. Almuhim, S. Barmoy, P. Beavan, C. Beck, A. Blair, A. Bortz, B. Bradley, M. Carter, D. Crouch, G. Dehmer, M. Gorman, C. Gregory, E. Lanier, A. McIntee, R. Nelson, D. Ritgert, R. Rogers, S. Rosenwald, S. Sullivan, J. Wells, C. Willis, K. Wingo-Jones, T. Yatto

20. Clustering User Data for User Modelling in the GUIDE Multi-Modal Set-Top Box
P. M. Langdon, P. Biswas

21. Inclusive Built Heritage as a Matter of Concern: A Field Experiment
A. Heylighen

22. Designing a Virtual Environment Framework for Improving Guidance for the Visually Impaired
S. Kammoun, M. J-M. Macé, B. Oriola, C. Jouffrais

23. Spatial Clues for Orientation: Architectural Design Meets People with Dementia
I. Steenwinkel, C Audenhove, A. Heylighen

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Rehabilitation, Biomedical Engineering, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics

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